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A couple of weeks ago, C turned 2.

Corbyn 24 Months Old & 2 Years Old (22)

He is a boy that knows what he wants.

He loves playing in the dirt and driving cars.

Here is E’s 2 Year old post and here is E’s second birthday party.

We threw C a birthday party.  The plan was to have it in our backyard, but a massive hail and thunderstorm decided to take place at the beginning of the party so we hunkered down in the house.  It was almost a white Christmas!


C opening his gift from Nana and Grandpa.


The cake didn’t look great, but it tasted amazing.  Thanks Jeff for making it.  (PS I was the one that decorated it, which is why it looks awful!)


Happy Birthday, C!


Everyone inside waiting for some cake.


There are just so many different ways to eat cake!


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Today, E is one month away from being 3!

Elijah 35 Months Old (1)

At 35 months old, E loves to sing songs.  He can sing every song on one of our cds.  He also can sing the ABCs.  I find it very interesting that we have 4 toys that sing the ABCs American style (saying z) and four days ago we rented a toy from the Toy Library that sings the ABCs British style (saying zed) and E chose to sing the ABCs the British way all on his own.   E has also gotten better at expressing his words to C when he doesn’t like what C is doing.  Ie, “No touching please, C” and so forth.

E still likes cuddles, but it’s becoming less and less as the months come and go.  (So sad!  I know!)

E loves being outside.  If I ask him what he wants to do he always says “go to playground.”

E can curl his tongue.

He can also hop…well, sort of.

While I’m driving around, E really doesn’t like the idea of a red light and insists that we keep going.  He completely understands that red means stop and green means go.  I think he just likes to keep driving around without stopping.

E knows to look both ways before crossing the street.  I know this is a bit strange, but we always use cross walks that tells you when it’s safe to walk everywhere around town.  Since we moved, to go to church we just cross in the middle of the street.

Books are still a hit. He seems to be into books about animals lately.  He absolutely loved the book Tadpole Rex that we checked out from the library.  I really liked reading it too!

Any form of transportation is also a hit with E.  He is very proud of his bike.

E has started talking to anyone really.  We are starting to talk about strangers.

On Thursday this week (May 28th), E was measured and weighed at C’s Plunket appointment.  E now weighs 14kg and is 96cm long.

E is a very sweet boy.






IMG_5894 (2)




Sweet hugs for C.

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Saturday, November 29th, it became time for another monthly photo of E.  Also, since it was a Saturday, C got his weekly photo at the same time.


E had his last Plunket appointment this past month.  He now weighs 12.5kg and is 91cm tall.

He is talking in incomplete sentences now.  For example, today he wanted me to  go pick up Jeff from work and E told me “daddy pick up work now please.”  Speaking of Jeff, E loves playing with him.

Yesterday morning I asked E “How did you sleep?” E quickly responded “in bed,” implying that he stayed in bed like he was supposed to.  Jeff and I found it hilarious.

Elijah 29 Months Old (18)

C is ‘fist-bombing’ Elijah’s monthly photo.


C can now say duck, ball, digger, and water.

Corbyn 50 Weeks Old (9)

C can dance!

Here is E’s 50 Week Old photo.

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This week E became another month older.

His communication is on a roll.  He isn’t speaking in full sentences, but I’m very positive that’s right around the corner.  Give it a month or two.  He is saying numerous phrases though and putting 4 to 5 words together at a time.

E really enjoys the playground.  It’s a common request to go there these days.  He typically likes the swing and only likes the slide at certain playgrounds.

E still loves reading.  He still loves diggers and trains.  I totally found him playing in our backyard with diggers and dirt.  He had dumped out one of our planter boxes and was going to town digging holes.  Thankfully, he had chosen the planter box with a dead plant from last season in it!

E drinks from a big cup now when we are at home.  He could have done it earlier.  He was just very (and I mean very) fond of his water bottle.

Elijah 28 Months Old (4)

Cuddles for the sheep on October 29, 2014

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Elijah 27 Months Old (5)

Where to start?

At 27 Months Old, E loves to go hiking.  I’m pretty sure it’s one of his favorite activities.  He asks numerous times a day to go hiking and tries to put on his ‘hiking shoes’.

Other activities E likes to do is riding his bike, playing with playdough, reading books, and water painting.

His favorite books are:  Dinosaur Dig, Little Yellow Digger, Octonauts and the Sea of Shade, But No Elephants, Bad Mood, and Good Night Construction Site.  He also enjoys sticker books, a Thomas the Train book that I can’t remember the title of, and his numerous books containing nursery rhythms.  E LOVES reading books.  In fact, he enjoys it so much that he wanted me to read ALL day long.  Literally!!  So I was forced to put a new rule into place where I will only read to him when C is taking a nap.  I did this because C doesn’t like the long books like E does.  So I save all the short and sweet books for when C is awake.

E’s favorite toys are of course trains, boats, diggers, balls (he is an amazing kicker!), and bikes.  He also has an interesting obsession with penguins (thanks Joseph).  Putting objects into and through holes is still a hit.  Pretending to pour me a drink is also a hit at the moment.  He pretends that he is flying and paddling a boat very often as well.  The combo of dirt, diggers, and a dump truck never loses its entertaining value either.

