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C now breastfeeds twice a day – after he wakes up in the morning and when he goes to bed at night.

He is now doing real crawling about 75% of the time.

C’s sleep pattern has improved.  Most nights he is only waking once.

Today, C’s two bottom front teeth started their journey upwards.

This is C’s last weekly photo as he turns ONE tomorrow!!  Man, this year has gone by quickly.  Starting tomorrow, we will only take monthly photos of C.

Corbyn 52 Weeks Old (41)

Here is E’s 52 Week Old photo.


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Corbyn 51 Weeks Old (4)

C is such a happy boy.

At 51 weeks old, C can now climb the stairs.


C can climb all the way to the top of the stairs if I let him.  Ever since C discovered he could get on the first step, E’s interaction with C has increased greatly.  Also, E finds C rolling very funny.

C gives cuddles now.

He can say dog, although it’s not very clear.

He also decided to start real crawling.  It only took one day trip to the beach to make him change his mind to do real crawling.  We think that he didn’t, like the feel of the sand against his belly. He interchanges the real crawl and the army crawl.  He is doing both about 50% of the time.


C real crawling!

Here is E’s 51 week old photo.



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Saturday, November 29th, it became time for another monthly photo of E.  Also, since it was a Saturday, C got his weekly photo at the same time.


E had his last Plunket appointment this past month.  He now weighs 12.5kg and is 91cm tall.

He is talking in incomplete sentences now.  For example, today he wanted me to  go pick up Jeff from work and E told me “daddy pick up work now please.”  Speaking of Jeff, E loves playing with him.

Yesterday morning I asked E “How did you sleep?” E quickly responded “in bed,” implying that he stayed in bed like he was supposed to.  Jeff and I found it hilarious.

Elijah 29 Months Old (18)

C is ‘fist-bombing’ Elijah’s monthly photo.


C can now say duck, ball, digger, and water.

Corbyn 50 Weeks Old (9)

C can dance!

Here is E’s 50 Week Old photo.

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C is an excellent toy car driver.

C’s uncles have been in town this past week or so and we have discovered that C is going through a big mommy and daddy stage right now.

C’s sleep has declined this week. C is now waking around 3+ times at night.  Jeff and I believe this is due to teething. Corbyn 49 Weeks Old (7)

49 Weeks Old on November 22, 2014.

Here is E’s 49 Week Old Photo.

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C learned to say ball this week.

Corbyn 48 Weeks Old (2)

48 Weeks Old on November 15, 2014 on the Nydia Track

Here is E’s 48 Weeks Old photo.

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C now points to things that we wants.

He really enjoys ‘touch and feel books.’

He can now say “duck.”

He was weighed at his Plunket appointment last week and is now 8.9kg.

Corbyn 47 Weeks Old (6)

Saturday, November 8th, 2014.

Here is E’s 47 Week Photo.

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C is now breastfeeding only 3 times a day.

Corbyn 46 Weeks Old (10)

“AHHHHH!”  46 Weeks Old on November  1st, 2014.

Here is E’s 46 Week Photo.

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