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Last year we celebrated the Chinese New Year by attending the Chinese Lantern Festival in Hagley Park.  Since we enjoyed ourselves a lot last year, we planned to do the same this year.  Well, the Chinese Lantern Festival was this past Saturday (Feb 22 -which was also the 3 year anniversary of the 6.5 earthquake that destroyed Christchurch, New Zealand.  We didn’t attend the memorial service because I was getting my haircut).  This year is the Year of the Horse. 2013 was the year of the Snake, making C a snake, of course. Jeff is a rat. I am a tiger. E is a dragon.

The festival started at 5:00pm so we were able attend.  Our friends, Brad and Rachel wanted to go too, so we all went together.  When we arrived, parking was a nightmare so we had to park on the other side of Hagley Park.  The festival had the same set up as last year.  There were large lanterns hanging from trees throughout the park.  The trail containing the lanterns followed along the river. The lanterns were lit, but because it wasn’t dark yet it was hard to tell. We did like the lantern placements better last year compared to this year.  E enjoyed running around the trail of lanterns.


Tea, anyone?


E admiring the turtle band.


Bradley, Jeff, and E walking around the lantern trail.


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A few of weekends ago there was a sandcastle competition next to the New Brighton pier.  Just by looking at the photos, there is no doubt the talent people possess out there.  We tagged along with our friends Rachel and Bradley to view the sand-masterpieces the day after the competition.  So some of the sandcastles weren’t as fresh-looking since it rained the night before.  Here are some photos:





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Corbyn 10 Weeks Old (10)

Saturday, February 22, 2014

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Corbyn 9 Weeks Old (2)

“I can move my arms!”

9 Weeks Old on February 15th

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Corbyn 2 Months Old (4)

2 Months on February 14th.

C is doing the same thing that I wrote for his 8 week photo post.  Just wanted to add though that C smiles a lot and is now cooing.

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C became 8 weeks old on Saturday, February 8th!

Corbyn 8 Weeks Old (1)

C’s sleeping pattern has improved greatly.  He now sleeps till 6:30/7am.  He only wakes two times for milk in the night around midnight and 4am.  However, he still strains to poo somewhere between the hours of 3-5am.

During the day, C drinks breastmilk 3-4 hourly.  He also is taking 3-4 naps a day.

C is currently wearing a few newborn size clothes.  He can also fit into some 0-3 months and 3 month clothes.  It just depends on who makes it.  He is just like E and how he needs long, skinny onesies instead of the short, fat onesies.

C can also roll from his belly to his back now.  I just happened to capture his first roll on camera.  I had gotten the camera out to take his photo and before I could fix the settings on the camera he started to roll.  The pictures aren’t the greatest, but I still captured the moment anyways.  I put him back on his belly and he rolled a total of 4 times that morning!


Talk about great head lift!



Mom, I’m not so sure about where I’m heading.



First roll completed!

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We were unable to watch the superbowl on Monday, February 3 because we were on our trip.  Starting on Sunday, Jeff and I avoided all media to hopefully not learn the outcome of the game.  Unfortunately, the US Consulate had two flat screen tvs playing CNN on mute.  Why?  I’m not really sure.  Seems like a waste of taxpayer dollars to me.  Anyways, Jeff had gone down to the post office to buy an envelope.  While he was gone I was walking around after E and I looked up at the tv.  On the screen there was a reporter and behind her were buildings that looked a nasty gray with white on them.  It looked as if a bomb had exploded somewhere.  I thought to myself, “Oh, no.  What has happened?”  Then I looked at the headline of the news story and saw that the Seahawks won the game.  I yelled out “NO!” and everyone looked at me.  I explained that I hadn’t watch the game yet and CNN just spoiled it for me.  So when Jeff returned, I made sure he put on his sensory deprivator 5000.

A friend of ours, Anthony, recorded the game and was keen to watch it with Jeff to learn everything about American football.  That Thursday (February 6) New Zealand celebrated Waitangi Day.  Jeff had the day off from work.  As did Anthony.  That morning we went over to his place to watch the game.  E enjoyed watching some of the game, but he mostly enjoyed playing with Kayleigh and eating unhealthy food.  C slept the entire time.  We were pulling for the Seahawks, even before I knew the score.

A talented friend of mine, Sharon, made two football toboggans for me.  Both E and C look super festive in their hats!




That afternoon we attended Oxford Terrace Baptist Church’s annual Waitangi Day picnic at Chamberlain Fords in Leeston.  E spent at least an hour or so just throwing rocks into the river.


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