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23 Weeks Old

M has been very grumpy lately.


January 3, 2017

24 Weeks Old

M’s grumpy-ness hasn’t disappeared.  At 24 weeks old, M will step backwards when standing on his feet.  His eczema is awful and he is extremely itchy.


January 10, 2017

25 Weeks Old

M has discovered his feet.


January 17, 2017


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C is now potty trained.

C’s imagination blows me away.  I found him last week running up and down the hallway kicking an imaginary ball!!  I’ve heard of imaginary friends, but not imaginary balls!  He tried to get E involved in his game, but E wasn’t interested.

He also enjoys taking emotion photos.



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22 weeks old on December 27, 2016

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At 5 months old, M has met one of his Grandpas.

He can almost roll from his back to his belly.  He just gets caught up on his arm.  M enjoys laying on his back and looking behind him to watch his brothers play.  He also prefers being in a sitting position and in a standing position.

M will reach out and grab toys when you hold them up to him.  He also enjoys putting toys into his mouth.

M still breastfeeds every 2ish hours during the day.  At night, he has two feeds.  Over the last week, his sleeping skills at night has reduced a bit.  Hopefully, this won’t last long.  During the day he takes about four naps when he is tired.

M likes his head being rubbed.

Overall, M is a happy and chatty baby.  He gives heaps of smiles.  He has eczema.  This past week I’ve started a gluten free diet to see if that is a trigger.  Time will tell.


5 Months old on Boxing Day

Here is E when he was 5 months old and here is C when he was 5 months old.


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