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Trip & Photos

This weekend, we are heading to Auckland to make C a US citizen.  We won’t be gone long, but I wanted to leave you with some photos.


Our car had a flat tire and E enjoyed ‘helping’ Jeff change it.


Almost…there.  E mostly just enjoyed poking the screw driver into the wheel and getting brake dust every where.


C being cute on the floor.


Followed by additional cuteness.


Can’t tell you how many people thought/think E and C were/are girls because I put a purple blanket on them.


One way to play with that toy.


Kisses from E.


They really do like each other.


“E, show me your belly, please.”


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Man, E is already 19 months old!  I can’t believe it.  Ever since C arrived, E no longer seems like a ‘baby’ to me.  I see him now as a boy.

We were able to watch some of the playoff Football games on tv this year.  The games came on at strange times during the day, but Peter was gracious and recorded all the games for us (mostly Jeff) to watch.  When E was awake during one of the games, he would clap his hands when the audience cheered.  Talk about extremely cute!

At 19 months, E enjoys going for walks and playing at the playground.  Luckily, there is a playground less than a minute walk from our apartment!  We visit the playground almost everyday.  He loves the slide and the swing.

When asked, E will point to different body parts, which include nose, mouth, ears, head, eyes, belly/puku (the Maori word for belly), knees, and feet.

E still loves books.  He enjoys pointing out every animal in his books.  Not only does he point out the animals, but he also insists that I say what animal it is before moving forward.  In fact, we have a pirate cat book where there is a mouse hidden on every page.  He has to point each one out and I have to say the word “mouse” in order for the page to be turned.

E has also started to tell me when he needs a diaper change.  He isn’t consistent, but it’s a start!  Today, he told me three times and then insisted on wearing his dinosaur diaper at one of the changes.

Elijah now has 6 teeth!

I’m sure there is more, but I’m too tired to think anymore.  Here is E’s 19 month photo:

19 Months Old (6)

Why is C crying?!?!

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On Saturday (January 25), Jeff, E, C, and I hiked the Bealey Spur Track located in the southern alps near Arthur’s Pass National Park.  From our apartment, the track was about a two hour drive.  We started the hike around noon.  From what we read, the entire hike to the hut was a 2-3 hour walk.  Everyone told us that the trail was a gradual one that led up to the Bealey Spur Hut.   For the most part they were correct, except there are some parts of the trail that are a little bit steep.  The trail starts out in a beach forest which follows the spin of a ridge leading us above the tree line.  It offers some very impressive views upstream and downstream of the Waimakariri River valley.


Me and C on the trail


The family looking down the Waimakariri Valley.  E doesn’t seem very impressed.


Looking upstream at the Waimakariri River

Once we got above the tree line and saw the amazing scenery, we were exposed to the wind.  It was another 45 minute walk to the hut.  We were all tired (including E and C), so we decided to turn around and head back to the car.  Along the way back to the car, C became hungry.  I stopped to feed him, but within seconds we were attacked by sand flies.  Nasty little buggers!  So I decided to just walk and feed C at the same time.

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C is now 6 weeks old!

Corbyn 6 Weeks Old (24)

January  25, 2014

On Friday, C had his last appointment with our midwife, Jodi.  It’s sad to see Jodi go again.  She did an amazing job and she will definitely be called upon again in the future if there is a need.  (Hopefully not any time soon though!)  C now weighs 4710 grams and is 58cm long.  The ‘click’ in his hip has gone away.  Thank goodness!  C has really bad cradle cap, just like E did.

During the day, C feeds between 3-4 hours.

C is currently waking at midnight and 4am.  Sometimes he will wake at 3am instead of 4am.  The problem is C won’t go back to sleep till about 5am and then wakes at 6:30am.  During the day, he still sleeps the majority of the time.

We also had an interesting experience getting C his passport photos.  All I will say is that it’s extremely difficult first to have C open his eyes during the day, then to get him to look at the camera and have his head facing forward all at the same time!  After a long time, we finally succeed and received a hilarious mug shot of the wee man.

Tomorrow (Jan 28th), C is getting is 6 week immunizations.  (I’m writing this after the fact and just for documentation purposes:  C handled his shots well.  He cried when he received the shots and a little afterwards, but he cheered up after receiving some breastmilk.)

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Since I don’t like to get on the computer during the weekends, I’ve decided instead of posting C’s weekly photos on Saturday (the day he was born), that they will be posted on Monday instead.  The photos will still be taken on Saturday though.

Here is this weeks photo:

Corbyn 5 Weeks Old (18)

5 Weeks Old on Saturday January 18th, 2014

On Sunday night, Caitlin and Kylie kindly babysat both E and C while they slept.  Jeff and I decided to go see the Hobbit #2.  It was a great movie.  We only had the option to watch the film in 3D.  I must say that it was the best 3D movie I’ve ever seen.  It was as if I was watching the movie in real life.  I would like to point out that the first time we left E with a babysitter was to watch the first Hobbit film and the first time we left C was to watch the second Hobbit film!  Also, while we were eating supper on Sunday, C gave me two smiles!  Here is him smiling on Saturday morning:



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Photo Upload

I really do take too many photos.  You guys only see a few of them.  So here are some photos from the last two weeks.  Enjoy.




No, we haven’t started potty training and won’t be for a while.  E insists on flushing the toilet when someone else uses it, which we let him.  We want to be ready when E is ready to start potty training so we bought a seat for him.  This picture cracks me up.


E sitting forward facing for the first time in his carseat.


Even though E is a bit blurry, his expression is priceless.


Hobbit-E checking the mail.


Hobbit-E and I walking to church.  If you look to the right of E you can see some earthquake damage where the sidewalk sunk about two feet.


C sleeping in his bassinet.


Crazy hair!


E discovered a new way to look outside.


Sleeping C.


C and E in our rented double-pram.


E and C hanging out under the space mobile.  E is obsessed with getting underneath this toy now.


Happy C.


The high yesterday was 30C (86F).  This was actually the warmest day so far this summer!  Because of the great weather, E had outdoor-water-play-time.  It was amazing and a great success.  He loved every minute of it.  He was preoccupied playing all by himself for TWO HOURS!!!


The hose was a hit!


More hose action.


After a while, E decided to sit in the water.


While E was outside playing with the water, C slept on the couch.



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Corbyn 1 Month Old (14)

1 Month Old on January 14, 2014

At 1 month old, C’s sleep pattern is getting better.  He is now waking at 5am instead of 4am!  Progress!  Also, for some random reason, C really enjoys sleeping on his diaper change pad.  C still sleeps the majority of the day.

C moves his eyes to follow me when I move.  He can also move his head from side to side to look around.

C is a pacifier-man.

E is dealing with major jealously issues.  At the moment, he kicks and throws toys at C (on purpose too).  E is very sly with the kicking.  His tantrums are over dramatic, which I completely ignore, but it will pass soon….hopefully.  Even though, E is a bit jealous, he also has moments of being sweet to his little brother.  Some examples are sharing his toys and giving C his pacifier back.

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