Naps are back on!!!  When E was wearing his cast, naps no longer existed.  I think it was because he couldn’t suck his thumb.  But, a week after having his cast removed, he caught a stomach bug and rediscovered his thumb.  So he now naps from noon till about 2pm.  He also goes down to bed at night around 7pm and wakes around 7am.

E is fully potty trained during the day time.  It only took 4 days for E to be able to tell us when he needed to pee or poo!  He did wake up dry last night though!!!

E still loves to eat food.  Here are some of his favorites:  tacos, which results in taco sandwiches the next day for lunch, mac and cheese, cheese in general, bananas, any type of meat, pancakes, olives, peanut butter, and home made pizza.  Motivation to get E to eat his vegetables is key.

This past month, I’ve realized that I say “Oh my” way too much as E now says it for everything.  He says it with the right attitude too and it’s way cute!!!  One time Jeff farted and E goes “Oh my.”   Jeff and I died laughing!

E can count to ten now.  He says, one two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, eight, ten.

The fruits of our labor with positive parenting has really started to show this past month.  For example, when C crawls up to E wanting his toy, E now says “move C” instead of pushing him away.  Sometimes he will even do an “exchange” and give C a different toy.


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On Sunday morning, E woke to happy statements like “happy birthday!,” “it’s your birthday!”, etc.  You could tell he wasn’t sure what was going on, but that whatever it was, he knew it was good.  That morning during the ‘lolly-jar’ slot at church (The lolly jar at church is during the announcements and anyone with news can come up to share and as a result you get a lolly.  Lollies to kiwis are any type of candy.), Jeff took E up to announce that it was E’s birthday.  Everyone was excited and proceed to sing “Happy Birthday” to him.

That afternoon, Jeff and I threw E a birthday party.  We rented the lounge at Oxford Terrace Baptist Church and invited just about everyone we knew (well, those who we thought would be interested in going to a toddler’s birthday party).  For E’s birthday he was given a bag of spoons (yes, this was awesome!), a bike, heaps of books, a whale bubble machine, a huge box of cookie cutters, a couple of diggers, and a playdough fun factory.  Here are some photos:


The birthday cake made by Amanda Robinson.  She did an amazing job!


E blowing out his candle.


He really just wanted the diggers.


The inside of the cake.


Eating time!


We pulled the Mainly Music toys out for everyone to play with.


We also rented this roller coaster from the Toy Library, which was a hit with all the kids.  I even went for a ride!  It’s lots of fun.


Here is E driving the car back onto the roller coaster.


And of course, our family photo.  Poor C though.  He was so over tired that afternoon due to lack of sleep.  He kept getting woken up and as a result wasn’t very happy.

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Wow! E is 2! Crazy, aye!

E now sleeps in a big boy bed.  Currently, he will only sleep in the bed at night.  He still takes a nap during the day at noon.  The length varies from zero minutes to 2.5 hours.  If he doesn’t sleep he has quiet time in his room.


Favorite toys: diggers, cars, books, and his bike.  He is also obsessed with spoons.  I never thought that when I became a parent I would have to deal with a spoon obsession.   He will grab one out of the drawer, point it at me, and shout “spoon, sppoooooon, SPPOOOON!”  He hides them, plays with them, walks around with them, tries to drink my tea with them, and of course eats with them.

E can now jump.  He thoroughly enjoys doing so.  E also blows kisses.

Here are some more words that E can now say (this list hopefully doesn’t include the words from previous months): Papa (for Peter), Nana (for my mom), bib, taxi, button, nut, plate, dog, slide, “Bad Mood” (the title of one of his books), bird, bowl, car, park, king, Bible, moo, cat, ball, castle, bottle, baybay (his American flag sippy cup that he is extremely fond of), mice, spoon, beach, two, pig, bird, more, eyes, nose, toes, cold, hot, hole, oat (for oatmeal and yogurt), milk, ant, jump, star, cross, bubble, bath, pig, inside, outside, turtle, phone, woof, oink, pants, coat, purple, comb, socks, shoes, hug, teeth, hat, chapstick, hoot (for an owl), bee, pram (New Zealand’s word for stroller), bunny, truck, bread, cheese, bear, couscous, rice, turkey, cow, pink, meat, night night, food, done, cheese, lunch, bus, bread, snack, hi, mat, airplane, stuck, pipe….I’m sure there are more, but this is all I can think of at the moment.

One thing that I’ve never understood fully was how the Bible says we should have faith like a child.  I’m discovering that it doesn’t just mean trust, etc, but I think it also means to be excited.  E gets really excited over the little things, like when he sees a digger, a train, or a bike.  All he can do is go “bike, bike, biiikkke,  BIIKKKKE!”  He gradually becomes louder and louder until you acknowledge what he sees.  We should have the same excitement in our faith in the same way a child gets excited over the day to day things.

Something funny E did this past month:  While I was reading to E his winter book, he took the book out of my hand and gave all the animals kisses and continued doing this on every page.

Elijah 2 Years Old (34)

I can’t decide if I should kept doing the monthly photos of E or just do it every six months.  What are your thoughts?


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