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At 23 months old…

E can now cross his fingers together.

E’s first two-word phrase is ‘bird poo,’ which was shortly followed by ‘gum boots’.  New Words: bike, mud, gum boot, bird, please, bubble, bear, boat, moo, ball, tea, snake, no (he rarely says it though!), please, help, hole, light (pronounced as aight), mice, food, eat, nose, hee haw (for a donkey), neigh (for a horse)

He still enjoys books.  No complaint there!  I recently introduced sticker books to E.  It, of course, was a hit.  Oddly enough, it was a ‘Thanksgiving Play’ sticker book that I found in the bookstore here for $1.00.  He also enjoys playing with a ball and anything with wheels on it.

When we go for walks, he likes to find rocks and throw them into puddles.

E has also peed in the potty twice and on the floor three times.

He can now open the pantry door, along with the fridge and freezer doors…ugh!

Elijah 23 Months Old (68)


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On Saturday afternoon we met up with some friends, Molly, Jeremiah, and their two children, Milo and Naomi, to hike to Barnett Cave located near Sumner on the Porthills in a suburb known as Redcliffs.  Molly, Jeremiah, and the children are also Americans.  Just like us, they moved to Christchurch from New York for the rebuild of the city.  The hike was very easy, esp considering I had an asthma attack the night before.  The track steadily climbed the side of an open valley that eventually led to some steep stairs that are no longer maintained.  The track was closed following the earthquakes and still remains closed.  The track was a bit overgrown with bushes and gorse (pronounced gauze with a bit of an accent by the Kiwis), but still passable.


The ‘American’ gang in the cave.


A really bad photo of the cave from the soccer (rugby?) field.

After the hike, we all enjoyed a venison sandwich with grilled veggies, salad, and chips.  Jeremiah is a hunter and the meat was from one of his hunting trips.  It was very yummy.

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Corbyn 22 Weeks Old (5)

22 Weeks Old on May 17, 2014.  Here is E’s 22 Week Old photo post.

And this weeks photo:  Man, it’s nice to be caught up!

Corbyn 23 Weeks Old (12)

23 Weeks Old

At 23 weeks old, C is starting to make a variety of sounds.  Here is E’s 23 Week old photo post.

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Corbyn 5 Months Old (34)

5 Months Old on May 14th, 2014

At five months old, C, smiles a lot.  He has a really big smile too.  When he is about to cry he gives the biggest pouty face.  It’s extremely cute.

He drinks breastmilk about every 2-3 hours.  C had a Plunket checkup and received his five month old shoots from the doctor that week.  He currently weighs 6.7kg and is 63cm long.  It’s funny because according to E’s Plunket book, he was an entire kg heavier than C currently is now!  Here is E’s 5 month old post.

C takes about three naps during the day – 8:30am, 11:30am, and 3:30/4pm.  I just put him down when he is tired.  C still sleeps with one arm swaddled.  At night, he is waking heaps to poo or fart.  He only drinks breastmilk two times though.

C rolls from his back to his belly.

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Here is C’s 21 Week old photo.  I promise that he does have other shirts!  And here is E’s 21 week photo.

Corbyn 21 Weeks Old (7)

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The week we arrived back in New Zealand from Australia was spent mostly hanging out in Christchurch.  Remember me mentioning Doug’s toe…Well, I took him to the doctor  where he was given antibiotics for an infection.  The doctor told Doug to stay off his foot and to keep this foot above his heart.


E enjoyed laying on Grandpa.


E also enjoyed playing with Grandpa.

But, on Saturday, May 3, the five of us went on a day trip to Kaikoura because Doug really wanted to see the baby seals at Ohau Stream.  The day was spent enjoying a pizza lunch in the little town of Kaikoura, browsing and shopping in the shops, and sightseeing.

Here are our photos:


A baby seal pup in the stream all alone.


E was more interested in throwing rocks into the puddles.  It’s one of his favorite activities when we walk.


The Ray men.


Baby seal pups swimming around in the water.


Doug and Jeff with the Kaikoura range behind them.

We arrived back in Christchurch late that afternoon and since we forgot to take the lamb with us, C’s weekly photo had to be taken with the lights on. I definitely prefer them to be in natural light, but oh well.  Here is C’s 20 week old photo:

Corbyn 20 Weeks Old (16)

At 20 weeks old, C isn’t sleeping very well at night.  It seems like E went through the same thing at this age.  Also, while in Australia, C’s dry skin almost vanished and his stuffy nose that he has had since coming home from the hospital completely went away.  However, upon arriving back in New Zealand, both have returned.  Strange, aye!  There must be something in the atmosphere here that’s affecting him.  Here is E’s 20 week old photo.

As all things come to an end, that Monday, we said goodbye to Doug as he traveled back home.

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Jeff and I wanted to get some nice photos before Doug left for America so on Friday, May 2nd, we had some photos taken in the Botanical Gardens here in Christchurch.  The photos were taken by Little Poppits Photography.  The original plan was to take photos up at the Sign of the Bellbird, but the cloud rolled in and you couldn’t see much at all.  The relocation worked out well and the autumn colors were beautiful.











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