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After three years of living in Christchurch, we finally took a ride on the Gondola to the top of the Port Hills.  We met our friends Bradley and Rachel at the top for a quick catch up.  Normally, we just hike up there, but it is nice to take it easy every now and again.  Jeff and I bought annual passes for the city’s tram and the gondola, so we get unlimited rides for a year so there will be lots of opportunity to ‘take it easy.’  The views are really great from the top as you really get to see everything – the ocean, the Alps in the distance, Christchurch, Lyttelton, the entire Banks Peninsula, and of course, the Port Hills.



The boys checking out the views.




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A couple of weeks ago we hiked the Scotts Saddle Track located on Mount Hutt.  It isn’t much to talk about as we couldn’t see much due to a heavy fog that engulfed us.  I’m sure the track offers great views on a clear day.  Regardless of how much, or in this case how little, I have to say about this outing, I had to share a photo of the boys bundled up.


Talk about a bundle of cuteness!


E enjoyed running around with the blanket wrapped around him.  He probably thought he was a super hero.


The fog and mist surrounded us covering up the beautiful landscape.


The lower the elevation the less fog and mist.

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Today, E is another month older.  Only three more months till he is three!

Elijah 33 Months Old (5)

E enjoys playing hide and seek where he will hide himself (mostly just his face) and wants me to find him.  He keeps saying “where E gone?”  He also likes to play “E-Monster Stomp” where we sing the “Monster-Stomp” Song and stomp down the hallway.

Music has become a big hit all of a sudden.  E requests to listen and to make music daily.  He also asks “what was that noise?” often, he’s usually referring to a fart.

One day while walking around the city, we heard a digger making noise, so now we do the “digger dance.”

E’s recent rough behavioral patch has finally ended.

E enjoys going swimming, again!!!

E’s first complete sentence was “I have a knife in my hand” referring to his toy knife from the toy kitchen.

Some funny things E has said over the past month:

“My poo looks like robot.”

When Jeff asked E if he wanted Grandpa to visit us again, E enthusiastic response was “bring cat!”

Also, while Jeff was talking to his dad via Skype, E was being very loud, and I asked him to keep it down because “daddy was on the phone with Grandpa.”  E proceeded to tell me that “daddy not on phone.  He on tablet.”


Shaking hands.


Yes, he picked everything he is wearing.


The sheep is driving.







E created a train station and started driving trains through it!



“Where E gone?”


E gets a nap when he asks for one, which tends to be most days.


Doing the ‘digger dance.’


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Corbyn 15 Months Old (23)

15 Months Old on March 14, 2015

C is another month older.  He is just a joy to be around.  He loves giving kisses to us and pretty much anything.

Words C can say are: up, jump, dee dee ( for ‘tree’ and he has said this since seeing Christmas trees at Christmas), bus, car, dump (for dump truck), spoon, ball, food, stuck, hat, bath, water, hi, book, bird, daddy, eat, ball, duck, poo, digger…I’m sure there are more.  C is great at using his words.  He also makes excellent car noises and roars really well when he plays with dinosaurs.

C finds puppets very amusing.  He throws balls really well.  He enjoys sitting in chairs and wearing hats…or anything that will fit on his head.

C can now shake his head up and down for ‘yes.’

C can now climb up on the blue couch without assistance.  Since C has gone on a climbing spree lately, he has nailed getting down with his feet first.  Speaking of feet, C really enjoys wearing shoes.  He will even stick his foot out for me to put his shoes on him.  He will get his shoes when asked too.  C is an excellent listener.  When I ask him to come to me, he does!

So far, he enjoys all food with the exception of eggs, lunch meat, PB&J, and other sandwiches.  C is no longer breastfeeding.

He is a bit obsessed with the book Where is the Green Sheep?

C still takes two naps a day at 8:30am and 12:30pm.  At night, he tends to wake only once now.

Crawling is C’s main form of transportation. He can stand completely on his own when he chooses to.

C has 4 teeth.

Here is E’s 15 Month old post.

Here are some photos of C over the last month:













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Today, marks our third year living in New Zealand!  It definitely feels like yesterday when Jeff and I made the big decision to move to a completely new country while also being pregnant.  The year consisted of lots of adventures!  Here is a monthly recap of our year:

March 2014:

We only did one day hike this month to the Sign of the Packhorse.  But, we also did our first overnight hike with the boys along the Miners Track sleeping at the Woolshed Creek Hut.  I also took the boys to the Christchurch Science Fest.


April 2014:

We started the month taking a weekend trip to Wellington, the capital of New Zealand.  It was an amazing weekend and the weather was perfect!  We explored Te Papa, Weta Workshop, the Central Business District (CBD) along with the waterfront.  Then the Royal family went on a tour of New Zealand and Australia.  One of their stops was Christchurch.  So I tugged the boys along on a cold and windy day to stand outside for a couple of hours to see Price William and his wife, Kate.

We were blessed with a visit from Doug, Jeff’s Dad, this month.  For Easter we traveled to Cairns and Port Douglas, Australia.  While in Australia, we explored Paronella Park, Kuranda via the skyrail, Mossman Gorge and Cape of Tribulation in the Daintree Rainforest, Hartley’s Crocodile Adventures, the Fig Trees and the Crater Lakes.  We also went snorkeling in the Great Barrier Reef.



May 2014:

We unfortunately, we had to say goodbye to Doug this month, but before he returned home, we traveled to Kaikoura to see the baby seals.

