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I really like the weekly photos being posted into one post between each month.  It makes life a little bit easier for me.  I will probably continue to post M’s weekly photos like this for a while.

31 Weeks Old on February 28, 2017:

32 Weeks Old on March 7, 2016

This week I purchased a new lotion called Manuka Biotic for M’s skin as it was recommended to me by three different people.

33 Weeks Old on March 14, 2017

This week M has started lifting off his belly and trying to get on top of his knees.  He has also started to venture around a room.  E and C don’t seem to like M’s newest ability of getting around as it puts their toys in jeopardy of being taken.

34 Weeks Old on March 21, 2017

The lotion I purchased has made a difference.  It has the same effect as the mild steroids!  Unfortunately, it is expensive and we go through one tube of the lotion a fortnight.  The lotion has a strong smell too.  So we have been putting the lotion given to us by the doctor that is fragrance free on top of it.


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On Saturday (August 9), C became 34 weeks old.

This week C has started displaying some separation anxiety.

He is lifting his entire belly more and more each day.  I am, of course, trying my hardest to capture it on film, but every time I pull out the camera he stops!  He can sit on his own, but he isn’t a “full time sitter” yet.

C and E are also entering into a new ‘play’ phase, ie E likes to build things and C likes to destroy things.  It makes for some interesting days.  C also wants every thing E is playing with.

C still wakes on average about 10 times at night.  Sometimes it’s only 8.  Talk about exhausting!  This week I started a new type of sleep training to get C to take longer than 30 minute naps during the day.  It has worked so far and he now takes hour-long naps.

Here is E’s 34 Week Old photo.

Corbyn 34 Weeks Old (10)

Smiley boy.

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35 Weeks Old & 8 Months Old (7)

At 8 months old, E is a good sleeper.  He still takes two naps a day.  The length of the naps varies from 45 minutes to 2 hours.  He hardly pees in his diaper during the night.  One thing I’ve noticed E doing this week was holding his pee during his nap time.  He isn’t consistent but he is definitely getting the idea that he can hold his pee.

E has discovered how to breathe air into his mouth to make noises.  He started making the “n” and “m” sound this week.  We are up to 3 solid meals a day for the most part.  E still nurses every two hours.  Hopefully that will start to decrease at some point – not that I mind breastfeeding him at all.   I really do enjoy nursing E and might be sad when he no longer needs breastmilk.

This week, E has been extremely whiney.  We aren’t sure why.  Maybe a tooth is on its way?  Time will tell, but we just go with the flow.

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34 Weeks Old (32)

On Saturday, Jeff, E, and I had a picnic lunch in Hagley Park.  While walking around we decided to look at the Festival of Flowers taking place on the Archery Lawn in the park.  There were a lot of flower exhibits and animal shaped sculptures made of plants spread across the lawn.  Then, we went to the Canterbury Museum.

Then today, after church we went back to Hagley Park and attempted to watch a play called Wind In the Willows.  Following the play, we went over to our friends, Heather and Kit’s house for the afternoon.

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