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I’ve decided to keep doing a monthly photo update of E mostly because I’m afraid I will forget to take his photo every 6 months.

E has heaps of words.  So many that I can’t even remember half of them.  But, E can now say his name, as well as C. When he says C it sounds like “Cor-Cor”.  He is now saying a lot of two-word phrases.

He has re-entered his hitting phase, but we are working on the emotions behind the hitting.

E can kick a ball very well. He and Jeff play out on the deck and he’s getting much better.

When he helps me with the laundry, he will tell me which article of clothing belongs to which person (Mommy, Daddy, C, and E).

25 Months Old (4)



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Mid Winter Ball

On Saturday, July 19th, Jeff’s work held their annual Mid-Winter Ball in the gym at St. Margret’s College.  The venue wasn’t the greatest and the choice of a gym made me think it was a high school prom, but it was still lots of fun.  The theme for the night was the Oscars.  We were told to dress as if you were attending the Oscars or as a character from a movie.  There was a good mixture of costumes ranging from very fancy to hobbits, Braveheart, etc.  Jeff and I just decided to dress nice since we hardly get the opportunity to do that anymore.  The evening was great – no call from the babysitters, Caitlin and Kylie, getting to hang out with our friends Amie and Mitchell, having a catch up with Jodi, my midwife, and dancing.  Plus, we stayed out until 11:30pm!  Jeff and I haven’t done that since the last Mid-Winter Ball two years ago when E was only 2 weeks old.


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Over the last two weeks Jeff and I have both celebrated our birthdays.  For my birthday, Jeff surprised me with flowers upon his arrival home from work.  Then he organized a babysitter (Amanda and Vlad) to watch the boys while he surprised me with a very delicious dessert at Strawberry Fare.  And let me tell you, that was one heck of a dessert!  He gave me a warm, purple wool jersey and a dress for my birthday.


Our desserts.  Mine was the Ultimate Chocolate Dessert (in the foreground) and it was super yummy.


A ‘couplie’ at Strawberry Fare.

Then Jeff’s birthday shortly followed mine.  I was going to throw Jeff a big birthday party since he was turning 30.  But, he didn’t want one.  So I had arranged a babysitter (Brad and Rachel) to come watch the boys while we went to the movies, but the movie he wanted to watch wasn’t playing that night.  So Brad and Rachel just watched a movie with us at our place.  But, I also arranged for another night out for Jeff and I to go out to eat.  I asked him what he wanted to eat and he said “a big juicy burger” so we ate at Burgers and Beers.  It was really good.  I got Jeff some wool socks and a wool jacket for his birthday.


Our burgers – American size too.


An awful picture of us on Jeff’s birthday.

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Sorry, I’m a bit behind on things.  I must now play catch up.

The social committee at Jeff’s work held a social event at the rugby match, Crusaders vs Highlanders.  The match was the evening of July 12th.  Yikes, that was like two weeks ago!  The game was very eventful.  Ultimately, the Crusaders left the Highlanders in the dust with a score of 34-8.  We of course were pulling for the Crusaders, the team of Canterbury (where Christchurch is located).  It was very amusing sitting next to a die-hard Highlander fan.

Here is our ‘Couplie’ – instead of a selfie.


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C has slept a LOT better this week.  We have discovered that the fan was waking him up every time it made a strange noise!  C also went to the doctors this week about his skin.  The doctor gave him a couple of prescriptions and his skin has improved greatly!  He no longer scratches his skin at every opportunity.  So between turning the fan off at night and the medicine for C’s skin, he has started only waking about 3 or 4 times at night with a 4 hour stretch.

C can sit for a few minutes at a time.  He really enjoys rolling all over the place.

He also likes to reach into containers and pull out toys.


Here is E’s 32 Week Old Photo.

Sorry, I didn’t put much effort into this weeks photo as we went hiking the second after we took the photo.  More on that in a later post!

Corbyn 32 Weeks Old (11)

C was watching himself kick his feet.


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The start of this week marked the end of school holidays!  I normally dislike the school holidays because there are no toddler/baby activities during the week and there isn’t much to do to keep your child from going stir-crazy.  However, these past two weeks have been a blessing.  Normally on the mornings that we go out C sleeps in the car, but he was able to take his nap in his cot for every nap, every single day.  No, it didn’t improve things at night, but I feel like he preferred that.

One thing that varies from other school holidays to this one in the winter is Kidsfest.  Kidsfest organizes over 200 children activities over the span of the two week holiday.  We didn’t do many, but one of the ones we did was the multi sensory room at Pioneer with the Shaws.  You can read all about the program here.  The session was a short 30 minutes and the room was filled with different types of lighting, sounds, textures, etc.  E seemed to enjoy it, although he was more concerned about wanting his shoes back on his feet more than anything else.







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This past week I decided to give up dairy to see if it would help C.  It didn’t…thank goodness?!  His amount of milk spit-up decreased, but it hasn’t increased again since I started eating dairy.

Here is E’s 31 week photo.

C’s photo taken on July 19th.

Corbyn 31 Weeks Old (24)

“I’m open!”

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