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At 17 weeks old, M celebrated his first Thanksgiving.  We went over to Rachel’s house for Thanksgiving lunch.

M received his 3 month immunizations.  He didn’t like them at all.  He was also grumpy for about three days afterwards.

M’s cradle cap became infected and started oozing.  We have been to the doctor three times this week regarding skin problems.

We put socks on M’s hands to stop him from scrathing himself.  He can now pull his socks off his hands.


17 weeks old on Novemeber 22


M loves to smile


What a great head lift!


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A little after midnight on Sunday night a 7.8 (it was listed at 7.5, but has now been updated) struck about an hour away from us near Kiakoura.   According to the experts, the earthquake jumped along four different fault lines.  It was a very long (2 minutes!) and rolling earthquake with up and down movements.  It wasn’t very violent, which was nice.  I had to stop it from closing our bedroom door!  Our door doesn’t have a doorknob at the moment and if it closes we are locked in.  There have been a few 6 and 5 aftershocks since.  Thankfully, all three boys slept through the quake!!  We are fine.  There are a lot of landslides along State Highway 1 on the coastal road and apparently the waterfall north of Kiakoura where the baby seals play has been completely destroyed.  People are also stuck in towns along the coast as well.  Wellington has had some damage with a floor in a building collapsing and a building slightly leaning.  We are ok.

This earthquake reminded me that our emergency supply box needs to be kept updated and we don’t need to let the car get below half a tank of gas!

C is now 35 Months Old.  One more month till he is three!!!  So crazy!  He colors in the lines now!


35 months old on November 14, 2016


Look at his amazing pencil holding skills!

This week M is now 16 weeks old.  The earthquake on Sunday night was his first one.  He has also discovered his hands and likes sucking on them.


16 Weeks old on November 15, 2016

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The boys are ready regardless of who wins the upcoming American presidential election!


Tin foil hats for protection from the government. 

(They are actually playing pirate, which is a lot more fun than worrying about politics!)


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M is sleeping much better!


14 Weeks on November 1, 2016


Smiley boy at 15 Weeks on November 8, 2016

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A Pirate Trio

“ARRRGGHHH there maties!!!  Shiver me timbers!” is a common phrase in our household lately.

Over the last few months the boys have enjoyed playing pirates.  This not only takes place at home, but it also is a past time at preschoool with their friends Angus and Christian.  The week before falling sick, the boys went to a pirate play with their fellow pirate friends.


Then, preschool was throwing a Halloween Party again this year.  I asked the boys what they wanted to dress up as and they both immediately said “PIRATES!”  Luckily, M has a pirate onesie too!  E and C were excited that M was a pirate with them!


Happy Halloween from the Pirate Trio.


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