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This week I have cut one of C’s night feeds.  He now only has one feed around midnight.  The reason for dropping one of C’s feeds in the night is because he was wanting milk all the time during the day and barely drinking any. Hopefully, now he will start having more breastmilk during the day than at night.

Also, this week, C has developed a rash around his mouth and on his neck.

His sleeping has gone from bad to worse – both day and night.  In fact, Jeff and I have slept on our camping pads downstairs in the living room (not very comfortable).  I think one of the issues is that we are waking him up and reacting too quickly when he does wake.  Hopefully this coming week will be better.  Here is C’s weekly photo taken on June 28, 2014:

Corbyn 28 Weeks Old (40)

“Haha E, the lamb is mine now.” C said with glee.

Here is E’s 28 Weeks Old, there are two of them.   Number 1 and Number 2.


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C’s Dedication

This past Sunday (June 22), Oxford Terrace Baptist Church held a baby dedication ceremony for C.


When Chris, the pastor, lit the candle E pointed at it saying “hot.”


C being prayed over.


C looks pleased that he was dedicated.


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I’m extremely excited that we are on the other side of the Winter Solstice.  I was so excited that I was counting down the days to June 21st!  To us, the winter solstice means the first day of winter, but in New Zealand June 1st was the beginning of winter.  The reason, I’ve been told, is because it doesn’t make any sense to call the first day of winter the shortest day of the year.  I’m not a huge fan of winter here in New Zealand.  It actually is a mild winter compared to where we used to live, but it feels worse because houses are A LOT colder dripping condensation.  In celebration of our days slowly becoming longer here are some photos of the boys:


E playing with leaves on a parachute at Mainly Music.


C out to the world.


I had brought the backpack downstairs and E kept getting inside it.  It’s nice that he wants to go hiking.


My happy wee man.


Look at that cheeky-ness!  Cute expression.


Nom, nom…bananas. 




C really enjoys this stuffed dog.


Look at those eyes!  Heart melting.


E can now say ‘purple’.


Look, Mommy, I’ve got the block.


This is what Jeff and I refer to as ‘The Banana’.  C assumes this position when he is picked up.  It’s really cute.


E’s first time baking.  Blueberry muffins.


C wearing the one and only outfit given to him by his Grandma Ray.


C really enjoys avocado.


E wanted to take the lamb for a walk.


C’s smile.


E sitting on a digger.


E watching three diggers take down the Central City’s swimming pool.


There has been sewer maintenance literally in our backyard.  It’s been really interesting watching the construction workers.  Plus, E has enjoyed every second of it, especially since he can see the diggers from his cot.  Now, that makes naptime interesting.  Here is a digger pulling a pipe down the side of our place.


Just rolling around.


He is so adorable.

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Corbyn 27 Weeks Old (21)

C and the lamb are friends.

Man, C is the eating machine.  He really has enjoyed the introduction to solids.  This week he tried avocado, broccoli, parsnips, yams, lamb, cauliflower, green beans, and carrots.  I’ve also cut out one of his two breastfeeds at night.

C can also lift his belly off the floor.  I am currently working with C on sitting up.  He can do it for a few seconds by himself.

Here is E at 27 Weeks Old.

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J is for Jelly


Here is the alphabet carpet at church in the children’s room.  Notice anything strange about it?  I’ve been looking at it for 2 years now and a couple of weeks ago I realized something.  The illustration for the letter ‘j’ depicts a plate of jello.  I remember wondering if it was a mistake.  Nope!  In New Zealand ‘jelly’ is what us American’s would call ‘jello’.  With that said, most Kiwis are knowledgeable with some American lingo from tv programs and will know what we mean when we tell them we are eating a ‘peanut butter and jelly sandwich,’ regardless of how strange they think it is.


Then I found boxes of ‘jelly’ in the store!

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This Saturday, June 14th C turned 26 Weeks Old and 6 Months Old.  He is also feeling much better!  Here is E at 26 Weeks Old and 6 Months Old.

C’s definitely has my eye color.  His eyes are a beautiful pale blue.  As his hair grows, it becomes lighter and redder.

I would describe C’s personality as extroverted.  He smiles a lot, but he also gives random strangers and friends really big smiles.  E was a big smiler, but never to random strangers.  C’s smile is very big and takes over his entire face.  Overall, he is a happy chap and giggles a lot.

C is currently wearing 3-6 Month clothes, but is quickly growing out of them, and 6 Month Clothes.

C is still taking 3 (sometimes 4) naps during the day at 8:30/9am, noon, and 3:30pm.  The morning and late afternoon naps tend to be about 40 minutes long while sometimes the mid-day nap ends up being 1.5 hours long!  He goes down for bed at night at 7pm and sleeps till about 10:30pm where he proceeds to wake somewhere between every 30 minutes to an hour and a half until 5am where he sleeps till 6:30 or 7am.  I refuse to feed him more than twice in the night because I know from experience where that leads to.

During the day, C is having breastmilk about every 1.5-2 hours.  C started solids this week.  He is eating 1-2 meals daily.  Jeff and I decided to do the same method (Baby Led Weaning) of introducing food to C as we did with E.  C was ready for solids a couple of weeks ago, but him catching a cold delayed things a bit.  He has eaten chicken, beef, fish (hoki), banana, cucumbers, kumara (New Zealand’s sweet potato), green beans, and cheese.  Maybe actual food will help with sleeping better at night.

C moves a good bit.  He rolls all over the place.  He also reaches over himself to grab toys.  He favorite toy is a little, soft book that makes noises when the pages move.  He also enjoys chewing on fabrics.  C is very ticklish.

Corbyn 6 Months Old & 26 Weeks Old (19)

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Corbyn 25 Weeks Old (7)

25 Weeks Old and still sick on June 7th.  Here is E at 25 Weeks Old.

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