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On March 29th, E became 21 months old and C turned 15 weeks old.


E can now say 7 words!  Here are the words he can say:  daddy, mommy (but he pronounces it mumee), baby, ba ba, dig for digger, yes, byebye.

We believe E has somewhat entered what is known as the ‘terrible twos.’  We are attempting to help E deal with his emotions in a few different avenues.  The first is through books!  We have started reading to E “Ilama Ilama Mad at Mama” by Anna Dewdney, “Be Gentle” by Virginia Miller, and “The Bad Mood” by Moritz Petz.   We thought this might help E since he loves to sit and be read to ALL the time!

Nothing new in the teeth department.  He still has 9 teeth.

We bought E a pair of gum boots (what I’ve always called galoshes) with diggers and trucks on it.  He loves them and insists on wearing them all the time.

21 Months Old (43)

Jeff and I had to give E a banana in order for him to sit here long enough for the photo to be taken.


This past week C has started sucking on his hands, esp the left hand.  He is also holding onto his tops with his left hand.  However, he holds toys better in his right hand.

C fits into one newborn shirt, all 0-3 month, 3 months, and some 3-6 month clothes.  He, just like his brother, needs long, skinny onesies instead of the fat and short onesies.  We have found that Carters are really good for that.

His cradle cap is mostly gone!  We are still working on his dry skin.  It’s getting better though.

Corbyn 15 Weeks Old (14)

Smiley boy.

And just for fun:

15 Weeks Old & 21 Months Old (5)



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On Saturday, we drove to the start of the Miners Track near Mount Somers.  The Miners Track follows along the path that the miners used to take to the Blackburn Mine that opened in 1929 and sadly went bankrupt in 1930.  However, in 1935 Mr Burnett took control of the mine and it officially closed in 1968.  So there was heaps of mining equipment along the way.  The track eventually leads to the Woolshed Creek Hut.  The Miners Track is labeled by the Department of Conservation (DoC) as easy.  I think it’s important to note that the DoC labels a track ‘easy’ based on the idea that it’s well marked, easy to find, and no river crossings.  The rating really has nothing to do with the difficulty level of the hike.  The steep parts were very steep and the flat parts were pretty flat.  I would say it’s an easy to moderate hike, personally. We started the hike around 11:30am.  On the way in, Jeff carried C and the stuff, while I carried E.  E walked for the first 25 minutes till the track became steep.  That part really would have only taken like 5 minutes to walk, but E is very easily distracted with rocks.  He tried to pick up every rock he could find. IMG_4876

The first part of the trail.  See, E is already mesmerized by the rocks.

There are two really steep parts on the track and we took a 30 minute break on the second bit to rest, but also to change two dirty diapers and to feed C.  The views were amazing.  During our break, I realized that I left the most important piece of equipment in the car – C’s pacifier!  YIKES!  We decided to keep going since we were 3/4 of the way to the hut. IMG_4889

Me carrying E.


The Blackburn Coal Mine.  Located after the first steep part of the trail.


The view during our break on the second steep mountain.

After getting over the second steep mountain the track descends into the valley where the Woolshed Creek hut was located.  It really was a great spot for a hut.  We arrived at the hut a little before 3pm.  The hut was really great!  One thing that’s lovely about New Zealand is the fact that you don’t really need to carry a tent anywhere with you because there are backcountry huts in just about all the places.  Although, some huts are nicer than others.  We discovered once at the hut, that you were allowed to put a tent up…if only we knew.  There were two bunk rooms in the hut and we chose the smallest one that only slept 8 in hopes to disturb less people.  I honestly didn’t think there would be many people at the hut since there were only three people in the huts when Jeff did the Kepler Track (and that’s one of the Great Walks!). IMG_4909

The view after getting to the top of the second hill.


Do you see the hut next to the stream?

One random thing about the entire track was the presence of yellow jackets, but New Zealanders call them wasps.  They were everywhere, and I mean everywhere! The rest of the afternoon was spent relaxing and watching E throw rocks into the river. IMG_4989

All the entertainment you need are rocks and a river.

That night was AWFUL!  We put both boys down for bed at 7pm, like normal.  However, we didn’t realize how popular this hut was.  There were at least 40 people there and the place sleeps 28.  So people kept coming in and out of our room (loudly) waking C up continuously.  Being his parents, we know that if he gets woken during his first stretch of sleep he will wake every couple of hours in the night, which he did.  Why is it rude for a baby to wake up other adults, but it’s not considered rude to wake up a sleeping baby?  Babies and children have feelings and should be treated with the same respect!  Anyways… We left the hut around 8am on Sunday morning.  This time I carried all the stuff while Jeff carried the boys.  The reason was because my pack was hurting Jeff and E’s carrier hurt me.  The switch made both of us feel better.  We decided to take the road back to avoid a steep climbing over rugged terrain (esp with a baby on your front).  The road was a lot easier to walk and it met up with the track at the top of the hill. IMG_4994

A family shot in front of the Woolshed Creek Hut.


My awesome husband carrying both our boys.

We arrived at the car just before 10am.  We let E run around for about 30 minutes before making our way back to Christchurch. That afternoon, we attended Kayleigh’s birthday party!

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Corbyn 14 Weeks Old (3)

This week C has had a cold and a major stuffy nose.

Also, this week C had his 3 month check up with Plunket.  He now weighs 5.82kg and is 60cm long.  He also received his 3 month shots this week.  He didn’t handle it well at all.  He cried a LOT and was hard to settle, refusing to have any breastmilk.  Then he slept the majority of the day.

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Corbyn 13 Weeks Old (36)

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Corbyn 3 Months Old (4)

At 3 months old, C giggles and smiles a lot.  One day this week, E sneezed and it made C giggle.

C breastfeeds somewhere between every 3-5 hours.

At night he wakes two times to eat.  But, after his second feed he has issues going to sleep because he needs to poo.  During the day, he naps around 8:30am, 11am, 2pm, and 4pm.

C can hold light weight toys in his hands (if they aren’t taken by E).  He grabs his hair and sometimes pulls on it making him cry.  C also likes to suck his hand.  Sometimes he will get his thumb into his mouth.

He is a bit of a mover.  He rotates while laying on the floor.  He rolls.  And he can crane his head to look behind him.

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In Christchurch this week there is an Under Fives Science Fest.  It looked like fun from the advertisements on facebook, so I took E and C to check it out.  It was actually really cool.  I was a tad-bit worried that everything would be too old for E, but there were heaps of age appropriate activities.   Here are a few photos:


Anything with a door is a  hit with E.


Cranes!  These things are everywhere in Christchurch at the moment.  So are diggers.  E enjoyed playing on one instead of just driving in the car by them, which he always brings it to my attention when we pass one.




The act of putting an object into a tube and watch air blow it up and out of the tube will provide at least 30 minutes of entertainment to a toddler.

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E reading “The Little Yellow Digger” to himself.


E runs around hugging his stuffed animals.


Hello, there!  (Look at that dry skin!  I put lotion on C at least 3 times a day!)


Despite E’s facial expression, he was very proud of piling all the shoes together.




Cute pouty face.


C is a very happy boy.


On Saturday morning, E wanted to walk around wearing Jeff’s pj top.  Isn’t that adorable?


More smiles.


Mommy and C.

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