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New and exciting things are happening throughout the central city of Christchurch.  In the last three weeks the Margaret Mahy Playground and the Art Gallery has been completed and open for visitors.  So what do we do, go!


The new playground is a quick walk from our house.  C has discovered pockets.


Talk about fancy water fountains!  You should see the bathrooms!


We will be spending endless hours at this playground!


Enjoying a ride through the central city on the Christchurch Tram.


The Art Gallery underwent massive earthquake repairs which included raising the entire building.  The gallery is now open!

IMG_4987 (2)

Hanging light saber chairs and tables.


Colin McCahon’s Kauri tree landscape.


This piece of art is made entirely from sugar.


Peter Madden’s Crouches with Moths. 


This triangular-irregular network is made from 0.5mm pencil lead.


The boys created a new piece of art.  We call it “Exhaustion.”


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The boys woke a little bit early on Christmas morning.  They must have been excited for some reason…


This is what the boys woke up to on Christmas morning.  Under the tree are gifts from all the grandparents and of course us.


The boys didn’t get the rug idea at first, but once it was open, they understood what it was for.


Jeff and I gave E and C each a package of cars.


Opening Nana and Grandpa’s gifts.


The aftermath.

After the gifts were open, we went over to the Robinson’s/Patterson’s house for Christmas morning celebrations.


Christmas morning tradition of fresh, hot croissants for breakfast.  I must say this is a brilliant tradition which is now ours!


Christmas crackers are popular here.  Everyones cracker has a toy, hat, and a joke.  C’s toy was a pirate eye patch.


Merry Christmas from us!

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Doug, Jeff’s dad, is visiting us this Christmas.  This post is just a mix of some of the things we have done so far.  Because of the location of Christchurch, in just two days we have gone from the ocean to the mountains.


Doug got to experience what a kiwi Christchurch summer is like…aka 32C (91F) one day and the next 15C (50 something F).  It was definitely warm enough for a splash in the Sumner waters.


Of course the playground was on the itinerary.


We drove to Arthur’s Pass and walked the quick and easy Bealey Valley Track.  Jeff and I totally forgot about the tree roots!  But, everyone managed them.  E kept asking as he walked over the tree roots, “what are these mommy?”


Family photo from the Bealey Valley.


We also day tripped it up to the Christchurch Air Force Museum.  The boys just ran around amazed, pointing at all the airplanes.  The best part for me was learning about WWI and WWII from a kiwi point of view.

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Getting Ready for the Holidays

In our house, the day after Thanksgiving is the traditional day to put up the Christmas tree.  The boys were excited to participate.  E really wanted to go back to the States this Christmas, but we had to explain to him that it takes a large bucket of money to get there.  He also expected many trees to be put up in our house, thanks to my mom who has a Christmas tree in almost every room of her house.  When I told E we only had one tree, he confidently told me that Nana and Grandpa (my parents) were going to buy Daddy (Jeff) some trees.


While waiting to put the tree up, E randomly put on the Christmas stockings and walked around.  At least, he has the right idea!


E really wanted to put the star on top of the tree.


C helping Jeff put the ornaments on the tree.

In the following weeks, we visited a lot of malls and saw lots of Christmas trees.  C not only pointed every one of the trees out, but also insisted on walking around some of them.  His excitement when he sees the Christmas trees is absolutely amazing.  Throughout the house, you would randomly hear the boys sing “Jingle bells.”  E would also sing “We Wish You a Merry Christmas.”

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A couple of weeks ago, C turned 2.

Corbyn 24 Months Old & 2 Years Old (22)

He is a boy that knows what he wants.

He loves playing in the dirt and driving cars.

Here is E’s 2 Year old post and here is E’s second birthday party.

We threw C a birthday party.  The plan was to have it in our backyard, but a massive hail and thunderstorm decided to take place at the beginning of the party so we hunkered down in the house.  It was almost a white Christmas!


C opening his gift from Nana and Grandpa.


The cake didn’t look great, but it tasted amazing.  Thanks Jeff for making it.  (PS I was the one that decorated it, which is why it looks awful!)


Happy Birthday, C!


Everyone inside waiting for some cake.


There are just so many different ways to eat cake!

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E: 3.5

Ops.  I wrote this post a wee bit ago and forgot to post it!

Elijah 3.5 (26)

The theme for E this past month was independence!

E can now put his clothes on by himself (except for his shirt).  He is also a pro at removing all of his clothes.  He has entered a naked stage in life.

E can go to the toilet without any help.  (I’m so excited about this!)  Sometimes he still asks for either Jeff or myself to tag along with him.

E is really into Christmas.  He has been singing “Jingle Bells, Jingle Bells, kisses all the way” throughout the house for the past couple of weeks.

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Corbyn 23 Months Old (1)

23 Months Old on November 14, 2015.

C said his first complete sentence, which was “I want that one.”

C is close to doing a perfect hand roll (for the Wheels on the Bus go Round and Round).

C loves Thomas the Train and Mickey Mouse.

He is now forward-facing in the car.

While we were in the Tongariro National Park, C was running through the kitchen of the holiday and ran face first directly in the table at full speed. After taking him to the doctor a few days later, we think he broke his nose.

Here is E at 23 months old.

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