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At 17 weeks old, M celebrated his first Thanksgiving.  We went over to Rachel’s house for Thanksgiving lunch.

M received his 3 month immunizations.  He didn’t like them at all.  He was also grumpy for about three days afterwards.

M’s cradle cap became infected and started oozing.  We have been to the doctor three times this week regarding skin problems.

We put socks on M’s hands to stop him from scrathing himself.  He can now pull his socks off his hands.


17 weeks old on Novemeber 22


M loves to smile


What a great head lift!


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C is a skilled sock remover.  Here is E’s 17 week old photo post.  I will try to add a link to E’s weekly photo every week for easy comparison.

Corbyn 17 Weeks Old (12)

 17 Weeks Old on Saturday, April 12, 2014

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17 Weeks Old

Sorry for the delay.  It’s been pretty busy around here.  We arrived back from Auckland on Tuesday afternoon and moved into our new apartment on Saturday.  So there hasn’t been much time for internet-ness.

One thing E started doing on Thursday was grabbing his feet and rolling from side to side.

We decided to make up for the delay by showing you what goes into the making of the weekly photo.  Here are just a hand full of out takes with the last one being the final product.

E and the lamb weren’t seeing eye to eye.  So E punched him.

Then E decided to pick the lamb up by the feet. Notice the outfit change too.

Eeeeeeeeeee! Arrgh is more like it since he is a pirate.  (Thanks for the outfit, Anna!)

E proceed to have a conversation with the lamb.

At last, the final product.  E at 17 weeks old.

After E’s 4 month photo we will post about our Auckland trip.

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