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Over the last two weeks, Jeff and I have celebrated our birthdays.  E has enjoyed every minute of our birthdays.  On each of our birthdays E would constantly say “Happy Birthday Mommy” or “Happy Birthday Daddy” and sing “Happy birthday” to us.  He was even more thrilled with getting more cake.  Although, he still talks about me not picking out the pink cake for Jeff.

Unfortunately, a few weeks back, C had a traumatic babysitting experience and instantly became very needy for me and didn’t like me leaving his sight.  Lets just say without going into details, that that person will not watch our children ever again.  You are probably wondering why in the world I am mentioning this.  Well, months ago, I had planned a surprise weekend get away for myself and Jeff as his birthday present.  As the days grew closer to our planned weekend trip, C was on his way back to being very confident and independent.  But, when I told Jeff about the plans, we decided to just make the trip a day trip because we didn’t want C to progress backwards.

Our day hike destination was Woolshed Hill Peak out towards Arthur’s Pass in the Southern Alps.


The first part of the track climbed upwards through a forest.  That part has the steepest gradient and when we emerged from the forest, we were blessed with snow-capped alpine views.


After reaching the alpine views Jeff and I stopped to eat our pies we picked up in Sheffield.


The higher we went, the more valleys we could see.


Along the way up, we discovered two ice and snow covered tarns.


Of course, we ventured off the track to get a closer look.


There is just something about being surrounded by nature that is extremely peaceful.



Looking down on the track it is easy to distinguish which side of the mountain gets bombarded with wind.


My mountain man enjoying what God created.


Us being us while doing what we enjoy doing.


Almost to the top!  Unfortunately, we turned back shortly after I took this photo as the wind started blowing dangerously strong and the ridge up ahead was very narrow.   It was a great way to celebrate Jeff’s birthday.


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Over the last two weeks Jeff and I have both celebrated our birthdays.  For my birthday, Jeff surprised me with flowers upon his arrival home from work.  Then he organized a babysitter (Amanda and Vlad) to watch the boys while he surprised me with a very delicious dessert at Strawberry Fare.  And let me tell you, that was one heck of a dessert!  He gave me a warm, purple wool jersey and a dress for my birthday.


Our desserts.  Mine was the Ultimate Chocolate Dessert (in the foreground) and it was super yummy.


A ‘couplie’ at Strawberry Fare.

Then Jeff’s birthday shortly followed mine.  I was going to throw Jeff a big birthday party since he was turning 30.  But, he didn’t want one.  So I had arranged a babysitter (Brad and Rachel) to come watch the boys while we went to the movies, but the movie he wanted to watch wasn’t playing that night.  So Brad and Rachel just watched a movie with us at our place.  But, I also arranged for another night out for Jeff and I to go out to eat.  I asked him what he wanted to eat and he said “a big juicy burger” so we ate at Burgers and Beers.  It was really good.  I got Jeff some wool socks and a wool jacket for his birthday.


Our burgers – American size too.


An awful picture of us on Jeff’s birthday.

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