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C: 33 Months

And just like that, I’m behind!  Last week was crazy with school work.

C is 33 months old.

He enjoys being bottomless in terms of clothes.

C randomly decided he didn’t want to wear diapers any more and put on big boy undies one day.  Jeff and I decided to go with the flow for a wee bit as it was the weekend.  C did great on the first day with peeing and pooing in the toilet.  However, when Jeff went back to work, it sort of fell apart because C won’t go unless he has to go.  SO you have to be on top of it all the time.  He was upset, but I just couldn’t do it.  I told him we will revisit the undies this summer when I’m done with school and clothes dry quicker.

C is entering an independent stage of life.  He wants to do it.

C is always on the go.  He enjoys running, jumping, climbing, etc on everything.

He had his first haircut by me this month.  He absolutely hated every minute of it.

This past month, C has enjoyed pretending to be ‘Bob the Builder’ with Jeff’s site-visit gear.  He goes around the house wearing Jeff’s hard hat and orange vest singing “Bob the Builder.  Can we build it! Bob the Builder!”  very loudly.

When C counts, he says “1,2,3,6,7,8,19.”

When M is crying, C likes to give him his special comfort blanket.  What a sweet, kind boy!


33 months old September 14, 2016


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M is now 7 weeks old.

He smiles and coos a lot.

One thing M did this week that cracked me up:  After he woke up, he was talking to his horse in his cot.  I went in there to pick him up.  I got close and said “hi, buddy.”  He looked at me, smiled, cooed, and instantly fell back asleep.


7 weeks old on September 13, 2016

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Fields of flowers

It’s officially Spring in New Zealand as they celebrate the seasonal change on September 1 instead of on the equinox.  I just love Christchurch in Spring.  There are so many different flowers of various colors everywhere.  One of my favorite places is the field of daffodils in Hagley Park.  Of course, we had a family outing to them.  Here are some photos.


Cheeky monkey.



M was there too.  It was just too cold and windy to take him out of the pram.  Plus, M really just wanted to sleep so we decided to not bother him.





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M is 6 weeks old.  How crazy is that?

We saw Jodi, my midwife, for the last time today.  M now weighs 4450 grams.  M is currently having breastmilk 3 hourly.

M is still a good sleeper.  He wakes two times at night for milk.  Some nights are better than others.

Cradle cap is taking over M’s head, forehead, and eyebrows.   I really dislike that stuff.  I mean, what is even the point of cradle cap!!

As he gets older, he is having slightly more awake time.  Sometimes he will follow you with his eyes.

M’s smile is both beautiful and heartwarming.


6 weeks old on August 6, 2016


Brotherly love.


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M 5 Weeks Old (8)

5 Weeks Old on August 30, 2016

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I must have forgotten to post E’s monthly photo after M was born.  Ops!

Over the last two months, E has matured a lot.  He has been more helpful and a better listener.  I’m really liking this stage!!!  His attention span has increased too.

E is fully potty-trained again.  He poos by himself too and no longer needs us to wipe him.

He likes to wear his clothes on backwards.

His creativity has expanded.  Today he served me “juice juice juice with egg, strawberries, raspberries, and pizza.”

E has been extremely excited about the coming of spring and warmer weather.

He asks random questions and just says random things too:

  • “Do strawberries come from red flowers?”
  • “When will it thunder again?”  He remembers it thundering on C’s birthday.
  • “Is it tomorrow today?”  In fact, he keeps asking questions around the idea of time lapses especially regarding “tomorrow.”
  • “When will the strawberries grow, Daddy?”
  • Me: “E, go use the toilet, please.” (This was in the evening before our calm down period before bed.) E: “I already used the toilet last night!”

At preschool, he has ventured out and is currently concentrating on art.  This week, E drew his first people!  It was a picture of me and Jeff.

E 4.1 (5)

4.1 on July 29, 2016

E 4.2 (18)

4.2 on August 29, 2016

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