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On Saturday, December 28th, C became two weeks old.  Man, these two weeks have flown by!  Jeff only has one more week off from work. I’m not looking forward to him going back.  I enjoy spending my days with him.  This past week, C caught E’s cold.  C still sleeps pretty much all the time.  He is an extremely chill baby (so far).  Sometimes, he just can’t be bothered to wake up to eat.  In fact at night, he wakes about every two hours wanting breastmilk, but it takes him an entire hour to wake up enough to eat any.  Then the process starts all over again when it’s time to switch sides.  Even though C isn’t always eating breatmilk well, he has gained weight.  He now weighs 3.6kg and in fact, he never lost any weight during his first week (which is what most babies do).

The jaundice in C’s face is now gone.  C can also move his head from side to side to look around.

We also started using cloth diapers on C this week.  Man, it saves us heaps of money!

Also this week, we have noticed E becoming easily irritable.  Jeff and I definitely think it’s because E isn’t receiving 100% of our attention.

Corbyn 2 Weeks Old (1)


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Like last year, we were invited to celebrate this Christmas with the Robinson/Patterson family.  Jeff, E, C, and I arrived at Anthony and Melanie’s house at 8:30am.  We all sat around the Christmas tree and exchanged gifts.  E was more interested in Joel and Kayleigh’s (Melanie and Anthony’s children) toys than opening his Christmas gifts. E received some trains.  But, the coolest item he received was a hand-made Hobbit cloak from his adopted Aunt Amanda.  E really looks like a Hobbit with the cloak on.  All he needs are big feet and the outfit would be complete!  Amanda also made C a really awesome baby dinosaur blanket.  Following the gift exchange, everyone enjoyed freshly baked croissants, bacon, and fruit for breakfast. After our delicious breakfast, everyone hung out enjoying each other’s company.  Around 11am, Jeff and I put E down for a nap.


Joel helping E open his gift.


E the Hobbit.  (Photo was taken the day after Christmas.)


Enjoying breakfast.


Preparing the food.



Aunt Amanda holding C.


Kayleigh walking E.


This years Christmas family photo.

C was having difficulties waking up to feed all morning.  We tried everything to wake C up including turning on the AC, but nothing worked.  He went almost 7 hours without any breastmilk.  I ended up expressing some to him around 12:30.

That afternoon, we were invited to Wendy’s family Christmas get together over at Bruce’s house (Wendy’s brother).  Jeff and I really liked Bruce’s Christmas decorations.  Instead of a Christmas tree, they had a wooden manager to place gifts underneath, which is something we’ve never seen before.  Everyone was keen on the idea of putting C in the manager.  So that’s what we did.  It was so cute.  C fit perfectly in the manager.  We also loved the fact that the entire family spent a time praying for Anne (one of Wendy’s daughters) because she is moving to Japan to teach English in a couple of weeks. Jeff and I had never had a family experience like this and we really enjoyed it.  We hope that stuff like that will become ‘normal’ in our household.



C sleeping in the manager.

That evening, Jeff, E, C, and I returned home where E attempted to open his Christmas presents from his family in the States.  E did a great job opening the first gift, but he just wanted to play with newest toy instead of opening his other presents.  So Jeff and I opened most of the remaining gifts for him.


C with our Christmas tree.


The one and only gift E opened.

On Boxing Day (the day after Christmas) we were invited over to Josh and Beth’s house to celebrate Christmas with Beth’s brother and sisters.

(PS:  We still don’t have internet and won’t have it until January 8th .  Lame, I know!  If you are in New Zealand don’t get Vodafone as your internet provider because they have horrible customer service.  So we will try to keep everyone updated as much as possible.)

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C: 1 Week Old

Corbyn 1 Week Old (1)

1 Week Old on December 21, 2013

C pretty much sleeps all day and night long.  He currently wakes every 2-4 hours for breastmilk.

C also has a little bit of  jaundice in his face.  He has a click in his left hip, which Jodi will keep an eye on.

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C: 0 Weeks Old

Corbyn 0 Weeks Old (1)

0 Weeks Old taken on Tuesday December 17th

Corbyn 0 Weeks Old (7)

Elijah isn’t very keen on Corbyn taking photos with the sheep.