After Jeff’s Dad left, we also did a small day walk to Barnett Park Cave in Sumner with friends.


June 2014:

We started off June celebrating the Queen’s Birthday with a weekend trip to Queenstown.  Pretty much everything went to custard on that trip, but we were still able to see some amazing countryside regardless.  We did manage to hiked Mount Iron in Wanaka though.

C was dedicated at Oxford Terrace.

At the end of the month, we celebrated E’s second birthday!


July 2014:

July was the month of numerous dates!!  Jeff and I tagged along with his work’s social outing to a Rugby Crusader’s game one evening.  We then attended his work’s Mid-Winter Ball.  Plus, Jeff and I both celebrated our birthdays with desserts and burgers.  We closed out the month walking the Temple Basin Track located in Arthur’s Pass.


August 2014:

E had his first haircut this month.  He didn’t like it.  Then, E also fractured his wrist tripping over a badminton racquet.  Jeff went Tahr hunting with a friend over two different weekends.  We did three day hikes on the Rapaki Track, Peak Hill Track, and the Coach Stream Track to Trig M.


September 2014:

E became potty trained.  We hiked the Bridle Path Track located in the Porthills.  Then, for our wedding anniversary Jeff and I went on a lunch date and punted down the Avon River here in Christchurch.  At the end of September we attended Icefest where we learned about New Zealand’s (and some of America’s) role in Antratica and we watched huskies pull the tram through the city.



We seemed to do heaps this month.   We kicked off October attending Oxford Terrace’s Church Camp in Glenroy.

We decided to hike the Packhorse Hut Track again and also took a day trip to Castle Hill in the Southern Alps.

Christchurch Hertigage Week started mid October where we were able to take a free ride on the tram and a caterpillar ride through the Bontical Gardens in Hagley Park.

Labor day weekend falls in October here in New Zealand.  So Jeff took advantage of the three days and hiked the Routeburn Track, one of New Zealand’s Great Walks.  For Halloween, Elijah dressed like Woody from Toy Story and Corbyn dressed up like a Hobbit.



November was another packed month.  We walked the Oitra Valley and Bealey Valley Tracks located in Arthur’s Pass National Park.

My brother, Joseph, returned from his year in Antarctica and visited us on his way out.  He requested to see green, which I don’t blame him, so we hiked the Nydia Track in the Marlborough Sound.  Then, before Joseph left, my other brother Justin visited.  I, along with E and C, took Justin on a road trip down south.  We did a loop starting in Christchurch then headed south to Mount Cook, Queenstown, the Milford Sound, and then retraced our steps back to Christchurch.

We closed off the month celebrating American Thanksgiving with our friends Bradley, Rachel, Shawn, and Keith.




A giraffe art display came to Christchurch.  Giraffes were everywhere.  The boys and I went on numerous walks to see the giraffes.  E called it ‘giraffe hunting.’

We celebrated C’s first birthday with cupcakes and a tram ride through the city.

Mid December we flew to Fiji for a couple of days to enjoy some hot weather before continuing our trip to North Carolina.  We were able to spend Christmas with the majority of our families, which was nice.



We rang in the New Years shooting off fireworks with Jeff’s dad, Doug, along with watching football.  Upon our return from America, we did two day hikes on the Godley Head Track and the Bealey Spur Track (after everyone recovered from various illnesses).


IMG_0124 (2)


The first weekend in February, New Zealand celebrated Waitangi Day.  We took advantage of the three-day weekend and headed to Mount Cook where we did some car camping with our friends Shawna and Keith.  That weekend was so nice.  Plus, the weather was perfect!  We moved into a heritage listed house.  Jeff and I attended the Cricket World Cup Opening Ceremony.  We took the boys to see Elmo and Cookie Monster and to see a Peter Pan play.  Then, to cap it all off, I had all four of my wisdom teeth removed.



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2 Dreams Achieved

Ever since I could remember, I’ve always wanted a house with a bay window.  My dream has FINALLY become a reality!!!  A couple of weekends ago, our family moved into a heritage listed house, which has also been another one of my dreams.  The house has been fully redesigned and modernized, while keeping its historic integrity.  I just love the mixture of modern conveniences and traditional architectural features.



The boys waving ‘goodbye’ to Jeff at the bay window.



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We’ve been pretty busy over the last few weeks.  A couple of weekends ago, we tagged along with some friends to see the Peter Pan play at the Riccarton Bush.  It was an extremely good play.  Jeff and I thoroughly enjoyed it.


Wendy playing a game with the Lost Boys.


Timid E surprisingly wanted a photo with Peter Pan and Wendy.

Then on Friday, Elmo and Cookie Monster visited a few of the malls throughout Christchurch to kick off Elmo’s World Tour.  So of course, we took the boys. E is really into Big Bird at the moment and has an Elmo train, which is a hit, so we thought it would be a great idea to bring the toys alive.  I, unfortunately, had all my wisdom teeth removed on the same Friday, three hours before hand so I could barely talk or feel any part of my mouth, which is why I look awful.


Jeff and I think E enjoyed meeting Cookie Monster and Elmo.  He smiled at them and waved when we approached them.  E is shy though.  Afterwards, he said he enjoyed it.

Throughout the week, we frequently visit Imagination Station located within the Central City in Cathedral Junction.  It’s free for everyone and they have different areas cordoned off with different sized Legos.  It’s every kid’s (and adult’s, I might add) dream come true to play with every Lego bit you ever wanted.



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