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This year Jeff decided to participate in Movember to raise prostate cancer awareness.  Here is what Jeff looks like with a month (Well, almost a month.  He shaved it all off on November 27 for his travels.) worth of mustache:



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17 Months Old

17 Months Old (13)

This past month, we started having E take on a little bit of responsibility around the house.  It’s nothing big and it’s all age appropriate.  He now has to pick up one toy every night and put his clothes into his dirty hamper before bath time.  He really enjoys putting his dirty clothes into his ladybug clothes hamper.

E is no longer breastfeeding.  His last drink of breastmilk was on November 6th.  He really didn’t have any issues without it as long as I was out of sight.  I just wasn’t able to be around for bath time and help put him to bed.  I think it affected me more than anything.  I really wasn’t ready to stop breastfeeding him and I wouldn’t have pushed the weaning so quickly had it not been the fact that I didn’t want to tandem breastfed (which if you are wondering, it is very possible and I know many people who do).  He eats three meals a day along with a morning and afternoon snack.  For some reason, E has gone off eating vegetables.  Hopefully, it’s just a stage that will pass.

E now has three teeth!  The top, front, left tooth emerged a couple of weeks ago.  The one to the right of it has appeared, but hasn’t broken through the skin yet.

He still isn’t saying any words.  But when he claps, that is his way of saying ‘yes.’

E is a great climber and runner.  He has also figured out how to stand on his tippy-toes.

His favorite thing is to be read to for hours on end.  He actually gets really upset when I say that I’m not going to read to him at the moment.  He enjoys playing with his monkey, penguin, and dinosaur stuffed animals.  He walks around hugging them.  It’s really cute.  E also really likes walking around or behind objects (like his cot).

E is currently wearing American 12-18 month size clothes and New Zealand size 1.  In pants, he still needs a small waist band, so we have some 9-12 month shorts that are still too big on him.  In shoes, he still wears a size 5.

E still goes to bed at 7pm every night and is awoken every morning by the alarm clock at 6:30am.  He also takes one nap a day around noon lasting for an hour or two.

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Today is Thanksgiving.  To celebrate Thanksgiving, E and I went over to our friends Rachel and Bradley’s house.  Rachel and Bradley just moved to New Zealand a couple of months ago from Australia.  Jeff and I met them at church a couple of Sundays back.  Rachel loves everything about Thanksgiving with the exception of pumpkin pie.  So she decided to hold a celebration at her house.  She invited me, E, Mike, and Emma.  It was a lovely evening spent with friends.  Plus, Rachel did an amazing job with the food.


From left to right:  Me, E, Rachel, Bradley, Mike, and Emma

PS:  Mike writes a very thoughtful and well-written blog focusing on society, communication, and the church.  So if you are interested in reading it, click here.

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This week I am 37 weeks pregnant with Baby #2.  I met with Jodi today.  Baby #2 is moving well, but not as active as he used to be.   He is causing me some major pain in my left groin/top of my leg.  My belly measured at 34 cm today.  E notices my growing belly now.  He likes to pat it.  I don’t really like this weeks photo, but I’m going to post it anyways.  To see what I looked like this time with E, click here.

Jeff is also leaving for the States tomorrow.

37 Weeks Pregnant Baby Ray #2 (6)


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I meant to post these photos before my brother came to visit us, but it just didn’t happen unfortunately.  While we were visiting the States in August, I asked my Aunt Deb if she could do a photo shoot of the three of us (technically it’s four of us since I was 25ish weeks pregnant with Baby #2 here, but you know what I mean).  She, of course, agreed.  The photos were taken in my grandparent’s backyard in Lewisville, North Carolina.  You can’t tell though!  My aunt is absolutely amazing and is great at what she does – photography.  To see more of her photos, click here.  Here are just a few photos that she took.






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This week I am 36 weeks pregnant.  I met with Jodi again.  I am now meeting her once a week until Baby #2 arrives.  At my appointment, we discussed my birthing plan, which is pretty much the same as the last time (ie stay at home as long as possible, travel to Burwood birthing unit, have a water birth).  Baby #2 is still very active.  I feel like he has grown a lot lately because I’m extremely uncomfortable.  My fundal height (belly) measured at 33cm this week.  I am super tired all the time and not sleeping well at night isn’t helping (or having 4.6 earthquakes waking me up doesn’t help either).  I have to do a routine blood check this week, which I will do on Saturday morning so Jeff can attend.  Other than that, everything is going well.

36 Weeks Pregnant Baby Ray #2 (3)

36 Weeks Pregnant on November 17th.  I would like to point out (mostly for me for future references) that the shirt I’m wearing is an XS non-maternity shirt!

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Friday, November 18th, was Canterbury Anniversary day.  Because Christchurch is located within Canterbury, Jeff had the day off from work.  The entire week leading up to Canterbury Anniversary day is known as Show Week.  Show Week consists of tons of horse races and the A&P Show.  We were unable to attend the A&P show last year because we were doing a road trip down South with Jeff’s parent’s, Doug and Carolyn.  So this year we made it a point to attend.  We also heard that it would be great for E, which ended up being very true.

We decided to arrive when the show opened at 8am to make the most of the morning before E’s afternoon nap.  One tip for folks wanting to go to the A&P show is buy your tickets online because it’s cheaper.

If we had to compare the A&P Show to anything it would be a cross between a trade show and a county fair in North Carolina.  E enjoyed the animals in the petting area the most.  He was able to pet a baby sheep, a goat, and a cow, but he saw many more.  I mostly enjoyed looking at the different local shops that had pitched a tent at the A&P Show.  There were a lot of options that were ‘Made in New Zealand’ too.  That’s a plus for us since we know that the laborers were paid a fair and equal wage.  Jeff actually bought my Christmas present while we were there.  It was a reversible skirt from Tava, which has been something that I’ve wanted for a while now.  Jeff is just awesome.  I also won a pair of SmartWool socks because I guessed the closest to a sheep’s weight in kilos.  Another random thing, Jeff and I ran into Jerry Brownlee, literally, he bumped into me while we were in one of the pavilions.  For those of you not from Christchurch, Jerry Brownlee is the Earthquake Commission Minister in charge of EQC (both him and EQC are highly frowned upon by the majority of locals here in the city). Gerry Brownlee would be about the equivalent of a US Senator.  I mention this only because politicians seems to be around lately.  I met John Key, the Prime Minister of New Zealand, two weeks ago at the Palms mall.


Lamb!  So adorable!


E petting his first cow.

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