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At 26 months of age, E knows all the letters of the alphabet.  He repeats all of the letters after me when I slowly sing the ABCs.  He has trouble properly pronouncing the letters l, m, n, s, and w.

He also knows his numbers from one to ten, but he can only count on his own to five!

I’ve been working on shapes with E and he knows square, circle, star, hexagon, and heart.

His first three word phrase is ‘three blind mice’ and he says it with pride.  He can also say gesundheit – the German phrase for bless you.  E is a bit of a parrot at the moment.  He will copy what you say all day long.  He can say “I love you,” which is very heart-warming!

Ever since a cast was put onto E’s right hand, nap time has been a challenge.  The reason is because he can no longer suck his thumb.  It’s funny, I remember people telling me to use a pacifier (dummy) because you can take that away and you can’t take a thumb away.  Well, the cast took his thumb away!  E is definitely right handed.  There have been many tantrums since the cast has been put on due to his inability to adapt quickly to using his left hand for everything.  Lets just say that I’m ready for the cast to be taken off!

He is really into dinosaurs now.  Two of his favorite shirts have dinosaurs on them.  He’s been really unhappy that the shirts don’t fit over the cast so he has to wait until September 9th to wear them again (that’s when he gets the cast taken off).

Today, his twelfth tooth starting cutting through on the bottom left.

Elijah 26 Months Old

Happy Boy!



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On Saturday, Jeff, E, C, and I hiked the Peak Hill Track located on the shore of Lake Coleridge.  We invited our Canadian friends, Shawna and Keith, to tag along with us.  The track was all uphill and covered in tussock.  The hardest part of the track was all the mud and ice.  Lets just say there was lots of slipping and some falling (mostly me).  Once on top, the stand-alone mountain, gives very impressive views of Lake Coleridge and the surrounding Rakaia River valley area.  It was breathtaking.  I definitely recommend this hike on a clear, windless day.  E and C did absolutely amazing on both the hike and the drive.  There was no crying or complaining whatsoever!!!!

The mountain stands at 1240 meters and we did about 650 meters of elevation change.


Peak Hill


C was enjoying the views.


Here comes E.  As usual, he is shoving food into his mouth.


It’s very rare that both boys are sitting still long enough for me to take their photo together.


The views from the top – part of Lake Coleridge.


I think the mounds are cute.


The rest of Lake Coleridge.


The views just keep coming!


Heel-click with Mount Hutt in the background


You can see Christchurch covered in cloud in the distance.


Group shot.


As always, a family photo.


E stacked up ALL these rocks into this pile all by himself.  Well, maybe he just added to it.  E enjoys putting objects into holes and he kept himself occupied by putting little rocks in between the big stones. 


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On Monday, this past week, I took C to a specialist.  He has a bad case of eczema.

Here is E at 36 Weeks Old.

Corbyn 36 Weeks Old (9)

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Fractured Wrist

On Monday morning, E tripped and fell on a badminton racquet.  He cried for about 2 hours and then I decided he should go to the doctors.  Once at the doctor’s office, E acted fine with the exception of cradling his right arm.  The doctor checked his arm out and thought he pulled a ligament, but gave me some medicine for E and a referral to get an x-ray if he wasn’t better in an hour or so.  In two-ish hours (after nap), E seemed fine except he was still cradling his arm.  So I proceeded to take C to his doctor’s appointment about his skin.

On Tuesday morning, E was fine until he fell on his arm again.  He again cried for another two-ish hours and even fell asleep in my arms (talk about precious!).  That afternoon when I touched E’s wrist he winced and I decided right then and there to get an x-ray.  I put E in the pram and C in the backpack and we all walked to the after-hours clinic.  By the way, Jeff offered numerous times to come home from work to give us a ride since he had the car on Tuesday to get the WOF (New Zealand’s safety inspection).

E cried the entire time when he was getting his hand/arm x-rayed because he wanted to cuddle me and couldn’t.  I had to wait outside the room with C.  I stood in the door frame praising him though.   The nurse did an excellent job.  E was impressed with the pictures of his bones though.  The x-rays revealed a greenstick fractured wrist.  Then when the nurse tried to get him to stand on the scale to weigh him she tried to bribe him with a lollypop and failed.  She was very confused why it didn’t work until I told her that E doesn’t know what those are and she was completely amazed.  She said this was the first two year old she came across that didn’t know what a lollie was.  Oh, and E now weighs 12.9kg.  E also wasn’t thrilled about getting the cast put on his arm, mostly because he wanted his shirt back on.  I think he was cold.


E was a happier boy when we got home.


Only two shirts fit over his cast, so that’s going to be interesting.


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C has been really whiney this week.  Not really sure why though.  I think it’s very interesting that E, at the same week, was also very whiney.   Hmmm.

Corbyn 35 Weeks Old (29)

Here is E’s 35 Week Old Photo.

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At 8 Months Old, C is a full-time sitter.  He does the army crawl and rolls around to get where he wants to go.  He can also lift his belly off the floor while locking his legs.

C normally takes 3 naps a day.  Sometimes it’s only 2 naps.  The length of his naps average to about an hour in length each.  At night, C wakes about 10 times and still feeds at 11pm-ish, hopefully though, not for much longer.

C nurses every 3.5 to 4 hours during the day.  He is also up to three  solid meals a day.  He will eat anything and everything given to him.  He especially enjoys his oatmeal, avocado, and baked veggies like kumara (NZ’s sweet potato), pumpkin, potatoes, yams, and parsnip.

His skin has improved with medicine from the doctor, but every time the course of the medicine is finished, his skin flares up again.

Overall, C is a very happy boy, full of smiles.  He is in awe of his brother, E.  He finds it hilarious when E runs down the hall towards him, when he jumps, and when he cries.

Here is E at 8 Months Old.

Corbyn 8 Months Old (3)

C is so tired in this photo!

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See this picture?  Well, I took it this morning.  The outside temperature was -4 degrees Celsius outside!  That’s 24.8 degrees Fahrenheit!  Now that’s cold!  Do you see the FOUR windows open (the downstairs one is hard to tell)?  Opening windows regardless of the temperature is a big thing in New Zealand.  This is our third winter in New Zealand and throughout every single one, we have witnessed countless open windows.  We first thought it was extremely strange, and honestly, we still do, but now we just accept that this is just what kiwis do.  Sadly, in the majority of homes, the outside temperature is warmer than the inside temperature.  Mostly, there is just something about that fresh air that the kiwis love.  Plus, you need to get the moisture out of your house (even though it’s REALLY humid here in the winter time).  So you just open your windows.  I would rather just wipe my windows every morning, so I do.  Trust me, I’m all for blending into and experiencing new cultures, but opening my windows when it’s -4 degrees Celsius outside isn’t for me.

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