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Jeff here.

On Tuesday, a guy from work named Mark told me he was going to the mountains on Thursday to climb one of them. I still had a pair of crampons and an ice axe that I’d borrowed for Amanda and my trip to the Lewis Pass so I asked if I could tag along. I took a ‘Mental Heath Day’ and we decided to climb up Foggy Peak and continued onward to Castle Hill Peak. We left Christchurch bright and early at 6:30am, stopped at the Sheffield Pie Shop and started walking up Foggy Peak at about 8am.  As Amanda stated in the previous post, a snow storm hit the Southern Alps late last week and the snow lingered for a while.  There is nothing like a 1000 meter climb and a bit of snow to improved my mental health.

IMG_7345Left – Foggy Peak (1741m) Far Right – Castle Hill Peak (1998m)


Mark on the way up Foggy Peak


Lake Lyndon is frozen over


Made it to Foggy Peak. A couple who went up before us built a snowman and named him Monty.


Castle Hill Peak in the distance


The final climb to Castle Hill Peak.


Made it to the top of Castle Hill Peak by about 12:30.


You can continue onward to ‘the Gap’ but that’ll have to be for another day.


View from the top of Castle Hill Peak. There’s Castle Hill down in the valley. You can see Mt Rolleston way off in the distance.


Back to the car. You can see Mt Hutt and the Rakaia River in the Distance.

We made it back to the car with plenty of time to make it home by 5:30 (the time I was ordered to be back).


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On Saturday, one of our friends graciously babysat our two boys for the day.  Jeff and I went hiking.  This was the first time in over FOUR YEARS that Jeff and I were able to go hiking by ourselves.  I must say, it was quite nice.  Unfortunately(?), a pretty big snow storm blew up the South Island earlier in the week.  The weather wasn’t looking great.  But, guess what?  That didn’t matter because we weren’t toting children up the mountain with us.  We had three different plans in three different areas in hopes of getting the best weather possible.  We went with plan 2, to the Lewis Pass to hike the Lewis Tops Track.  This track has been on my ‘to-do hiking list’ for quite some time.  It’s supposed to offer amazing views, but clouds engulfed us almost the entire time.  Regardless, we had a great time playing in the snow.  We will just have to do the hike again.


Looking down at Cannibal Gorge along the St James Walkway.



A couple-ie.


My mountain man completely ready for ice and snow.


 Mountain woman following her mountain man.



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Sorry for the delay.  Jeff and I started watching Game of Thrones.

This week C became another month older.

Corbyn 18 Months Old (15)

He had a plunked appointment this month.  He now weighs 9.7 kg and is 77 cm long.

His walking has improved and he is now a full-time walker.  Yay, we no longer have to keep buying him new pants.  When he first started walking he would walk with his hands in the air.  His hands then migrated behind him and it looked like a superhero walking around.  Now, when he walks his hands are just like everyone else.  C has picked up speed and is nearly running.  He can walk backwards and twirl around.  C can also walk quite a long distance.

C now has ten teeth.

C takes one nap a day now.  Most days he naps around noon.  But, sometimes, he needs one a bit earlier around 10am or 11am.

C is extremely active and into everything.  He now opens the kitchen cabinet doors.  Also, if E is doing something, C has to do it too.

He will eat anything and everything with the exception of eggs and sandwiches.

Here is E at 18 months old.

Here are some photos from the past month:



The superhero walk.



The boys enjoy washing the vegetables every night.



There is just so much love in this picture!


Excited dancing.


C’s first attempt at taking his shirt off.  After two more tries, he succeeded.


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Last weekend (May 30-June 1), New Zealand celebrated the Queen’s Birthday.  We decided to redo the Wanaka part of last years Queen’s Birthday trip, which you can read about here and here.  Last year we really wanted to walk to the Rob Roy Glacier, but too many things went wrong.  Our desire to walk to the Rob Roy Glacier only became stronger as time passed and we were waiting for the right time to go back down south.  This time our trip was a success!  We rented a bach (a Kiwi holiday home) that was a 2 minute walk from Lake Wanaka in Wanaka and started our road trip bright and early on Saturday morning.  The boys did amazing on the trip down.  Seriously!!  It was the best long drive yet! We normally have to stop at Lake Tekapo for the boys to stretch their legs, but we made it all the way to Twizel without any complaints, where we stopped for lunch.  Following lunch we continued onward to Wanaka.  It was a lovely drive because earlier in the week it snowed and all the mountains past Lake Tekapo were covered in snow.  We arrived in Wanaka by 2pm and the boys enjoyed running around the bach.


The Lindis Pass covered in snow.


Lake Wanaka

The weather was looking good for our hike on Sunday.  The hike was about an hour drive from Wanaka down a road that I would call the most kiwi-experience-road you could have in New Zealand.  There were ungated cows and sheep everywhere.  The views were fantastic with snow-capped mountains and waterfalls.  There were also 9 minor streams to ford in the car.


The great views on the road to the start of the Rob Roy Glacier Track.  The road even looks cold.


This cow was extremely stubborn and determined to not move.  We eventually prevailed.


Sheep running past our car.  E absolutely loved seeing all the sheep and cows.

The hike started in a valley (which in the winter time gets no sunshine).  It was cold.  I normally don’t hike with my winter coat, but I never took it off.  The hike crossed a bridged river and it was a gradual climb to the Rob Roy Glacier.  E did great walking for the first 1.5 hours and was carried by Jeff for the remainder of the hike.  We ate our lunch at the first viewing point of the Rob Roy Glacier, which is sort of wimpy especially compared to the upper viewing point.  The mouse-covered upper viewing point gives 360 degree views of the valley and the glacier.


E and I at the beginning of the track.


Like I said, it was cold!  E enjoyed throwing rocks into the various icy puddles.


A family shot near the upper viewing point.  C wasn’t happy because he wanted to walk.  We are tackling new hiking challenges now that C wants to walk everywhere.


The Rob Roy Glacier.


C was very pleased to be able to walk around at the upper viewing point.  He liked seeing all the mice too.


I love this family photo.  Plus, everyone is looking at the camera!


Our trip was successful this time for various reasons.  First, Jeff and I are more prepared for winter hiking with babies.  We have found that you really can’t over dress a baby who is being carried.  C was wearing 7 layers on top and 4 pairs of pants…just to give you an idea of how much they have to wear.  Second, no one was sick.  Third, the weather was great! Cold, but great!

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