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C: 41 Weeks Old

Corbyn 41 Weeks Old (7)

“My precious.”

C now lifts himself into my lap when I am sitting on the floor.

Here is E’s 41 Week Photo.


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Five years ago today, Jeff and I were married!  It’s been an amazing five years!

In honor of our five year anniversary, we went punting on the Avon River, here in Christchurch.  We first enjoyed an amazing lunch at Pegasus Arms.  Jeff ordered the roasted lamb and veggies while I had the burger, which was the best burger I’ve had in New Zealand so far.

Punting down the Avon was very relaxing and something Jeff and I normally wouldn’t do.  The ride took us into Hagley Park, Christchurch’s botanical gardens, and into the heart of the daffodil field.  According to our punter the Avon River in Christchurch isn’t named after the Avon River in England.  The river is actually named after the Avon River in Scotland, which is where our ‘punter’ he was born.

I realized last night that we have lived in New Zealand longer married than we did in the States!  That’s just crazy to think about – at least to me.

We had an amazing time without our boys.  Although, I do feel bad for our babysitter because C was not happy that we left him.

Here are some photos:


The botanical garden’s curator’s house.


Just along the river.  The other people in our boat were visiting from Queensland, Australia.


I had absolutely no idea that a sequoia tree lived in Hagley Park.  It was a bit fitting to see a sequoia tree since one of the places Jeff and I visited on our honeymoon was Sequoia National Park in California where we saw the largest tree in the world, the General Sherman.


Punting past the field of daffodils.




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We were so unprepared for good weather on Saturday because the Met Service (New Zealand’s meteorologists) were calling for rain on Saturday all week long.  The Met Service changed their mind about Saturday’s weather on Friday.  But, due to having friends over late on Friday evening, we just decided to go to bed instead of planning a hike.  The weather was actually perfect on Saturday and since we had to take toys back to the toy library we did a really short hike in the Port Hills.  We hiked the Bridle Path leading up to the Summit Road (which has been closed since the earthquakes) and then the path continues onward to Lyttelton.  It was a pretty easy hike with steep inclines.  E walked 95% of the way up and had to be carried down because he kept slipping and falling.

The Bridle Path was the main route from Christchurch to Lyttelton beginning in 1850 since Sumner Road was still uncompleted.  The path was quickly surveyed and constructed just in time for the first European settlers to arrive in the Lyttelton harbor.  The path was updated for horse usage in 1851.  Later, due to the difficulties of accessing Lyttelton, the construction of the Lyttelton Railway Tunnel started in 1861 and opened in December of 1867.



Jeff and E walking up the track.


E picked me a flower, handed it to me, and told me he loved me.  Talk about heart-melting!  Jeff is teaching him good things!


Then I picked a flower and put it behind E’s ear.


View of The Tors and Castle Rock.


C and I with Castle Rock and the Heathcote Valley as the backdrop.


Getting E to find the next ‘hole’ (aka a sluice drain) to throw a rock into was great motivation to keep him walking.


The view of Lyttelton from the top.


Before heading back down, we stopped on top to eat lunch. E and C waited very patiently for their food.

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C can now get into a sitting position from laying on the floor.

When C is held he bounces in your arms.

C likes to point at things.

Here is E’s 40 Week photo. Corbyn 40 Weeks Old (22)

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Potty Training

About two weeks ago, Jeff and I started potty training E.  The timing was prefect in regards to the weekend weather.  It’s been raining the last few Saturdays with the exception of today, so we didn’t feel too bad missing out on hiking since it wouldn’t have worked anyways with the rain!  C also decided to get really sick on day two of potty training, but we persevered.

We read and followed the advice from the 3 Day Potty Training book by Lora Jensen.  Her advice works really well, especially during the day.  After 4 days, E could tell us when he needed to use the potty.  E had some issues when it came to pooing in the potty at first.  So we made a sticker chart and when every square had a sticker in it, he was rewarded with a new train.  During the second week after we started, E caught a stomach bug, which included diarrhea.  Needless to say after a week of having diarrhea plus the sticker chart, pooing is no longer an issue.  He has gotten a lot of practice.

When it came to following the night time advice, which was if your child is still waking up wet to wake your child up an hour after bed and an hour before they wake up to pee, E just cried when we woke him up and didn’t pee.  Also, we tried leaving him alone for the entire night, but he would pee and just sleep the rest of the night laying in it.  So we gave up on that after a week and a half.  At night time, E wears pull ups, but we still call them ‘big boy undies.’  E is very proud to wear ‘big boy undies.’

One problem now that E is wearing ‘big boy undies’ is that none of his pants fit him anymore!


The clean big boy undies were hung by the heatpump with care, with hopes the rain would travel elsewhere.  (One of the days of potty training, it was raining, and hanging up the undies on the heatpump dried them in 15 minutes!)


E’s Poo Chart and his new train.  He now gets a chip every time he poos in the potty.  It’s all about finding out what motivates him. 


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Corbyn 9 Months Old (25)

As of yesterday C is now 9 months old!

At 9 Months old C rocks back and forth to music and when I sing ‘Row, Row, Row, Your Boat.’  He still does the commando (army) crawl.  He can get up on his knees and rocks a bit though.  C plays peek-a-boo all on his own with towels and blankets.  He isn’t pulling up on things yet.  He smiles and giggles at everyone pretty much all the time.  He enjoys splashing water with his hands during bath time, much to E’s dismay.  C gets a kick out of the water hitting his face.  C is also a bit of a chatter box.  I love listening to his baby-talk.

C enjoys chasing balls around the apartment, knocking structures down, and chewing on anything and everything (even shoes – yuck!).  He is a very independent baby in regards to playing by himself.  But, with that said, he is an extrovert.

C is much smaller than E was at this age in both weight and length.  C is currently wearing some 3-6 month clothes,  6-9 month clothes, and 9 month clothes.

C nurses about every 3.5 to 4 hours during the day.  When I ask him if he wants milk, he starts whimpering.  His last milk feed at night was dropped this past month!  He also has three meals a day and one snack. C loves food and hasn’t rejected any one type of food given to him.  He can now pick up small pieces of food like peas, corn, and raisins.

Sleep has greatly improved over the last month for various reasons.  C now takes two naps a day from 8:30am-10:30am and from 1pm-2pm (sometimes this nap is from 2-3pm).  At night, he is waking up between zero and two times!!  When C sleeps he likes to hid his eyes any way possible.  He uses his hands, a blanket, or his stuffed monkey.  He also prefers to sleep on his belly.  The curtains must also be closed while he sleeps.

No teeth yet.

Separation anxiety has started.  If I leave the room, C cries.  He also doesn’t like it when someone else holds him when he can still see me or Jeff.

Here is E’s 9 Month Old photo.

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Wow!  C is now 39 weeks old.  That’s how long he was in my belly!  I still find it strange to think about.

C has been feeling much better this week.  Unfortunately whatever he had, he passed onto me and E.

Here is E’s 39 Week Old photo.

Corbyn 39 Weeks Old (13)

Waving hello.  Saturday September 13, 2014


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