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Bright and early…well, it was still dark, on the morning of Good Friday (April 18th), the five of us flew to Cairns (pronounced Cans), Australia.  We first flew into Brisbane and had a two hour layover there.  It was nice to have that little bit of time to let E run around and drain him of some energy.  I, unfortunately, became very nauseous on the airplane from Brisbane to Cairns and I actually threw up while in the air.  It was a bit chaotic – C having a meltdown because he was overtired, E freaking out because he wanted to sit on my lap and couldn’t, me stuck at the window throwing up, with a very worried Jeff and Doug.  Lovely picture, aye?  The flight attendants were amazing and helped C go to sleep.  And no, I’m not pregnant.  The first thing Jeff asked me when I finished throwing up was if I felt better, which I did.  When I threw up while pregnant I always felt worse afterwards.  I could hear Jeff’s sigh of relief when I said that I felt better.

That night, I was extremely worn out and just went to sleep.  We stayed at the Citysider in Cairns and I don’t recommend it to anyone.

The next day, I was still feeling weak, but wasn’t about to let that stop our adventures.  We all packed in the car and headed south to Innisfail to Paronella Park.  Jose Paronella, originally from Catalonia, Spain arrived in Innisfail in 1913 seeking to make a fortune to support himself and his finance (who he left in Spain for 11 years without making contact once!  So she married another while he was gone).  While Jose was working in Australia he fell in love with the land next to Mena Creek Falls because it was the prefect spot to fulfill his dream of building a castle.  After marrying Margarita, his first finance’s sister, he purchased the land and they started building in 1929.  From what our tour guide said about Jose, he was an idiot, but everything kept working out for him.  For example, instead of paying for an architect he drew his building in the sand and told the builders to work.  He also built a tunnel through a mountain hoping to turn it into an aquarium, but as with all soil it leaked.  So he grew mushrooms in the tunnel instead.  In 1933, the first hydroelectric plant was built to operate the park and it still runs today.  The park was open to the public in 1935 providing various forms of entertainment such as swimming, a weekly movie, dancing, tennis, and a museum of coins, guns, and keepsakes.

The property doesn’t look less than 100 years old.




Mena Creek Falls.  Nice place for a castle.  Although, you can’t swim in the water because of crocodiles.


Look Mommy, I found the river and waterfall. 


Three generations of Rays at the Mena Creek Falls.


These 47 steps was the first structure built on the property to move materials easier.


Great shot of the five of us.




Jeff found a huge cane toad. 


E enjoyed chasing the cane toad.





Cute boy after our tour.

After our tour ended, Jeff, E, and Doug went back to the river to feed the fish.  Jeff handed Doug some fish food and Doug immediately put it in his mouth thinking it was a snack of some sorts.  He instantly realized that it wasn’t for human consumption and spit it out.  Apparently, the food was fishy tasting.  E really enjoyed feeding the fish.  He would throw the food in the water and laugh.

Then we stopped for lunch at Subway.  Jeff started feeling very nauseous shortly following lunch.  Then he threw up that afternoon.  So we stayed at our apartment relaxing.


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Did you think we forgot?

Nah, we just went on a vacation to Australia and arrived back in Christchurch late last night.  I will update you on our Australian adventures starting tomorrow!  So stay tune…

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Plunket Update

C had another Plunket appointment today. He now weighs 6.42kg and is 63cm long. His dry skin is slowly improving.

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Grandpa Ray Visits

Yesterday, Doug arrived safely in New Zealand.  I am absolutely amazed with E’s memory.  He totally remembers his Grandpa.  Five minutes after his nap finished, he was already giving Doug books to read to him, leading him outside to show him the yard, giving him trains to play with, etc.  It was super cute!


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Wow!  I seriously cannot believe that C is already four months old!  Time flew by for E, but, man, time flies even faster with the second child!

At 4 months old:

C only wakes twice in the night for breastmilk.  He still issues pooping in the night, which wakes him often.  I’m not sure how to change this. He is an extremely light sleeper just like me.  Every little noise wakes him up.  His brother, E, received his daddy’s heavy sleeping genes.  Speaking of sleeping, C typically takes four naps a day at 8:30am, 11:00am, 1pm, and 3:30pm.

During the day, he typically has breatmilk between the 2-3 hour mark.

He has been for a while now and continues to roll from his belly to his back.  He almost has rolling from his back to his belly down.  It’s just a matter of time.

C can put an object that is placed into his hands into his mouth.

He enjoys sucking on a mixture of his thumb and is first two fingers.  It’s different all the time.

He smiles all the time and giggles a lot.

Corbyn 4 Months Old (9)

Four Months Old on April 14, 2o14 and C (plus E) saw William and Kate on the same day!  Here is E’s 4 month old photo.




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As you may or may not know, New Zealand is part of the Common Wealth making the British Royal family the New Zealand Royal family.  This past week, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, along with 8 month old Prince George have toured New Zealand.  Today, April 14th, Prince William and Kate came to Christchurch!  Me, being a history dork, I was totally excited about going to go see them.  I mean, for years now I’ve sat in numerous classes studying the British Royal family so it’s an amazing opportunity to see them in person.  It really was a once in a lifetime opportunity.  It’s not every day you can stand a meter (3 feet) away from the future King of England.  Rachel and her mom, Barbara, came over to our place around 9:30am and we started our walk to Latimer Square.  When we got there only half of the barrier had people at it.  We decided to stand next to the giant cricket ball which was counting down to the Cricket World Cup.  About 10-15 minutes after we arrived, I saw about 5 moms each with a double pram standing across the way and I thought that I should go over there with my double pram and two children.  I am SO MAD at myself that I didn’t!  They all were escorted in front of William and Kate and got to meet the couple personally!!!  UGH!!!  I will never forgive myself for not going over there!!

The Royal couple started their journey at the Christchurch City Council building on Worcester Blvd and then made their way to the CTV building site to meet the family members who lost loved ones when the building fell in the February 2011 earthquake.  After that, they made their way to the Transitional Cathedral, also known as the Cardboard Cathedral.  Then they made their way down Latimer Square where they took photos with the giant cricket ball  and played a little bit of cricket.  The opening ceremony of the Cricket World Cup as well as the first game will be held in Christchurch next year.   Of course, the second William and Kate made it into our view, Corbyn decided to have a complete meltdown.

Here are a mixture of my photos (what little I could take), Rachel’s photos, and Barbara’s photos.


Rachel, E, C, and I waving the Union Jack.



William and Kate making their way down Latimer Square.


This picture is not zoomed in!  We were seriously that close to them!


William and Kate playing cricket.


Kate avoiding a cricket ball.


Prince William


 Many kiwis have expressed to both myself and Jeff that American’s are obsessed with the Royal family, which from my perspective that is far from the truth.  And they think we are obsessed?

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C is a skilled sock remover.  Here is E’s 17 week old photo post.  I will try to add a link to E’s weekly photo every week for easy comparison.

Corbyn 17 Weeks Old (12)

 17 Weeks Old on Saturday, April 12, 2014

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