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At 7 Months Old, M is now not only rolling around, but he is also pushing himself forward with his feet.

He has started eating solids.  He wasn’t very keen at the start of eating solids.  He still doesn’t eat heaps and sometimes isn’t interested.  He has tried a variety of foods so far.  He enjoys meat and nectarines.  He hasn’t enjoyed vegetables that are cold.  He can only manage to be in his highchair for a max of 5-10 minutes before he gets fussy.  M really likes to drink water though.

M still has breastmilk every two hours during the day.  He will let you know if he wants it by making this cute “I’m hungry whine” that he only makes when he wants breastmilk.  When we are playing on the floor when it is close to having a feed, he will roll over to me make his breastmilk whine and start grabbing at my shirt where my breasts are.  At night, I’ve cut out his 3am feed.  That leaves only one feed sometime between 10pm and 11pm.

His favorite toy is the maraca. M has started playing hide and seek.  He will roll into me and hide his face under my arm.  When I say “where’s M?”  He immediately jerks his head back, smiles, and giggles.

All of a sudden, M blabs away all day long.  M is loud too!  He will wake around 6:30am and after a feed I place him back in his bed and he will just talk and talk and talk.

M is not ticklish at all!  What’s up with that?!?!

His body is still covered in eczema.

He takes about three naps a day.  They vary in length from 40 minutes to 2 hours.  If he doesn’t have his power nap around 4:30pm, M is in bed for the night by 6pm.

M loves to watch his brothers play around him.

He is currently wearing sizes 6 months, and 6-9 months clothes.

7 Months on February 26, 2017


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Wow!  C is 7 Months Old (July 14th).  It still surprises me how quickly time flies.

At 7 Months old, C rolls all over the place.  In no time, after being placed on the floor, he will be on the other side of the room.  He can sit for a couple of seconds only when he doesn’t want a toy near him or if nothing exciting is going on around him.  He is pushing himself backwards and trying to get his legs under him.  C is also pushing himself around in a circle going after toys.

When a toy is taken away from him or if he wants something that he sees (ie food in my hand), he will let you know by getting very upset.  I do remember this starting much later for E.  It could be the fact that he is the second child and things are taken off him often or it could be his personality.

C blabs away all day long.  Sometimes he is really loud and then other times he is very quiet.  He giggles a lot, especially when he is tickled.  He, just like E and Jeff, is very ticklish.

C is still taking 3 naps during the day.  The time varies depending on when he wakes, but they are usually around 8am, 11:45am, and 3:30pm.  The length of his naps can vary between 30minutes to an hour and a half.  At night, things have improved a little.  Instead of waking about 10 times at night, it’s now around 5 times.  C has one breastfed still around 11pm.  C is a lover of food.  He honestly hasn’t rejected anything given to him.  He is eating two meals a day.

He is currently wearing sizes 3-6 month, 6 months, and 6-9 months clothes.

C’s dry skin has flared up again.

Here is E’s 7 Month Old photo.

Corbyn 7 Months Old (7)

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Today E and I went to Hagley park after his 2.25 hour nap this morning.  It was a nice day for it too.  E enjoyed sitting on the picnic blanket watching the ducks.  I also brought the stuffed lamb with us to get his 7 months photo.  We were only out there for an hour before E got fussy.  Then he fell asleep while we were walking back to the car.


E trying to figure the duck out.


I’m cute.


E is looking at a group of ducks (could only get one of them in the photo from where I was laying).


I’m 7 months old.

At 7 months, E can sit for about 7 minutes at a time unassisted.  He still enjoys being on the floor where he log rolls and back scoots to get where he wants to go.  He can get across the entire living room now.  Jeff and I have seen him roll, then scoot in the correct direction to get a toy that he wants.  He also enjoys pushing himself with his hands in circles while on his belly.  E is currently starting to get his feet under him, but doesn’t know to lift up with his hands.

E likes to babble all day long.  He makes lots of “ahhhhh” and “eeeeeee” noises.  Sometimes he whispers and other times he speaks loudly.  It’s a joy watching him try to figure out what he can do with his voice.  E loves to laugh, especially when he is tickled.  He is extremely ticklish, just like Jeff.  He also finds joy in the simple things like the sound of ripping paper, air blowing in his face, etc and has a giggle fit over it.

We are still only doing one meal a day.  To date, E has tasted/eaten chicken, lamb, steak, burger slices, grilled salmon, beef & lamb sausage, plum, watermelon, canned tuna sushi (he loved that!), avocado, red bell peppers, kumra (New Zealand’s sweet potato), cucumber, sauerkraut, carrot, toasted whole grain bread with humus, broccoli, green beans, green apples, mushrooms, tomatoes, cheesy rice, bananas, kiwi, and eggs.  No teeth yet.

Sleep has greatly improved over the last two-ish weeks.  E can now self-sooth himself back to sleep if he wakes in the night.  He does this by sucking his thumb.  E goes to sleep at 7pm and sleeps until 7am (8am on the weekends when Jeff isn’t up getting ready for work).  Sometimes though, E will wake up for a 5:30/6:00am feed.  Naps during the day vary.  Sometimes he only wants one big nap and others he wants two shorter naps.  E also has developed a “fake cry” and a real cry.  There is a huge difference between the two.  He doesn’t really have any separation issues, but yesterday when I left E in the living room with Amanda Robinson, E made it very clear that he didn’t like me leaving.  We will see how that progresses.

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