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This week C became 21 Months old.

C can jump.  Well, for the most part.  It doesn’t look like a jump, but he is getting his feet off the ground. He enjoys jumping off the step-stool and the steps on our front porch.

C enjoys playing hide-and-seek.  He hides by covering his face with his hands.

He really likes Thomas the Train “Momas Train” and Mickey Mouse “Mitty Mouse.”  The weather is getting warmer allowing for more outside time.  He loves it and will ride his bike (from the toy library) for ages.

C is now putting 2 or 3 words together.  One of the funniest things he has said so far is “snot in nose, mommy.”

C still takes a nap once a day around noon.

C’s skin issues are never ending these days.

Here is E’s 21 Month Old post.

Corbyn 21 Months Old (6)

C insisted on having the space book during his photo.  He can say earth, moon, and mars.


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Rock Climbing

This weekend the family went indoor rock climbing.  E was pretty excited to go rock-climbing, although, I’m fairly certain he had no clue what ‘rock climbing’ was.  As we sat in the lobby listening to the instructor showing us how to put on the harness, E started panicking and crying.  He decided he didn’t want to go rock climbing anymore.  I reassured him that he didn’t have to do anything and that calmed him down.  C, on the other hand, was gun-ho about wearing his harness.

Once in the rock-climbing room, the boys found some balls to play with.  Jeff and I took turns climbing walls.  When Jeff was climbing his first wall, C started crying because he didn’t like daddy climbing the wall.  But, that didn’t last long and every time we jumped off the wall he would give a big giggle.  After a while, E decided he wanted to give rock climbing a try.  We harnessed him up and connected him to the rope and that’s about as far as he got to rock climbing.  I’m very proud of him for giving it a try!


C harnessed and ready to rock climb.  I think he looks super cute in his harness.


Jeff and Diran racing up the wall.  Clearly, Jeff won that race.


The boys playing with balls.


My turn on one of the many walls.


E ready to climb the wall.  He is in the process of the exploding part of a ‘bro-fist.’


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C’s First Haircut

Traditionally, we wait to cut our children’s hair until they reach the age of two.  However, in C’s case, his hair grew much quicker than expected impairing his vision.  After many ponytails on C and conversations with Jeff, Jeff finally gave the ‘ok’ for C to have his haircut.  On Tuesday C finally had his first haircut.  I fully expected the worst going into this haircut with a complete meltdown similar to E’s during his first haircut.  I did my best to prepare C by talking to him about what to expect on multiple occasions.  C wasn’t even phased by any of it .  He was completely fine sitting in the tall, orange chair, wearing the cape, with the scissors, etc.  It was almost as if nothing was happening and he just sat there watching “Peppa Pig” and the many dump trucks and buses that drove by the window.


Sitting very patiently waiting for his first haircut. (On a side note, C’s face seems less swollen these days.)


Bangs, more commonly referred to as a fringe here in New Zealand, completed with eyes glued to the portable dvd player playing “Peppa Pig.”


Now on to the back.


All done.


Then E received a haircut too.  C insisted on wearing the cape while watching E’s haircut.  E just watched “Peppa Pig.”


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E: 3.2

Elijah 3.2 Years Old (9)

“Hmm.  Why, Mommy?”

E is another month older.  E has officially entered the “Why?” stage.  It’s unbelievable how many times a day one can ask the question “why?”.

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