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Jeff here,

I’ve got a project at work in construction at Castle Hill Village near Arthur’s Pass. Last Friday, my weekly construction meeting was moved to 9:30am so that gave me the perfect opportunity to go up Mt Cloudsley for a bit of fun and training for Nepal.

I wanted to get the work vehicle back before 7pm so I took the bike to make things a bit quicker as the first portion of the trip up Cloudsley is on the Hogsback Mountain Bike Track.

The route that I took to the top.

Got the bike out to start the track.

One thing I forgot was that I’m terrible at mountain biking so by the time I reached the point where the Hogsback Track intersects with Long Spur to begin walking up Mt Cloudsley, I was completely exhausted. I had to lay down in the grass and then eat my lunch to bring my energy levels back up. I pushed up the Long Spur and it began to get steep. It was really getting steep and then I saw Point 1855 so I pushed on. Then I realised that it was a false peak which was a major hit to my morale. I made it to the saddle and told myself that I was only going to go for 15 more minutes and then turn around as I was running low on water. Luckily I made it to the top within the allocated time.

Mt Cloudsley from the Hogsback Track with Long Spur in the middle of the photo.

It’s getting steep! It’s a long way to go to the top.

Above all the vegetation and it quite barren. Point 1855 is in the foreground with Mt Cloudley in the background.

I sidled around Point 1855 to the saddle. It looked like a moonscape up there.

From the top, you could see Lake Coleridge.

The view of Castle Hill Village from the top. You can barely see Lake Pearson on the left most part of the photo.

A very ragged me at the top. Trust me, I feel as bad as I look.  But, Amanda says I look handsome.

I only stayed at the top for a few minutes for a rest and photos and then made my way down as I didn’t know what time it was. I finally reached my bike and began biking down. By the way, mountain biking with jelly legs is quite scary. The bike down only took about 5 minutes instead of a 45 minute walk. All in all, I made the entire 1350m (4429ft) elevation gain walk/bike in around 5 hours.


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