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Elijah 31 Months Old (5)

E is another month older.  He is going through another difficult stage.

He loves to play with water, but not be in it.

He enjoys the Octonauts.

Every day E requests a “jelly butter” sandwich, more commonly known as peanut butter and jelly, for lunch.

He can jump off and over things (separately, not back to back).

He finds drinking water from a straw fun.  Here are some photos from this past month:





IMG_0993 (2)



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The weather has been absolutely beautiful the last few weekends.  So what does that mean for us?  Hiking, of course!  So the last two weekends we re-hiked the Godly Head Track and the Bealey Spur Track.  We previously hiked these two tracks while I was either pregnant or recovering from labor and I remember thinking these hikes were extremely difficult then.

Often times I blame myself for us not doing more when I was pregnant and a couple of months past the boy’s births.  But, in reality, I couldn’t do more and what I did do was extremely difficult for me.  It amazes me how easy it is to forget how hard pregnancy is on me.  Hiking these two hikes reminded me to not be so hard on myself.

Here are some photos:

Godley Head Track


Whatever these flowers are, they are gorgeous.  They litter the majority of the Godley Head Track.


While on a lunch break, the boys explored the remains of the WWII bunkers.


Looking back on the Godley Head Track.

Bealey Spur Track


The views of the Waimakariri River are stunning along the Bealey Spur Track.




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On January 14, C became a 13 month old.  He also had hand, foot, and mouth disease, hence the spots on his face.

At 13 months, C is a full-time crawler.  No more army crawls for him.

C will now use his feet to move when we support him standing.  He currently finds it funny, moving his feet enthusiastically. Walking should be in the near future.

C has discovered how to climb on things like the toy containers.

One of C’s favorite things to do is drive toy cars around.

If Irish folk music is playing, C instantly starts dancing. And no, he doesn’t dance to any other music.

He can roll his eyes to the right. He always has a cheeky grin on his face while he rolls his eyes.

C thrives on being the center of attention.

Corbyn 13 Months Old (3)

Here is E’s 13 Month Old post.

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The rest of our trip was spent hanging out with Jeff’s Dad, Doug.  Here is some of what we did:


The boys spent at least 75% of their day chasing poor Tiger.  Secretly, I think Tiger really enjoyed all the attention.


We all traveled to South Carolina for the Ray Family Christmas Party.  Here are Jeff’s dad’s brothers and sisters.  Doug bought the boys a children’s tablet for Christmas and E thoroughly enjoyed it that day when he spent 6 hours in the car.


Unfortunately, we all became sick.  Later, Doug caught the bug too.


My amazing friend, Sarah, was driving through Asheville and decided to stop by for a visit.  I definitely miss her very much.

IMG_0036 (3)

We also caught up with Rosemary and Hannah.  Plus, we finally met Hannah’s boyfriend, Patrick.

IMG_0042 (2)

Now that is a burger.  Enough said.


Philly Cheese Steak sandwiches were consumed on numerous occasions.


Lots of football was viewed by Jeff and Doug on this couch.  Jeff and Doug were very excited that the Panthers made it past the first round of the playoffs.

IMG_0054 (2)

Of course with children, you spend a lot of time playing.  Here, E turned my legs into a slide.

 IMG_0075 (2)

The boys driving their cars on the ‘mommy road.’

IMG_9921 (2)

E was attacked by giant bears.  On a random note, we almost hit a bear running across the street with our car.

IMG_9982 (2)

When the boys started feeling better we found a couple of indoor playgrounds for them to release some of their energy.  C absolutely enjoys going down slides.


Wild turkey roam through Doug’s front yard nearly every day we were there.  The boys were amazed.

IMG_0102 (2)

E hanging out with Doug…while watching football.

IMG_0137 (2)

A precious moment between Doug and C. 

IMG_0124 (2)

And I’ll leave ya with our family photo.

Unfortunately, most things didn’t go according to plan on our return trip (delayed flights, no bassinet, more sickness…), but we made it safely back and that’s what matters.

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On December 29th, E became another month older and is now a 2.5 year old.

Biting, pulling, chewing, swallowing, and repeat in regards to food is FINALLY clicking with E.  Shoving all his food into his mouth all at once is starting to reduce.

Colors are starting to click as well.

E is speaking in complete sentences majority of the time.  His words are becoming clearer and people other than myself and Jeff can understand him (sometimes).

E still takes one nap during the day.

E is copying everything we do.  A great example of this was when Jeff, E, C, and I were checking out wool socks in REI.  I found toddler size ones, picked them up, walked two feet to the end of the aisle, lifted up the socks towards Jeff, and said to him “Look, babe,” stepped two feet back and hung up the socks.  As I stepped back to hang up the socks, E proceed to grab a pair of socks, walked two feet to the end of the aisle, held up the pair, yelled “Look, Babe” to Jeff, walked back and hung up the socks.  Jeff and I were both completely amazed and busted out laughing.

Elijah 30 Months Old (14)

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After departing Fiji, we continued our travels to the state of North Carolina.  We weren’t able to do everything we desired and spent the majority of the time sick, but it was lovely spending Christmas with family.  Our trip was split in half between our two families, but for the sake of simplicity here is one post on visiting with my family .  Here are some photos:


Flying towards the ceiling with Uncle Edford was a hit.


C, on the other hand, just enjoyed sitting on Uncle Edford’s head.


A good majority of the stores we visited had children shopping trolleys.  Here, the boys are in a Lowe’s racecar seeing where Grandpa works.


Here E is ‘helping’ C open his Christmas gift.  The boys were spoiled by their Grandparents for Christmas this year.  E received a beautiful hand-made quilt from my mom (Nana), the Octopod Headquarters, a train set, dinosaurs, and so on.  C received a train, some cars, a car garage thing, and some dinosaurs.  I know there was more, but I really can’t remember.  Jeff and I bought the boys an Octonaut book to share for Christmas, which was a huge hit.


E was thrilled about the Octopod Headquarters.


“Totally touched your camera lens, Uncle Joe” Corbyn says with glee.


Corks make great teething toys.


Of course, here is our family photo.


My entire side of the family gathered together on Christmas eve.  This was the first time in years that we were all together for the holidays.


C playing with his Great-Grandma (Gigi).

IMG_0190 (2)

This picture of E with his Great-Grandparents makes me smile.

IMG_0222 (2)

Nana treated the boys to a merry-go-round ride at the mall. 


C discovered what was different about Grandpa’s face – his beard.


E and C with Nana and Grandpa. 

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