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This weekend my friend, Nadine, and I hiked to Carrington Hut located along the Waimakariri River in Arthur’s Pass National Park.  A weekend in the outdoors was just what I needed, especially after C becoming extremely sick towards the end of the week.

The hike started with a bush walk.  When you leave the trees you are presented with an expansive river valley surrounded by snow-capped mountains.  The majority of the hike included walking over rocks of all shapes, sizes, and surprisingly, colors.  The views definitely made the hike worth it, but man, it was a rough one.  It wasn’t rough in regards to elevation change.  It was challenging due to the rough walking terrain and by that, I mean stumbling over the never ending river bed of rocks.  Plus, the majority of the trail wasn’t marked and there were multiple river crossings.  This was the first hike I’ve done along a river in a valley and I definitely learned that I prefer walking on soil.  The weekend weather was prefect with a little bit of wind.  Nadine and I knew this hike would be a long one, but we didn’t crunch the numbers regarding the amount of kilometers until we returned.  I think the hike ended up being 18 km one way!  On the way to the hut, we ended up taking a path up the middle of the river valley, which made for more river crossings.  I decided to not be ‘kiwi as’ and I took my boots off for every crossing.

Sadly, when we finally arrived at Carrington hut, we found no firewood.  But, with our determination to have a fire, we prevailed in the end and got a fire roaring all night.  We shared the hut with two dentist students from Dunedin.  They told us their story of getting to the hut, which involved fording the river at night, and I’m still baffled by such stupidity.

On the way back, we decided to stick to the right side of the river as much as possible in hopes of fording the river less.  It did help and I did the river crossings ‘kiwi as’ and just got my boots wet.  It is definitely warmer to ford a river with boots and wool socks on.  Some how though, we never saw the Anti-Crow Hut on the way out.


The trees suddenly end and you are left amazed by such expansive beauty.


Nadine and I on our way to Carrington Hut.


The rocks seriously never ended. 


The view from the front porch of the hut.  Carrington Peak is to the right.


We left the hut around 9am on Sunday and the sun still wasn’t in the valley by 10:30am.



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Corbyn 20 Months Old (3)

“I’m cute.” 

C is another month older.

C loves stuffed animals, especially his monkey.  He is very much attached to his monkey and his special sleeping blanket.

C still takes one nap a day around noon.  He has no issues going down for a nap either.

E and C are playing with each other on a daily basis.

C’s skin problems have flared up again.

C can sort of roll his arms for the song “The Wheels on the Bus.”  His persistence at learning how to jump is almost paying off.  Another week or so and I believe he will nail jumping altogether.  He runs really fast too.

Overall, C is a very determined and head strong.  He is a social butterfly and talks a lot.

Here is E’s 20 Month post.


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Ski Trip!

Imagine this:  four people sitting on a chair lift on their way up to their first ski of the day talking about when was the last time they went skiing.  One says a couple of weeks ago, another says 11 years ago, and the third person said 8 years ago.  Then, after a few minutes pass, the more experienced skier says “we should have gotten off the lift already.  I think we are on the wrong lift!”  Can you imagine what the fourth person on the chair lift was thinking?  I imagine him slightly freaking out and wanting to get as much distance between him and the three others who will more than likely leave a trail of havoc as they ski down the mountain.

Jeff here.  Well, this is in fact, just how Amanda and my skiing adventure started off this week!  We probably should have taken the ski lift back down the mountain, but we took our chances and decided to ski down from the top of Mt Hutt, which had no beginner runs.  Don’t worry.  We made it safely down.

A guy at work and I decided that we need another mental health day, which you can read about here, however I told him that I couldn’t have another mental health day without taking Amanda along. So this past Tuesday the weather was amazing and we all headed to Mt Hutt.

Amanda looked quite at ease on skis. On the other hand, I was a little more…unconventional as Mark put it. We both had a lot of fun and it was an amazing day.  The snow was great and you could actually turn unlike the sheet of ice you ski on in North Carolina.

On the chair lift on the way to the top – oops!

We didn’t notice the guy in the stretcher behind Amanda when we took the photo.


Amanda with the beautiful view.

The ski slopes. In the distance you can see the port hills covered in snow.

Amanda struttin’ her stuff on the slopes.

A minion snow maker.

I didn’t fall!  Ok, maybe a I did fall a hand full of times throughout the day.

The snow sheep welcomed us to Mt Hutt Ski Field.


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E: 3.1

E is another month older.  Sorry it is a few days late.

Elijah 3.1 Months Old (17)

E now attends a pre-school a few hours a week.  So far he really enjoys going.  C has issues not being allowed to stay.

E enjoys cleaning the dishes and playing/digging in sand.  He also likes tracing numbers.

E’s interest in the solar system are still strong.  He can completely sing all the planets in order.  He also is aware that there are five dwarf planets and he knows some of their names.  He likes says Makemake, which is one of the dwarf planets.  C, E, and I play “outer space” daily which is where E drives his tractor (moon bike) to my bed (the rocket ship) and we fly to the different planets.  Also, one day E told me Old McDonald has dwarf planets.  But, Old McDonald now also has wheetbix too.





E is wearing his space suit and holding space food. 

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