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Jeff left for Nepal on April 28 and wasn’t due to back for 3.5 weeks.  When Jeff left for his amazing adventure, I was sick.  I thought I was on the mend, but I wasn’t.  Shortly after his departure whatever I had became infected.  My face has never hurt so badly in my life.  I ended up having to get antibiotics from the doctor.  Then, the following Tuesday, C woke in a bad mood.  That afternoon, I noticed red spots on C.  I took him to the doctor who confirmed that he had chickenpox.

It was so bad.  Seriously y’all, the chickenpox is horrible.  Words really can’t describe how horrible that first week with Jeff away was like.  C and I ended up sleeping on the couch together.  Well, there wasn’t much sleep, to be honest.  C is used to itchy skin, but his skin wasn’t just itchy, it was also in extreme pain.  I couldn’t touch him without him screaming.  Spots were every where and I mean every where.  Maybe the eczema made it worse?

Thankfully people at church discovered what was happening and people came together and cooked for the family as I couldn’t do it.  Another big plus was my mom was due to arrive that Friday!  We had plans to go down south for the first week she was here and thankfully I planned it that way!!!  By the time my mom arrived C and I were on the mend and our trip could still happen.  On our last driving day from the trip down south, spots started to appear on E and M.  We made it back in time for the horrible experience to repeat itself.  Unfortunately, that meant my mom didn’t get to explore our neck of the woods.  Having a baby with chickenpox is even worse.  M ended up sleeping in mine or my mom’s arms and pretty much screamed every 15 minutes!  He couldn’t be put down at all during the day without him being massively upset.  Poor E just wanted Mommy cuddles all day long and I couldn’t give them to him as much as he wanted (and as much as I wanted to give them to him).

Experiencing this has made a lot of thoughts run through my mind in regards to child immunization.  I know this is a very touchy subject.  I firmly believe it should be the choice of the parents to vaccinate or not to.  No government, no school, etc should force immunizations onto anyone. On that note, we as a first world society, have forgotten what it is like to see a human-being suffer without being able to help them.  My thoughts have been running through child rights, to why can’t the doctors for vaccinating and those who are against it work together, and so forth.  We as a society, should encourage parents to raise their children in a respectful and loving manner, instead of making people feel guilty about whether or not they have vaccinated.

I thought chickenpox was nothing based off what I hear people say about the disease.  Perhaps we just had a horrible run of it.  Perhaps me being sick has made the experience even worse in my mind.  If this disease that wasn’t deemed horrible was, then what are the other ones that are supposed to be horrible like?  I am thankful that chickenpox is not extremely fatal.

When Jeff arrived back in New Zealand, he missed all the fun of chickenpox.  Fortunately, in hind-sight he was away for the chickenpox as he has never had them before.

So the chickenpox put me behind in school and thus the blog has suffered a bit.  Sorry.


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