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34 Weeks Old (32)

On Saturday, Jeff, E, and I had a picnic lunch in Hagley Park.  While walking around we decided to look at the Festival of Flowers taking place on the Archery Lawn in the park.  There were a lot of flower exhibits and animal shaped sculptures made of plants spread across the lawn.  Then, we went to the Canterbury Museum.

Then today, after church we went back to Hagley Park and attempted to watch a play called Wind In the Willows.  Following the play, we went over to our friends, Heather and Kit’s house for the afternoon.


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Yesterday, February 22, was the two year anniversary of the 6.3 earthquake that devastated Christchurch killing 185 people at 12:51pm.  The city held an offical memorial service starting at noon at Latimer Square.  I thought Latimer Square was a prefect location because you could see both destruction and rebirth at the same time.  Behind the speakers to the right, is where the CTV building used to stand (the building that had the most casualties) and then on the left side of the street is the Christchurch’s cardboard cathedral being built.  Speakers were Christchurch’s mayor, Bob Parker, New Zealand’s Prime Minister, John Key, various local pastors (including Chris from Oxford Terrace Baptist Church), and other people who I didn’t know.  One thing that surprised me was how Christian based the service was.  The entire thing was like a church service and Jesus’ name was mentioned a handful of times.  We sang the New Zealand national anthem, the hymn “How Great Thou Art” first in Maori then in English, as well as various other hymns.  At 12:51pm a moment of silence was held followed by the placing of flowers on the earthquake memorial.  Even though I wasn’t here two years ago and have only felt a 5.2 earthquake, I found the service emotional.



How Great Thou Art in Maori – the photos aren’t the greatest because I was holding E and taking the photos at the same time.


Placing flowers on the memorial.

The CTV building site, normally gated completely off, was opened just for the day for people to place flowers on the location in remembrance of the people who lost their lives there.


CTV Building site


Rebuilding of the Christchurch Cathedral in a new location.  The decision on what will happen to the current cathedral in Cathedral Square has still not been decided.  The church sent in a flying camera to look inside the Cathedral yesterday to see the damage.  No one has been inside the church in two years.  It is now the home to birds.

People all around the city remembered the day in various ways.  Some placed flowers in the Avon River, while others placed flowers in the thousands of road cones lining the roads.  Others wrote personal messages on their driveways.


Two years after the earthquake, the majority of the city has reopened up.  Many buildings are still fenced off from the public awaiting their demolition.  The entire city is covered in road works.  Many people are living in cracked, cold houses still waiting to hear what the insurance companies and EQC (Earthquake Commission) plan to do.  There are also a lot of buildings being rebuilt.

I will post E’s 34 week photo tomorrow.  I didn’t like the outcome because it looked blue.  I’ve discovered the white balance on the camera and keep choosing the wrong one.  Once E wakes I will redo the photo.

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Suit Up! Weekend Recap

On Saturday Aurecon, the company Jeff works for, threw a summer BBQ at the Groynes Park here in Christchurch.  There was a jumping castle, good food, lolly scrambles, and lots of lounging about on the picnic blanket talking to folks.  It was very similar to the SCIRT Christmas party in December.  Following the BBQ we went over to Wendy and Peter’s house to work on the jersey I am knitting for E.

Then on Sunday…oh, rewind a minute.  Back in December, E received the coolest Christmas gift ever from my brother Justin.  It was a suit.  Babies wearing suits comes from the tv show that we watch called How I Met Your Mother.  This post is all for you Justin!  Now, back to Sunday.  It was a colder day, making it perfect for E to suit up.


Send casual Friday down the laundry shoot.


Here is my business card.  Nevermind the lack of pants.


Work hard, play hard.

Then we went to church at Oxford Terrace Baptist Church.


Hey Kayleigh, lets talk about your portfolio.


But, first, lets shove legos into our mouths!

