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24 Weeks Prego Baby Ray #2 (3)

24 Weeks Pregnant on Monday, August 26, 2013

14 Months Old (32)

14 Months Old – August 29, 2013 photo taken in Mocksville, North Carolina

At 14 Months old E walks everywhere he goes.  He rarely crawls now unless he is after a toy.  He can also climb on top of our couch.  E’s momma’s boy stage has begun.  He only wants me.  I keep telling Jeff that this will pass and that E will only want him before he knows it.


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Leaving on a Jet Plane

We woke early on Saturday, August 24th to catch our 7am international flight to Australia.  The fog to the airport was extremely thick.  Upon arriving at the airport we discovered that our flight had been delayed and rescheduled to leave at 11:30am.  Air New Zealand feared we would get stuck in Australia overnight and granted all three of us free Australian visas (that last for a year!) just in case.  Luckily, we arrived in time to make our connecting flight.  E did absolutely amazing on ALL our flights.  He took a nap when he needed to without any issues.  On the long flight, E slept for 9 straight hours in the bassinet.  Having the bassinet was very essential to have when flying overseas with an infant/toddler.  One thing we did notice is that the American airlines we flew with really suck at customer service compared to Air New Zealand.  We arrived in Charlotte, NC at 9:00pm on Saturday, August 24th.  Man, it was a really LONG day.


E sleeping in the plane’s bassinet.


Cell phone photo of Nana (my mom) with E while we waited for our checked bags.

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Yesterday, E and I walked around Hagley Park.  While there I wanted to see if the field of daffodils had started to bloom.  We realized with our upcoming trip that we were going to miss the peak season for the daffodil field at Hagley Park.  But luckily, the daffodils have started to bloom.  Every time I placed E in the daffodils to take some photos, he seemed nervous (or something) about walking and just stood there.  Well, it made taking photos easier.  As you look at the photos, you can tell we moved from spot to spot and I was playing with the camera settings.  I can never decide what setting looks the best.

Here are some photos of E amongst the flowers.IMG_7046




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E is good at stacking his toys.


The newest form of entertainment.


I know it’s blurry, but I love E’s facial expression.


Crazy hair.


Who needs fancy toys…all you need are clothes pins, a shoe, and a spoon.


This is what happens at 8:30am when someone decides to wake at 5:30am.

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23 Weeks Prego Baby Ray #2 (2)

I’m 23 weeks pregnant this week.  This pregnancy is going much easier than the last one!

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Jeff here…

On Saturday August 10th a group of us from Oxford Terrace Baptist Church made a trip to Auckland. As you may or may not know, Oxford Terrace Baptist Church was destroyed in the February 22, 2011 earthquake. Oxford Terrace is one of the oldest Baptist churches in Christchurch. This year marks the 150th year since the church started. The church building wasn’t quite that old but it had been a major land mark in city. Here is a great article, that I strongly suggest you read, about Oxford Terrace Baptist that was written by Chris, the senior minister at Oxford Terrace:


Anyway, I am on a committee that has been tasked with rebuilding the church. This is one daunting task, and we needed some help and inspiration. So we travelled to Auckland to talk to the head of Architecture at Auckland University of Technology (AUT). The graduate students at AUT have taken on the task of rebuilding several churches in Christchurch, including Oxford Terrace, as a theoretical project. The end result of all the students’ hard work was a display at the Auckland Art Museum. Here are some photos of the exhibit.


Auckland University of Technology Atrium – They have a lot of interesting spaces.


Model of the original Oxford Terrace Baptist Church – The stick figure people represent the members.

While we were there, we also visited several churches that were built in the last 10 or 15 years to ask about possible areas to succeed and potential pitfalls. It was very inspirational and I expect that it will help us as we continue. Here are a few photos from our visits:


This isn’t a church we visited but I do think every church needs an Easter Island head.


Every church should have a pastor who can decrease so the Lord can increase.


I really like how this church was able to use the six holes that make up their cross as a ‘Logo’ for their church, it’s on stationary and things like that.

Then on Sunday, August 11th, Oxford Terrace celebrated their 150th anniversary.  The church built a tiny model of what the church used to look like.  There was cake and lots of celebration.

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On July 29th, E became 13 months old.  At 13 months old, he attempts to walk everywhere.  He started becoming more interested in walking about mid-July.  He walks with his hands up in the air.  He isn’t an independent walker yet, as he still likes to crawl.  It’s really funny when he tries to walk faster than he can because it always ends up with him falling onto the floor and crying.  He also doesn’t look down when he is walking, resulting in E tripping over his toys.

E now has two teeth.  They are his bottom, front two.  He gets really excited when asked “Do you want to brush your teeth?”

E’s first official word is “up.”  He doesn’t get the p sound quiet right, but you can tell he is saying “Up!”

When I ask E to clap his hands, he will take my hands and clap them together.  Goof ball.  He not only can do a ‘high five,’ but he can also do a ‘high fünf.’   Fünf is the number five in German.  E giggles a lot when I say fünf to him.  I currently count to ten to E in English, Spanish, German, and Hungarian.

E nurses twice a day;  once in the morning and in the evening before bed.  (I was planning on dropping one of the feeds around August 1st, but that didn’t happened because E became really sick that weekend with a 39.3C temperature (around 102F).  For lunch, E really enjoys eating a grilled green olive and cheese sandwich.  He definitely takes after me there!  Man, I love green olives.  You also have to be careful saying the words ‘banana’ or ‘yogurt’ around him or he gets really excited thinking he is going to get some.

E also really loves cats and dogs.  People are surprised when they find out that we don’t have any pets because of how much he loves them.  For instance, we were at a party the other weekend and there was a cat in the room.  E, being E, was crawling after the cat.  Then the owners put the cat outside and E crawled to the glass door, sat there, and cried.

13 Months Old (9)

Words really can’t express the joy that E has.

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