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After our two hour waiting period after C’s birth, we were allowed to leave Christchurch Women’s Hospital.  For those who don’t know, you can’t stay at Christchurch Women’s Hospital.  We then were transferred to St. George’s maternity ward for postnatal care.  We arrived at St. George’s maternity ward around 7:30/8pm on Saturday evening.  I was greeted with another meal and a milo milkshake (super yummy!).  All C wanted to do was sleep, so Jeff and I watched a movie on tv.  Jeff left to sleep at home around 10:30pm.  I had some issues getting C to breastfeed, so the first night it was expressed to him.  One of the midwives woke me up around 5:15am on Sunday asking if I fed him all night, which I hadn’t.  I guess that’s what happens when the baby doesn’t wake you up.  C did have a lot of mucus in his belly, which he spat up constantly.  Later that Sunday morning, Jeff picked up E from Melanie and Anthony’s house, to bring him over to meet his little brother.  E’s first night away from us was a success!  When E walked through my door and saw me, the biggest smile crossed his face.  It was super sweet to see that!  He also was very intrigued with C.  E kept pointing at C and making noises every time he moved.  That afternoon, we were blessed with a visit from Wendy, Amanda, Melanie, Anthony, Joel, and Kayleigh.  Jodi also showed up to check up on me and C.  There was also an earthquake during Melanie, Anthony, Joel, and Kayleigh’s visit.  It was a pretty big one and one of the midwives came to check up on me.

Monday morning the maternity ward was moved to the Cressy Ward for repairs.  The birthing pool will be back up and running at St. George’s in February.  The rest of the day was just spent chilling in my room as a family of four.  That evening, we were blessed with a visit from John, Annie, and Xander.  C also had his first bath before Jeff and E returned home for the evening.  Then on Tuesday morning I was discharged.


E meeting C for the first time.


Jeff and C.


Jeff and his two boys.


Me and my two boys.


C’s first bath.


Our family of four.




All ready for a car ride!

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C’s Birth Story

I woke up around 6:51am on Saturday, December 14th to use the toilet at which time I discovered bleeding.  So I proceed to get dressed, brush teeth, pack a few more items, etc and texted Jodi, my midwife, around 8am.  Jodi called me to talk about what was going on.  Since the bleeding wasn’t normal and that it wasn’t just a little bit of blood, Jodi decided it was best to have things checked out at Christchurch Women’s Hospital.  I was to meet her there at 9:30am.  In the meantime, I drove to the store and drove E to Anthony and Melanie’s house because he had a play date with their children, Joel and Kayleigh, for the move.  We were expecting friends to arrive at our place at 9am to help move furniture to our new apartment.  When it was time for me to leave for the hospital, not many people had shown up at our place, so Jeff stayed behind to coordinate the move.

Once at the hospital, I was assigned to an “assessment room.”  Jodi hooked me up to a monitor that tracked the baby’s heart beat and contractions.  I was apparently having contractions and not feeling them.  We had to track the baby’s heart beat for about 20 minutes before seeing the doctor.  While waiting, the doctor recommended getting my bloods to check my hemoglobin and get an IV line into my arm as a precaution.  After two failed attempts of getting an IV line into my arm and on the verge of passing out, I decided that there was no need for me to have an IV line unless it was absolutely necessary.  The doctor finally arrived around 10:40am and did a check on me.  The good news was that the bleeding was just from me and not the baby.  We think I just over did it on Friday moving things into our new place.  I was also 3cm dilated.  However, I had to stay at Christchurch Women’s Hospital and a water birth was out the question because we had to continue monitoring the baby’s heart rate, which I was fine with.  While the doctor was saying all this, she then said something on the lines like, “depending on how things go, it might be better to meet baby sooner rather than later.”  I agreed since you never know what will happen, but she meant something completely different, which I found out once Jodi and I had been moved to a birthing room.  At that time, I called Jeff to tell him the news. Once in the birthing room, Jodi asked me if I wanted to wait to have my water’s broken till Jeff arrived.  I was like, “what? I don’t remember that ever being mentioned.”  Then Jodi proceeded to tell me that’s what the doctor meant.  Doctors should really say what they mean and not hint around the bush.  I decided to wait till Jeff arrived to make any decision on the matter.  At this time, I started feeling very mild contractions about every ten minutes or so.

