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M is 1 month old!  Time just flies too fast!  I’m enjoying every minute with this little wee man.

M is now smiling some and starting to coo.

His eyes are still blue, but they seem to be turning.

M also currently has male-pattern boldness.  In other words, he has a ring of hair around his head and none on top.  Also, he has a massive cowlick that WILL NOT go away.  We also can’t seem to decide what color his hair is.  Sometimes his hair looks blonde and other times brown.

He now weighs 3.68kg.

M 1 Month Old (12)

1 month old on August 26, 2016

M 1 Month Old (17)

A smile.  He tends to smile when the camera is away.  Typical.


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M moves his head from side to side.  He doesn’t follow things or people with his eyes yet.

He enjoys the sound the running water.  M is not a fan of baths.  That could be because of Jeff’s cold hands or the fact that he is pretty tired and wants milk and wants to sleep.

He is finally above his birth weight.  He also likes breastmilk and has it 3 hourly.

M has outgrown his newborn bodysuits (the ones with the feet attached) as he has really long legs.

E and C still like having M around.  Since Jeff returned to work last week, the boys have more tanturms than usual.

M 4 weeks old (23)

Here is C’s photo at 4 weeks old and here is E’s photo at 4 weeks old.  Who do you think M favors more?

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Uncle Joe

Over the last two weeks we have been blessed with the presence of Uncle Joe.  Unfortunately, he arrived right as we all fell sick.  In fact, Joe arrived on Thursday night and C was hospitalized on Friday!  It was a crazy time, but we are glad he came.  He was a great help and E and C loved having him around.  Some of things we…well, not really the family together all the time because someone was sick at any given point…enjoyed were the Air Force Museum, hiking and exploring the freshly snow covered Southern Alps, eating numerous pies (that was mostly just Joe), exploring the city, and riding the tram and gondola.  Sadly, we are really good at sharing things and Joe became a victim too, just in time for him to leave and explore Sydney.


Even when children don’t feel well they still find time to play.


Taking goofy photos with Uncle Joe on his computer.


Uncle Joe and M.


Uncle Joe is still under the impression that the grossest thing a child can do is drool. 

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I just looked at M’s 0 week old photo and man, he has changed a lot in just three weeks!!  Where is my newborn?

M is still a pretty decent sleeper.  But, maybe that’s because we are comparing him to C???  Nah, M is really good.  Thankfully!  Over the last three weeks he consistently wakes sometime between midnight and 1am and again around 3:30-4am for feeds.

Our household has been plagued with sickness lately.  M is now coughing.  Hopefully, he will only get the cough and nothing else unlike C who has been hopsitalized and seen the doctor numerous times.

Micah 3 Weeks Old (14)

Cutie at 3 weeks old on August 16, 2016.

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C is another month older.  He has been a bit sick over the last three weeks.

He really likes having M around and likes to temporarily share his special blanket with M.

Corbyn 32 Months Old (1)

Cheesy smile for 32 month old photo.

Here is E’s 32 Month Old photo.

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M is already two weeks old! He has become more alert. He looks at you from time to time but he doesn’t quite follow you around yet.

So far he has been sleeping very well for his age. He wakes about once every 3-4 hours for a feed. However, over the last few days the other boys have been quite sick so Jeff and I, or maybe I should say me waking Jeff up, has been waking M. Fingers crossed that the kids are on their way to recovery and we’ll be having more sleep.

Micah 2 weeks old (12)M waving and saying “Hi!”

Micah 2 weeks old (17)Oh no! This lamb is crazy! Get him off!!

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Yesterday, M became a week old.  That first week flew by so fast! I can’t believe how well I feel, both mentally and physically, post M’s birth.  I am completely smitten with him.

M is now looking around some and will look for you when you talk to him.

Breastfeeding is going well and M is having some about every three hours.

It took about a week, but M will now sleep in his cot at night instead of in our bed or in our arms.  I need to figure something out for day time naps as it’s too cold in our bedroom where M sleeps for him to be in there most of the day.

Micah 1 week old (12)

1 week old on August 2, 2016.  M’s pants are a bit too big giving the illusion that his legs are longer than they appear.

E and C really enjoy having M around.  C keeps giving M kisses on his head and hands.  He will also share his special blanket with M.  Both E and C place toys on M so he can play along with them.


E and C giving M a hug.


Yay!  We have another brother!

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