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At 3 months old, M loves watching his brothers play around him.  He rotates around in a circle when laying on the floor.  He has rolled twice now.

He gives smiles freely.

M is a wee talker.

M has developed full body eczema.  His cradle cap still exits and is persistent not to go away.

He loves when I sing and do his body motions to the “Wheels on the Bus” song. For the “The wheels on the bus go round and round” I move his legs in a circle.  C always sees this and informs me that I’m doing it incorrectly and that I need to roll M’s arms around.

M’s belly button looks normal now.  When the cord fell off a single blood vessel remained.  That is now dried up and disappeared.

M is drooling a lot.

M’s sleep pattern has changed especially at night time.  Before 13 weeks of age he would typically wake up once or twice for a feed.  Now he is waking multiple times in the night.


3 Months old on October 26, 2016

Here is E at 3 months old.

Here is C at 3 months old.


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C really likes pirates, Bob the Builder, and Paw Patrol.

He has started sleep walking.  We randomly find him sleeping in different places in the morning.


34 Months old on October 14, 2016

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10 Weeks:

M is almost giggling.  It’s not quite a giggle.  More like a chuckle.  Regardless, it is cute!


10 Weeks on October 4, 2016

11 Weeks:

M started looking behind him, especially on his left side.


11 Weeks on October 11, 2016

12 Weeks:

M started sucking his bottom lip.

During the day, he feeds every 2 hours.  He also spits up A LOT!  M started having issues drinking breastmilk only from my right breast.  I told my chiropractor and she checked his neck and it was apparently jammed.  Now, this issues has disappeared!

He has been a bit grumpy compared to than normal.

He had his Plunket appointment.  M now weighs 5.4kg and is 60 cm long.

His entire body is covered in eczema.


12 Weeks on October 18, 2016

13 Weeks:

This week M has started rotating around in a circle while laying on the floor.  He also rolled for the first time this week.


13 Weeks on October 25, 2016

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E is really into bluegrass music.


September 29, 2016


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Ground Zero: Sick

Sorry the blog has been quiet lately.

Our house has been ground zero for bugs!  We are going on week 4 of sicknesses!!!  Four weeks ago, E caught conjunctivitis.  That slowly (which is unusual considering how contagious it is) spread and 4 out of 5 of us were infected with that.

Then, two weeks ago, Jeff caught a bug at work.  Two days later, I was down.  Jeff and I are still sick, but slowly recovering.  The boys have recovered at this point.

This is the first time that both Jeff and I have been sick at the same time while we have been parents.  Ttwo sick parents with children is a horrible combination!!! We have been very blessed with some amazing neighbours who have either provided us evening meals or have come over and cooked for the boys.

I’ve still taken the photos of the boys with the lamb and will post them as soon as we are completely healthy again.


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9 weeks old on September 27, 2016

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M is now two months old.

At two months, he likes to suck on his hands.  He can also rub his eyes.

He sometimes scoots around on his back in his bed at night.

He is still only drinking breastmilk.  He currently has it every 2.5-3 hours.

Most nights M only wakes up twice for a feed.  He is going to bed at night around 6pm.

M coos and smiles a lot!  He also does a facial expression that he does after smiling where it looks like he is trying not to smile.  It’s extremely cute.


Cheeky smile at 2 months old on September 26, 2016

Here is E at 2 months.

Here is C at 2 months.


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