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Fields of flowers

It’s officially Spring in New Zealand as they celebrate the seasonal change on September 1 instead of on the equinox.  I just love Christchurch in Spring.  There are so many different flowers of various colors everywhere.  One of my favorite places is the field of daffodils in Hagley Park.  Of course, we had a family outing to them.  Here are some photos.


Cheeky monkey.



M was there too.  It was just too cold and windy to take him out of the pram.  Plus, M really just wanted to sleep so we decided to not bother him.






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I was recently walking around the Botanical Gardens in Hagley park and much to my surprise I discovered white, orange, yellow, red, and pink azaleas.  It was absolutely amazing.  The mixture of colors were so vibrant.  I’ve only known and seen azaleas as a pinkish-purple color.  Sometimes it’s so easy to forget that there are so many different species of a plant living in other parts of the world.  As usual, the photos don’t do justice.





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Five years ago today, Jeff and I were married!  It’s been an amazing five years!

In honor of our five year anniversary, we went punting on the Avon River, here in Christchurch.  We first enjoyed an amazing lunch at Pegasus Arms.  Jeff ordered the roasted lamb and veggies while I had the burger, which was the best burger I’ve had in New Zealand so far.

Punting down the Avon was very relaxing and something Jeff and I normally wouldn’t do.  The ride took us into Hagley Park, Christchurch’s botanical gardens, and into the heart of the daffodil field.  According to our punter the Avon River in Christchurch isn’t named after the Avon River in England.  The river is actually named after the Avon River in Scotland, which is where our ‘punter’ he was born.

I realized last night that we have lived in New Zealand longer married than we did in the States!  That’s just crazy to think about – at least to me.

We had an amazing time without our boys.  Although, I do feel bad for our babysitter because C was not happy that we left him.

Here are some photos:


The botanical garden’s curator’s house.


Just along the river.  The other people in our boat were visiting from Queensland, Australia.


I had absolutely no idea that a sequoia tree lived in Hagley Park.  It was a bit fitting to see a sequoia tree since one of the places Jeff and I visited on our honeymoon was Sequoia National Park in California where we saw the largest tree in the world, the General Sherman.


Punting past the field of daffodils.




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As of September 1st, it’s been spring here in New Zealand.  For some reason New Zealand doesn’t adhere to the seasons changing on the equinox.  I’m not complaining though.  I love warm weather!!  Here are some photos of us in the field of daffodils in Hagley Park.

004 051 073-2 109 129 177 203

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Yesterday, E and I walked around Hagley Park.  While there I wanted to see if the field of daffodils had started to bloom.  We realized with our upcoming trip that we were going to miss the peak season for the daffodil field at Hagley Park.  But luckily, the daffodils have started to bloom.  Every time I placed E in the daffodils to take some photos, he seemed nervous (or something) about walking and just stood there.  Well, it made taking photos easier.  As you look at the photos, you can tell we moved from spot to spot and I was playing with the camera settings.  I can never decide what setting looks the best.

Here are some photos of E amongst the flowers.IMG_7046




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On Saturday there was a Chinese Lantern Festival in Hagley Park to celebrate the Chinese New Year. This year is the Year of the Snake.  2012 was the year of the Dragon, making E a dragon, of course.  Jeff is a rat and I am a tiger.

The festival started at 5:00pm so we were able attend and we took E with us. When we arrived, there were large lanterns hanging from trees throughout the park. The trail containing the lanterns surrounded the festival.  The lanterns were lit, but because it wasn’t dark yet it was hard to tell. E loved looking at them. He pulled himself forward in the stroller to look at everything as we walked around the park looking at the lanterns.


The lantern trail.


This was one of my favorite lantern displays.


Cool water dragon.

In the middle of the loop of lanterns, sat a large stage for performers and a food venue tent.  What Chinese New Years festival would be complete without having chinese food?!?!  So of course, after looking at all the lanterns we ventured to the food stands, bought some food, and then proceed over to the stage to watch the performances. While we were looking for a spot to sit down on the grass we saw Anne and Paul, a couple from church who have two young children. We sat with them and watched a few of the performances while we ate the food. There were singers, dancers, tumblers, and people playing different traditional chinese instruments. They were all very talented.


A horrible photo of the tumblers.

After watching the performances for a while, we walked around with Anne and Paul with their children to look at the lanterns again. By that time it was shortly after 7:00pm so we went back to the car and drove home to put E to bed.

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Today E and I went to Hagley park after his 2.25 hour nap this morning.  It was a nice day for it too.  E enjoyed sitting on the picnic blanket watching the ducks.  I also brought the stuffed lamb with us to get his 7 months photo.  We were only out there for an hour before E got fussy.  Then he fell asleep while we were walking back to the car.


E trying to figure the duck out.


I’m cute.


E is looking at a group of ducks (could only get one of them in the photo from where I was laying).


I’m 7 months old.

At 7 months, E can sit for about 7 minutes at a time unassisted.  He still enjoys being on the floor where he log rolls and back scoots to get where he wants to go.  He can get across the entire living room now.  Jeff and I have seen him roll, then scoot in the correct direction to get a toy that he wants.  He also enjoys pushing himself with his hands in circles while on his belly.  E is currently starting to get his feet under him, but doesn’t know to lift up with his hands.

E likes to babble all day long.  He makes lots of “ahhhhh” and “eeeeeee” noises.  Sometimes he whispers and other times he speaks loudly.  It’s a joy watching him try to figure out what he can do with his voice.  E loves to laugh, especially when he is tickled.  He is extremely ticklish, just like Jeff.  He also finds joy in the simple things like the sound of ripping paper, air blowing in his face, etc and has a giggle fit over it.

We are still only doing one meal a day.  To date, E has tasted/eaten chicken, lamb, steak, burger slices, grilled salmon, beef & lamb sausage, plum, watermelon, canned tuna sushi (he loved that!), avocado, red bell peppers, kumra (New Zealand’s sweet potato), cucumber, sauerkraut, carrot, toasted whole grain bread with humus, broccoli, green beans, green apples, mushrooms, tomatoes, cheesy rice, bananas, kiwi, and eggs.  No teeth yet.

Sleep has greatly improved over the last two-ish weeks.  E can now self-sooth himself back to sleep if he wakes in the night.  He does this by sucking his thumb.  E goes to sleep at 7pm and sleeps until 7am (8am on the weekends when Jeff isn’t up getting ready for work).  Sometimes though, E will wake up for a 5:30/6:00am feed.  Naps during the day vary.  Sometimes he only wants one big nap and others he wants two shorter naps.  E also has developed a “fake cry” and a real cry.  There is a huge difference between the two.  He doesn’t really have any separation issues, but yesterday when I left E in the living room with Amanda Robinson, E made it very clear that he didn’t like me leaving.  We will see how that progresses.

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