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E has said some pretty funny/cute things over the last few months.  Here are some examples:

  1. E found a 20 cent piece. He handed it to me asking me if we can put it towards a holiday. I said, “of course, that’s very thoughtful of you. Where would you like to go?”  “I want to go to America so we can drive on the right side of the road,” E proclaimed.
  2. E and C are fishing off the back of our couch. I’m preparing homemade pizza and I over hear E tell C “here come the vaginas. Look they are biting your feet.”
  3. Watching Obama’s farewell speech. When Obama said, “My fellow Americans”, E says “We’re fellow Americans.”
  4. A conversation with E at the dinner table.
    E: I don’t like vegetables.
    Me: Oh, really?
    E: Yeah. (Pause)
    Mommy, can I have more kale, please?
    Me: Sure. Is kale a vegetable, E?
    E: Yes. I like kale! It grows from a plant.
  5. E was playing with his penguins. He had one under his shirt and in his belly.  The penguin was born and then he shouts “call Jodi (our midwife)! She needs to put the penguin back in my belly!”

E still isn’t very into arts and crafts.  However, he can now color in the lines.  E can write the letter “E” and is working on writing the rest of his name.

E is really into putting his stuff into boxes.  He wants to bring a box home from preschool everyday.

He still likes PAW Patrol, Jake and the Neverland Pirates, Mickey Mouse, and the Octonauts.

Reading is still a favorite activity for E.  E also enjoys walking around the red zone picking fruit.  C and E often play pirates together.  They play really nicely together!!!

E’s favorite color is green.  He also still likes to wear his clothes on backwards and his shoes on the incorrect feet.

E loves M and is now attempting to pick him up to move him where he wants to play together.


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