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47 Weeks Old (11)



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Yesterday E turned 46 weeks old.  Jeff and I took his photo yesterday, but I didn’t like any of them, but one.  So we redid the photo this morning.  Here they are:

46 Weeks Old (2)

Side ways shot from yesterday.

46 Weeks Old (16)

Today’s redo.

This week, E is doing what Jeff and I call “the Barty Crouch Jr.”  All you Harry Potter fans will know what I’m talking about.  Here is a funny Barty Crouch remix that I found on youtube.  E sticks his tongue out similar to the way Barty Crouch Jr does in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire.

I’m watching Doctor Who for the first time and I still expect David Tennant to flick out his tongue in every scene like Barty Crouch Jr.


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Enjoying a book at the Library.


E is into everything…well, that we allow him to get into.


Interesting facial expression.


Having fun in the long, green tube.


Going the other way in the green tube.


Yes, he climbed up there all on his own. 

Leaves 1

Playing in the leaves.

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Sorry for the delay in posting E’s 45 Weeks Old photo.  This week E has started breastfeeding every 4-5 hours.  In other words, only 4 times a day.

45 Weeks Old (38)

A very happy boy.

We didn’t really do much for Mother’s Day.  However, on Saturday, Jeff surprised me with a facial, which was extremely unexpected and awesome.  Then on Sunday, we left E with Wendy for a couple of hours so we could watch Star Trek.  E didn’t really enjoy being away from Mommy and Daddy.  This was E’s first time away from us while he was awake.  However, Jeff and I enjoyed our time at the movies, especially since Star Trek was amazing.  The movie was just as good or even better than the first one!!

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On Sunday following lunch,  Jeff, E, and myself met up with our friends Forrest and Sara to walk the Godley Head Walk at Taylor’s Mistake (in Sunmer).  Since earthquake repairs were completed, this walkway just reopened about a month or so ago.  It was a very pleasant walk that leads you to an old WWII fort that was created to protect Canterbury.  The fort was built in 1939 and was closed in 1963.  It was feared that the war would make it all the way to New Zealand so the fort was built at Godley Head to protect Lyttleton Harbor.  Today, the only remains of the fort include three large gun emplacements, seven military buildings, and a couple of bunkers.  According to DOC (New Zealand’s Department of Conversation), in the fort’s heyday, it staffed over 400 men and women and was a self-contained community.


The walk


Family shot at one of the remains of the fort.

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44 Weeks Old (12)

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On Saturday, April 27th, I was scheduled to do the Fox Glacier tour starting at 8:35am.  When we woke that morning it was pouring rain.  Jeff even called the tour group to make sure that everything was still operating for the day.  We were informed that all the tours were on hold and that the area was on a serve weather warning till noon.  After much debate and the fact that the tour was going to happen as planned, I decided to do it even if it was going to pour rain the entire time.  I also decided to take the point and shoot camera.  Going on the tour was a great decision!  As my group was walking towards Fox Glacier, the weather cleared up and the rain stopped!  It didn’t clear up enough to see Mount Cook though.  Here are some photos:


Me and the Fox Glacier


Gives you an idea the scale of the glacier.




I totally ice picked my entire way up…NOT.

This was the first time I’ve walked on a glacier before and I had a great time.  I met an awesome couple from Brazil, who were on holiday in New Zealand, but live in Australia.  If anyone out there is thinking of walking on the Fox Glacier, I say go for it.  It’s about half the price for the same time as the Franz Josef Glacier walks.  We did the half day walks (4.5 hours long), but would recommend doing the full day tours.  We just were unable to do the full day tours due to E, esp me since E is still breastfeeding.

While I was on the glacier, Jeff and E went for a hike to a swing bridge.  Here is the view from the swing bridge:


After my tour finished, we ate lunch and headed back towards Hokitika.  We wanted to go back to the Franz Josef Glacier and walk all the way to the viewing point, but yet again it was raining and we also didn’t have time if we were going to make it back to Hokitika in time for E to eat supper.  As we stopped for gas, we gave E a tiny break from his carseat.


He only thinks he is driving.

On Sunday morning, it was raining again.  So we briefly stopped at a ship in Hokitika and then headed back to Christchurch.

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