Jeff arrived around noon with lunch for me.  After much discussion, we decided to have my waters broken, but I was very clear that I didn’t want any other interventions unless the baby was in danger.  One of my fears was knowing that when you intervene in birth, other medical interventions follow (not something I wanted).  Jeff and I decided to go for a walk before having my waters broken.  Jodi thought that once my water broke, that my labor would intensified and progress rather quickly since that was the case with Elijah’s birth.  After our walk, Jodi attempted to break my waters, but the membrane was super thick.  The doctor was paged and said she would be there shortly.  The doctor recommend Jodi using some type of skull cap (I think that’s what it is called) to break my waters.  A skull cap (or whatever it’s called) is where they put a long metal spiral inside you and it screws into the top of baby’s head, which would automatically break my waters in the process, but also give a more accurate read of baby’s heart rate.  Jeff and I both immediately said no to it!

During our wait, we walked around the ward and watched a Christmas-vintage car parade going around the hospital.  Jodi was also out assessing another one of her patients, but she kept checking up on us regularly.  I was having mild and irregular contractions about every 5-6 minutes.  About two hours later, the doctor arrived.  My waters were broken at 2:45pm and I was now 4cm dilated.  Once my waters were broken, I had to be connected to the machine again or about 20 minutes to check baby’s heart rate and my contractions.  After the check, everything seemed fine with the baby, so Jodi recommended we walk around to get the labor going.  She had to go check in on her other client again and told us to page her when my contractions were 3 in 10 minutes.  Jeff had Jodi paged a little before 4pm because my contractions were 4 in 10 minutes.  I was sitting on the toilet when Jodi arrived and the second I moved to the bed the contractions were hardcore.  I was also hooked back up on the machine.   Around 4:14pm I started involuntary pushing.   I pushed for about 4 minutes and C was born at 4:18pm.  I make it sound like this labor was nothing, but it was a lot more intense than my water birth with E.  Hot water really does make a huge difference in the pain relief during labor and I definitely recommend it to anyone thinking about it. C weighed 3.18 kg (7 pounds) and was 51cm long (20 inches).

It was recommended by the doctor that once the baby arrived for me to have an injection to give birth to the placenta instead of waiting for the cord to stop pulsing, have skin to skin time with C, and then birth it naturally.  I declined the doctors recommendation yet again and just waited.  After I spent some time with C, Jeff cut the cord and C was handed over to Jeff for cuddles.  The placenta came around 4:45pm.  We were required to stay at Christchurch Women’s Hospital for two hours following the birth of the placenta.  That time was spent just hanging out, full examinations of both myself and C, supper, and a shower for me.  I did have one minor tear that didn’t require stitches!  One thing that surprised me was the postnatal cramps and the nausea.  They were both really intense and I never experience either with E after birth.  Once our two hours were up at Christchurch Women’s Hospital, Jeff, C, and I were transferred to St. George’s Hospital for postnatal care.   E spent the night at Melanie and Anthony’s house.

FYI on the spelling of C’s name. I mentioned in a blog post that Jeff and I couldn’t agree on the spelling of our baby name.  I liked K and y and Jeff liked C and i. The only reason he didn’t like my spelling was the “k” and the only reason I didn’t like his was the “i.”  Therefore, we compromised and agreed on a c and a y.

I have internet at St. George’s so I will try to keep things up to date.  Here are some photos:


Thumb sucker.  Look at that head of hair!


Just chilling after the birth.


C in his bed at St. George’s Hospital. 

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We are moving house yet again tomorrow.  Wait, I don’t think I ever mentioned our housing woes on the blog.

Rewind:  Immediately upon our return from our trip to the States in mid-September, we were informed that the owner of our apartment put the property up for sale.  We were gutted!  We were even more upset when we found out that the property manager knew and the only reason the owner wanted us in was to raise rent to get a better selling price.  So, we’ve been looking for a new apartment till about two weeks ago when we finally were accepted for an apartment.  Finding an apartment in Christchurch is ridiculously hard and due to housing crunch, it’s becoming more and more expensive!  Our new apartment is absolutely amazing and we have a LONG term lease, so we will not be moving anytime soon!  I hope to post photos of the new place after we get settled.  We aren’t sure when the internet will get hooked up, but I can always get Jeff to write the blog posts after work to keep y’all updated.

This week, we have been busy packing our stuff.  Unfortunately, E also became really sick on Tuesday making things a bit harder.  He was throwing up, had a fever, and broke out in red spots all over his body.  We thought it was the chickenpox’s, but our doctor said it was just his body’s reaction to another virus.


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