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Sorry for the delay.  Between unpacking and not feeling well, I haven’t been on the computer much.  We arrived safely back home on Sunday (April 28th) in the afternoon from our trip to the West Coast.  I will post about our trip starting tomorrow. At 43 weeks Old, E can officially sit from any position.  (He has been able to sit for a long time if we put him into a sitting position.  Now, he can crawl, lay on his belly, etc and put himself into a sitting position on his own.  I hope this is more clear.)  He used to just do a lean-to-the-side sit, but now he can go all the way up. 43 Weeks Old (18)

43 Weeks Old on Friday April 26, 2013

At 10 Months Old, E is still toothless.  He only takes one nap a day, even though he still needs two.  He sleeps very well at night.  In fact, I slept for 11.5 hours on Sunday night!  He currently nurses every 3-4 hours.  The most he has gone without having any breastmilk was 5 hours (when I was hiking the Fox Glacier this weekend).  He enjoys opening and closing doors.  E crawls everywhere (both commando crawl and real crawling).  He pulls himself up onto everything in sight.  Diaper changes are a nightmare.  E is also a very social baby and isn’t afraid to mingle with others.  He smiles a lot too. 10 Months Old (9)

10 Months Old on Monday April 29, 2013


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For this year’s ANZAC day we plan to go to the West Coast for a few days to see some glaciers and visit Hokitika.  The weather doesn’t look promising, but it’s better than staying at home.  We will post about our trip upon our return.

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It seems like it has been raining nonstop here in Christchurch for the past week.  So we haven’t done anything super cool outside.  Since moving to New Zealand, Jeff and I have tried to eat healthier.  We have completely eliminated all traces of high fructose corn syrup from our diet.  Before we moved we wanted to do that and started the process when we found out we were pregnant with E.  New Zealand has made it easier since it’s hard to find high fructose corn syrup in the food.  We have also cut out all canned vegetables due to high sodium. We will continue these changes for E’s sake.  As part of this new goal to have a healthier diet, I’ve been searching for healthier recipes.  Our latest recipe we tried is Cauliflower Pizza.  It’s really good and I was very impressed with the recipe!!  It’s a great recipe to trick your children into eating a vegetable.  E seemed to enjoy eating it.  I found the recipe online on pintrest.  All you do is mix 2 cups grated cauliflower,  one cup of grated cheese, 2 eggs, and 1/4 cup of fresh basil.  Then you place the crust mix onto your cooking sheet and bake for 15 minutes at 450 Degrees Fahrenheit.  Once the crust is done cooking, add your toppings and put back into the oven till the cheese is melted.  You can add whatever toppings and sauce you like onto it.  We put pesto sauce, cheese, mushrooms, green and black olives, tomatoes, fresh spinach, and chicken on top.  I doubled the recipe, which made 1.5 pizzas of the one in the photo shown below.  Here is our final product:


A blurry photo of Cauliflower Pizza

 On Thursday evening, Aurecon was holding an event at the Pallet Pavillion.  The Pallet Pavillion is a “gap filler project” and structurally designed by Aurecon.  Since Christchurch is littered with empty sections of land, the nonprofit organization known as Gap Filler has stepped in to “fill” in the empty spaces.  In fact, SCIRT is working on a putt-putt golf course made of pallets to put into another empty section in the center city.  The Pallet Pavillion is a place made out of pallets designed to hold live bands during the summer and evenings.  It’s a great idea and very innovative, as well as cheap to make.  The pallets were all donated and Aurecon did the structural design for free.  Then it was put together by volunteers.  Here are some photos:





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42 Weeks Old

42 Weeks Old (3)

This week E started waving.  He doesn’t do it on command yet.

Today, E also figured out how to sit backwards in his chair.  When I saw him sitting like this, I quickly dashed for the camera.  Here is a photo of it.


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Wordless Wednesday


D is for Dogsled


A day full of Cloth Diaper games.  E really enjoyed it.


Hugging Monkey in midair.


Afternoon at the park.


E is obsessed with the computer.  I started putting his walker in front of it to keep him from getting to it.  Well, he jumped on top of it and crawled his way over to the computer!  Clever boy!

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41 Weeks Old

E is now 41 weeks old.  On Monday E had a Plunket appointment.  He currently weighs 8.82kg and is 73 cm long.  This past week E has gone to town with verbalizing the “n” sound.  He also has started making the “s” and “t” sounds.  E can now walk along the edge of the couch while holding onto it.  He definitely knows the word “no.”  E also enjoys looking at his books.  His favorite part is trying to turn the pages.    I think E is transitioning into only one nap a day, which I’m not thrilled about, but we will see.  Hopefully it’s just a fluke.

Also this week, Jeff’s brother, Scott and his wife Jessica, welcomed their daughter Eulalia Janet Ray into the world!  Congrats!

41 Weeks Old (1)

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40 Weeks Old (13)

Friday April 5, 2013

This week E learned how to get down from standing up.  He also has started doing what I call the “woodpecker.”  The woodpecker is when E opens his mouth wide and moves his head back and forth from an object while touching the object with his mouth.  The best example of the woodpecker was on Thursday at baby time at the library.  In the baby section at the library there is an alphabet oval carpet.  Every letter has an image that starts with each corresponding letter.  E was going around to the different letters/images and opening his mouth and pecking the image on the carpet with his mouth.

Also this week, changing E’s diaper has become a nightmare.  Staying still for one minute is the hardest thing for him.  He pitches the biggest fit that ends with him screaming his head off when I hold him still.

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