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The start of this week marked the end of school holidays!  I normally dislike the school holidays because there are no toddler/baby activities during the week and there isn’t much to do to keep your child from going stir-crazy.  However, these past two weeks have been a blessing.  Normally on the mornings that we go out C sleeps in the car, but he was able to take his nap in his cot for every nap, every single day.  No, it didn’t improve things at night, but I feel like he preferred that.

One thing that varies from other school holidays to this one in the winter is Kidsfest.  Kidsfest organizes over 200 children activities over the span of the two week holiday.  We didn’t do many, but one of the ones we did was the multi sensory room at Pioneer with the Shaws.  You can read all about the program here.  The session was a short 30 minutes and the room was filled with different types of lighting, sounds, textures, etc.  E seemed to enjoy it, although he was more concerned about wanting his shoes back on his feet more than anything else.








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