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On Saturday, February 14th, C turned 14 months old.  (Sorry for the delay, we were internet-less).

Corbyn 14 Months Old (5)

C ready for bed.

At 14 months old, C is really into books.  He will crawl with a book in his hand to me to read.  His favorite books are The Little Yellow Digger, Little Blue Truck, and Llama Llama Misses Mama.

C is still crawling and really has no interest in walking.  Every now and then he will just stand all be himself.

C now uses a spoon to eat.

C only has breast milk once a day right before bedtime.

We finally got C’s eczema under control using Aveeno Baby Eczema Therapy Moisturizing Cream. Too bad this stuff isn’t sold here in New Zealand!

He can now say the words eat, food, daddy, spoon, bus, bird, and stuck.

C is a climber.  I took E to the bathroom for two minutes and I came back and C had climbed on top of the dinning room table!!!

Here is E’s 14 Month Old photo. And here are some photos of C over the last month:












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Yesterday evening Jeff and I attended the Cricket World Cup Opening Ceremony held here in Christchurch.  It was a lot of fun and we were so happy when we were able to get a babysitter for the evening.

The festivities kicked off at 6:30pm with a few ‘backyard style’ pitches for the kids to play cricket along with performers such as Irish folk dancing, Bollywood dancing, etc.  We migrated from event to event waiting for the Opening Ceremony to start at 8:30pm.

The event was quite exciting regardless of the fact that I know absolutely nothing about the game of cricket.  My ignorance probably (hopefully) won’t last past the next 6 weeks of the World Cup.  The opening ceremony included performers representing the different countries that are playing in the Cricket World Cup, such as Irish folk dancing, a traditional Sri Lankan dance, a bagpiper, etc.  Plus, Richie McCaw was involved….wait a minute, this isn’t rugby!!!!


The stage for the Opening Ceremony.  I mentioned to Jeff that it looked like a marae, the greeting houses the Maori have.  My suspensions were proven correct during the flag ceremony.


Hardcore fans???  No, these guys were actually protesting something and handed out poorly written pamphlets that lacked any information on what they were protesting.


“Spicy as” says the sign behind the Bollywood dancers.  This was at one of the kid pitches.


Jeff and I definitely are not dressed for “traditional as” cricket.


A ‘couplie’ at the ceremony.  Man, we look majorly tired.  Oh wait, we are.


It’s the marae.  Here comes the Maori performance.


The flag ceremony.  Our friend, Bradley, was holding the Australian flag.  He is the one wearing a yellow shirt towards the front of the stage.

The evening concluded with a massive fireworks display.

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Beautiful Mount Cook

Friday was Waitangi Day, the day kiwis celebrate the signing of the Waitangi Treaty between the British and the Maori, here in New Zealand.  For us, it was a three day weekend!  The weather was looking great in Mount Cook, so we ventured there with our friends Shawna and Keith for some car-camping and hiking.  The last three times I’ve ventured to the Mount Cook area, the weather was horrible leaving Mount Cook unseen.  So it was a relief to actually be able to see the tallest mountain in New Zealand.


A gorgeous lavender farm took over a huge field on the road to Mount Cook.


Mount Cook as we drove into the National Park.  First time I’ve seen it in 2 years!

We had the prefect weather – sunny and very little (to no) wind – every day. Although, it was rather cold at night and in the morning.


Wait a second?  What season is it again?  We woke up to frost on our car windows.


Bundled-up C playing ball in the tent.

On Friday, we set up camp at the DOC campsite and hiked the quick and easy Tasman Glacier Track.


The 7 of us with the Tasman Glacier.


‘AHHHH!’  I can’t remember why he had this expression.

On Saturday, we walked the extremely easy Hooker Valley Track.  This track offered gorgeous views of Mount Cook.


There are three giant swing bridges along the Hooker Valley Track.  This is the first one overlooking the Muller Lake.



E enjoyed walking on the bridges.  He had a rock ready at each bridge to throw into the rushing rapids below.  He also randomly started adding “ie” to the end of every word.  Instead of ‘rock,’ it’s now ‘rockie.’


First sighting of Mount Cook from the track.  The mountain was covered in a light hazy cloud.


Notice something peculiar?  The waterfall randomly ends!


Mount Cook with the glacier filled Hooker Lake.


E, of course, enjoyed throwing rocks into the water.


Brave Jeff wanted to see how long he could withstand the icy-cold water.


E wanted to give it a try.  Even though you can’t see his entire face, his mouth definitely gives away just how cold the water actually was.


Can’t forget C now.  He walked this far and started crying.


Family shot.  C is upset because his ‘rock throwing into the water game’ was interrupted.

Our plan for Sunday was to hike the Sealey Tarns Track and then head back to Christchurch, but I wasn’t feel well with a horrible stomach ache, so we just packed up and headed back home.  It was a great weekend at Mount Cook.

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