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E is now four years old!  It seems like yesterday he was a baby.

Elijah 4 Years Old (9)

At four years old, E still loves to cuddle me.  Every morning, after breakfast of course, he comes and cuddles next to me in my bed.  If I get up before he gets these cuddles, he requests us to return back to bed for our morning cuddle.  I, of course, say yes every time.

E not only recognizes his name, but he can also spell his name now.  Two weeks ago, I turned his name into a song and three days after I created it, he spells his name entirely on his own.  I think next we will slowly start working on writing his name.  It won’t be anything strict as I believe (with the backing of research) these early years are meant for playing and that formal learning is for much later.

His favorite color is green.

He has made new friends at preschool.  For the longest time it was just Kayleigh, Joel, and C, but now Christian and Angus are his friends.

His imagination play often includes crocodiles, monsters, pirates, and cooking (I think one of the most random items he has cooked for me was chocolate covered sauerkraut).

E is a gentle and shy boy.  He can get himself completely dressed.  He loves to do things for himself, which I encourage!  He also likes to clean things.  I wonder how long that liking will last?

Jeff and I threw E a birthday party this Sunday afternoon.  He loved having his friends over to play.


E opening his presents from his family back in the States.  He received some new books, stickers, a box of legos, goldfish, some new clothes, and a much needed new pair of gumboots.  He really wanted a functioning chimney for his birthay, but sadly, that was a bit impossible!


E is still into the solar system.  He even knows the order of the planets, including the dwarf planets.  It definitely made his day getting new gumboots, but solar system themed ones that light up, literally illumatinated his world.


E helped put his candles on his cake.


The final product.  E and C are both into Paw Patrol.  E enjoys saying “Chase is on the case.”  It’s a shame that due to our region, we cannot watch Paw Patrol on youtube.


Opening more gifts at his party.


Once everyone left, the boys just wanted to play with the gift from Joel and Kayleigh, which was a box full of trains and accessories.

Then, on his actual birthday, I surpised E with a birthday cake at his preschool.  Needless to say, he was extremely joyful about that!


E happy to see me arrive at preschool on his birthday.


All the kids sang E happy birthday, both in Maori and English.


Happy Birthday E!  I’m looking forward to see how you grow over the years to come.




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This week E had his 12 month Plunket checkup.  He is now 75 cm long and weighs 8.72kg.  Yes, he did lose weight since April, but his Plunket nurse wasn’t concerned about it, so we aren’t either.

E can now shake his head no.  He can also do a bear crawl.

E’s last weekly photo.  Tomorrow E turns 1 year old!!!!!  So from here on out we will start doing monthly photos of E only.

52 Weeks Old (2)

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51 Weeks Old (33)

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50 Weeks Old (1)

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This week, E started cutting his first tooth.  It’s the tooth located on the bottom, front, left.  His first tooth is just barely poking through.  E has also discovered that he can stand in his highchair, but to E’s dismay, we’ve taken measures to prevent this.

49 Weeks Old (8)

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11 Months Old (12)

May 29, 2013 – 11 Months Old with snow on the ground

On May 29, E turned 11 months old.  At 11 months old, E nurses 3 times a day (morning, noon, and night).  We will remain at 3 times a day for a wee bit.  My goal is to have the middle of the day feed gone by the time we visit the States in August.  He eats lots of solids.  His favorite foods are mandarins, peas, cheese, and mashed potatoes.  The only food he refuses to eat are green beans, mushrooms, and tomatoes (unless they are in our bacon-egg pie).

E sleeps wonderfully.  He goes to bed at 7pm every night and wakes around 6:30am for a feed.  Then he sleeps till about 8am.  During the day he takes a 1 hr -1.5 hr nap around 1pm.

E’s personality can be summed up into a few words:  Happy and very outgoing.  He is full of energy, smiles, and giggles.  He enjoys being chased around the apartment by the means of crawling.  He gets a kick out of peekaboo.  He also enjoys just sitting on the floor putting objects into other objects.  He still enjoys looking at his books.  E is genuinely a happy baby and hardly becomes fussy over things unless he has a reason to (ie, not getting what he wants, tired, hungry, or needs a diaper change).

E isn’t walking yet.  He doesn’t really show much interest in the idea at the moment.  He, however, has currently started falling off the edge of the couch while he walks along side it.  It’s as if he forgot the couch ended.

E is still also toothless.

48 Weeks Old (6)

Friday, May 31, 2013 – 48 weeks old

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47 Weeks Old (11)


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