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This week E had his 12 month Plunket checkup.  He is now 75 cm long and weighs 8.72kg.  Yes, he did lose weight since April, but his Plunket nurse wasn’t concerned about it, so we aren’t either.

E can now shake his head no.  He can also do a bear crawl.

E’s last weekly photo.  Tomorrow E turns 1 year old!!!!!  So from here on out we will start doing monthly photos of E only.

52 Weeks Old (2)


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Over the last week, New Zealand has been hit with a huge storm.  The storm brought with it heaps of snow to the South Island, damaging winds and thunderstorms to the North Island, and flooding everywhere in between.  According to the news, this storm was the worst one in 25 years to hit New Zealand.  In Christchurch, we mostly received a ton of rain and wind, but it did snow and hail on Friday morning.

This morning, Jeff, E, and I along with our friends Amie and Mitchell decided we wanted to play in some snow.  The decision was made to drive to the Southern Alps.  We weren’t sure how far we would be able to drive due to the fact that we didn’t have any chains for our car.  We stopped at one of our favorite photo spots.  If you click here, the second photo is what this area normally looks like in March.




We were able to drive a little bit past Springfield (Doug and Carolyn, that’s where the giant donut is located) at the foot of the Southern Alps.  We stopped at a hill where a lot of people were sledding because the road after the hill was very slippery to drive on (although Jeff thinks he could have made it all the way to Porter’s Pass…I’m glad he didn’t try).  Here are some photos:


Frozen pond.


Jeff sledding down the hill.


This makes me laugh – true Kiwi fashion – Choosing to believe that New Zealand is a tropical country and ignoring the fact that it REALLY does get cold in this country.


We decided to walk in the path already created by others because the snow came up to our knees otherwise.


View from the top of the hill.


E’s first time in the snow.  He didn’t like it very much.


Snow Angel making is serious business.

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Wordless Wednesday


Who needs a chair when you have a boot?




It’s a lot more fun sitting in the kitchen cabinets.


E really enjoys brushing his one tooth.  In fact, he cries when it’s over.

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Life Update

It’s been raining non-stop here for what seems like forever, so our adventures have been put on hold till it clears up.  According to the weather, it doesn’t look like the weather will clear up anytime soon.  Who knows when the laundry will get done again.

I’m 14 weeks pregnant today.  Nothing exciting to comment on yet.

E has also discovered the joy of removing his socks this past week.  He now has to wear shoes.  He currently wears a shoe size 4….just barely!!!!  The size 4 shoes we have for him are super tight on his feet.  E can stand for a few seconds on his own, but isn’t very keen on the idea.  E developed a cold last week and is still recovering.  He has since pasted his germs on to us.

Over the last month and a half we have discovered major moisture and mold problems with our apartment.  In fact, we think E’s cold is directly related to the apartment growing mold.  The mold and moisture issues were addressed to the property manager and we have been granted permission to break our lease to find a new place to live.  So we are currently searching for a new place.  Hopefully we will find something nice, warm, and dry quickly.  The problem is that Christchurch has a major housing crisis.  To give you an idea of how bad it is, on Friday, I viewed an apartment and our application for the place was one of 69 others!!!!!  We really hope we get this apartment because it is fully insulated (which isn’t a norm here), double glazing (double paned windows) throughout, dry, and has a heat pump and then we can move in within 21 days (getting us out of this moldy apartment quickly).  The chances are slim that will we get this apartment, but prayers would be appreciated.



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Math Photo




Green Bean

Baby #2 Coming this December (12 week ultrasound)

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