Following church we went to a going away party.  E slept through the majority of the party.  When I took him out of his carseat everyone (esp the ladies) were like “awwww, he is so cute in a suit.”  Next thing I know I am surrounded by folks wanting to see E.  When we left we made a stop by the Christchurch Cathedral.  More and more roads are opening up in the downtown area.



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33 Weeks Old (33)

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Wordless Thursday

I uploaded the photos on Monday to be ready on Wednesday, but I totally forgot to publish this post until today.  Enjoy.


Sleepy boy


Family Shot


E enjoying the Jolly Jumper


E’s cloth diaper matches his shirt


E is all dressed up to celebrate Waitangi Day in his Maori outfit


Baby led weaning at its finest – very messy

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On Saturday, we planned a trip to Foggy Peak from Porter’s Pass.  Porter’s Pass is located in the Korowai/Torlesse Tussocklands Park just before you reach Arthur’s Pass National Park. Mitchell, one of Jeff’s coworkers from Aurecon, and his wife Amie went with us. We left Christchurch before 9am and reached Porter’s Pass just around 10am. The plan was to hike from Porter’s Pass, which is at an elevation of 942m (3090 ft), up the ridge line to the top of Foggy Peak at 1741m (5710 ft) of elevation.


Foggy Peak

During the climb we saw great views of the Canterbury Plains, Lake Lyndon, and Banks Peninsula. The hike started in a Tussock grassy area then went into a steep slope with loose shaly rock. There wasn’t a trail really so it was mostly just walking up the side of the mountain.  As we climbed higher the views got better. Lake Lyndon became more visible and the Banks Peninsula seemed to shrink. As we climbed higher, the mountain got steeper and the slope became more unstable. Jeff had E on his back while I carried most of the water. Luckily the wind from Porter’s Pass had died down and Foggy Peak wasn’t living up to its name, it was a very clear day.


Me somewhere along the way up.

We stopped for lunch at about half way to the top.  It was a great photo opportunity.


Family shot


Amie, me, and E.

While eating our lunches, Amie and I decided that the slope was getting too steep and reluctantly went back to the car. I took E down in the backpack with Amie while Jeff and Mitchell continued to the top of the mountain. Going down was a bit treacherous. Amie and I both slipped on the loose rock; I have the bruises to prove it. E wasn’t too happy about the fall because he was asleep, but he was okay, although unimpressed.

It took Jeff and Mitchell another hour to get to the top and then about 30 minutes to get down. The views from the top were great. They could see all of Lake Lyndon and the main divide which still has snow on it.


Jeff with Lake Lyndon in the background.


Jeff and Mitchell on top.

Jeff and Mitchell were contemplating continuing along the ridge and crossing the saddle to Castle Hill Peak at 1998m (6555 ft), but decided not to proceed because it wasn’t part of the original plan.


The tallest peak is Castle Hill Peak.

While Jeff and Mitchell climbed the rest of the mountain, Amie, E, and I went to Lake Lyndon and hung out in the shade. We then went back to Porter’s Pass and picked up the boys and headed home. It was a fun day even if we did get a few bruises and sore muscles.

PS:  I added a picture of E in his Panthers outfit on our post regarding the Superbowl.

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32 Weeks Old (1)

It’s too scary for you Mr Lamb.  I’ll protect you.

Since the summer vacation is over, children in New Zealand are back in school, which means baby activities are back up and running again!  Thank goodness!  I was going a bit stir crazy without them.  We attend Mainly Music on Tuesday mornings and baby time at the library on both Wednesday and Thursday mornings.  E really enjoys both.  Every time a song is sung, E signs along with “aaaaahhhh” or “eeeeeeehhhh.”

E is officially a sitter now.  He can sit on his own for as long as he likes.  When he doesn’t want to sit any more he just leans to the side and falls onto his belly.

E moves forward while laying on his belly.  It’s not a crawl at all.  It’s more like an “army scoot.”  It’s really cute to watch him at it.

This week E signed the word for milk to me and he really wanted milk.  Isn’t that awesome?



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