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I just got on the computer quickly to let you know that I haven’t forgotten to write a post.  I just haven’t had any time to do it.  This week has been a bit crazy with Jeff and E getting sick along with packing.  We move into our new apartment tomorrow and Saturday.  We will be without internet for a few days following that.  I promise to update everyone next week!


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Update & Photos

Sorry about the lack of posts lately.  We have found a new apartment to live in, so needless to say, we have been very busy packing our belongings!  Packing during the day is nonexistent due to E.  I was packing a box and E was pulling the objects out of the box at a faster rate than I was putting in.  We will be moving into our new apartment next Friday.  There is a lot to do!

We will post some very exciting news regarding Baby #2 early next week.  Stay tune for that!  There will also be a post about our birthdays coming soon.

But in the meantime, here are some photos for your pleasure:


“ARGGHHHHH!  I’m a pirate walker!”  I would like to point out that E climbed into his walker and put himself into this position.  We have a video clip of him walking around one-legged.  It’s really funny to watch.


E discovered the joy of a smart phone.  He kept taking it from Stacey. 


Big boy sitting at a big boy table.


So cute shoving food into his mouth.


I love that E walks with his hands up.

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Independence Day

For July 4th we celebrated by eating cheese burgers and french fries.  Other than that, it wasn’t much of a holiday.  The weather was great the entire week of July 4th though.  Here is our family photo (PS: My hair looks awful.  I can’t wait to get it cut next month in Asheville).


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Over the last week or so, we have noticed an increase in E’s desire to learn new things.  This post is really just to document E’s development.  On July 3rd, E took his first step.  It wasn’t just one step either.  It was three steps in a row!!!!!!  He is by no means walking independently or even consistently, but it’s a step in the right direction.  E is still very fascinated with crawling around on the floor.  We have these first steps recorded, so when we visit the States we can show the clip.

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In the next couple of posts, I will play catch up on the following week.

On Sunday, June 30th, Oxford Terrace Baptist Church held a baby dedication.  E was one of the chosen ones.  Here are some photos:



E sizing up Chris. 


WOOHOOO!!!  I’m dedicated.


PS:  I am 16 weeks pregnant in these photos.

Also, this is just for documentation purposes, but this weekend (of E’s birthday and dedication) marks the end of the military occupation of the central city of Christchurch.  Following the major earthquakes that rattled Christchurch, the military came to the aid of the city.  At that time, they set up a cordon (a fenced in area) around the Four Avenues (Bealey Avenue, Fitzgerald Avenue, Deans Avenue, and Moorhouse Avenue) for various reasons such as keeping unauthorized personal out of the city, protecting people from damaged buildings and leaking gas lines, the prevention of looting, etc.  Over the last 2.5 years the cordon has progressively reduced.  Now, it’s officially gone.  Numerous buildings are still fenced in due to their potential danger and declaration for demolition.

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On Saturday, June 29th, E turned 1 year old!

12 Months Old & 1 Year Old (1)

I’m one year old!

At 1 year old, E is still happily crawling around on his hands and knees.  He likes to walk his little table, highchair, and walker around the apartment.  Sometimes he will hold onto our hands and walk.  He finds getting to his destination quicker when he crawls.  He can stand when he wants to for a couple of seconds.  E is also a bit of a climber.  He can climb on top of his little table and then climb onto the tv stand.

E will come to you when you ask him to come.  He can also give high fives (I totally taught him that!).

E just has the one tooth on the bottom.  If you look closely in the above photo you can slightly see his one tooth.

E’s version of throwing a ball is him lifting the ball into the air, dropping the ball, then moving his hands forward to throw.  It’s really funny to watch.  He wears 12-18 months and New Zealand size 1.  Since E thinks it is fun to remove his socks all the time, he has to wear shoes.  It’s too cold to go around sock-less right now.  Otherwise, I wouldn’t care.  He is currently wearing a shoe size five.  We could only find one brand that sold size five in a soft sole, which was Oshkosh.

When we are in public, E has started to act shy in front of others.  He will hid his head in my arms and peek out to smile at the stranger.

At 12 months old, E is also a great sleeper and eater.  There are foods that he doesn’t like, which is fine, we are all entitled to our opinions.  E nurses 2 times a day now.  We just dropped the middle of the day feed on Sunday, June 30th.

We didn’t want to go all out for E’s first birthday because we didn’t see the need to.  Our gift to E is a membership at the Toy Library here in Christchurch, but he has to wait till we move into a new apartment to get it.  The Toy Library is just what you think it is – a place to rent out toys, saving us money and space.  E received a few birthday gifts in the mail from his grandparents, Uncle Scott & Aunt Jessica, and Uncle Joseph.  We gave him those gifts two weeks ago mostly to get the boxes out of the way.  Here are some photos:



The only thing Jeff and I wanted to do for E’s first birthday was a smash cake.  A smash cake is where a baby is given their very own cake on their first birthday.  Then you watch them taste sugar (for E this was a first) and as a result the baby ends up smashing into it trying to devour the cake as quickly as possible.  Well, that’s the idea at least.  E thought differently.  We called on Amanda Robinson and her cake making expertise to create the prefect cake for E.  She came up with the coolest idea ever!!  It also tasted amazing!  Here is the finished cake product:


Lamb Cake by Amanda Robinson

E LOVED the popcorn, but didn’t like the cake part.  Here are some photos:


Yum, popcorn.  It took us about five minutes to even get E slightly interested in his lamb cake. 


After E only showed interest in the popcorn, we took everything away, except one leg of lamb.  He finally gave it a try after about 15 minutes of crawling away from it.


No more, Mommy.


Ok, I’m over this.  (This is also E’s bear crawl.)


Family birthday shot.

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