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Corbyn 51 Weeks Old (4)

C is such a happy boy.

At 51 weeks old, C can now climb the stairs.


C can climb all the way to the top of the stairs if I let him.  Ever since C discovered he could get on the first step, E’s interaction with C has increased greatly.  Also, E finds C rolling very funny.

C gives cuddles now.

He can say dog, although it’s not very clear.

He also decided to start real crawling.  It only took one day trip to the beach to make him change his mind to do real crawling.  We think that he didn’t, like the feel of the sand against his belly. He interchanges the real crawl and the army crawl.  He is doing both about 50% of the time.


C real crawling!

Here is E’s 51 week old photo.




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51 Weeks Old (33)

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