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Today E and I went to Hagley park after his 2.25 hour nap this morning.  It was a nice day for it too.  E enjoyed sitting on the picnic blanket watching the ducks.  I also brought the stuffed lamb with us to get his 7 months photo.  We were only out there for an hour before E got fussy.  Then he fell asleep while we were walking back to the car.


E trying to figure the duck out.


I’m cute.


E is looking at a group of ducks (could only get one of them in the photo from where I was laying).


I’m 7 months old.

At 7 months, E can sit for about 7 minutes at a time unassisted.  He still enjoys being on the floor where he log rolls and back scoots to get where he wants to go.  He can get across the entire living room now.  Jeff and I have seen him roll, then scoot in the correct direction to get a toy that he wants.  He also enjoys pushing himself with his hands in circles while on his belly.  E is currently starting to get his feet under him, but doesn’t know to lift up with his hands.

E likes to babble all day long.  He makes lots of “ahhhhh” and “eeeeeee” noises.  Sometimes he whispers and other times he speaks loudly.  It’s a joy watching him try to figure out what he can do with his voice.  E loves to laugh, especially when he is tickled.  He is extremely ticklish, just like Jeff.  He also finds joy in the simple things like the sound of ripping paper, air blowing in his face, etc and has a giggle fit over it.

We are still only doing one meal a day.  To date, E has tasted/eaten chicken, lamb, steak, burger slices, grilled salmon, beef & lamb sausage, plum, watermelon, canned tuna sushi (he loved that!), avocado, red bell peppers, kumra (New Zealand’s sweet potato), cucumber, sauerkraut, carrot, toasted whole grain bread with humus, broccoli, green beans, green apples, mushrooms, tomatoes, cheesy rice, bananas, kiwi, and eggs.  No teeth yet.

Sleep has greatly improved over the last two-ish weeks.  E can now self-sooth himself back to sleep if he wakes in the night.  He does this by sucking his thumb.  E goes to sleep at 7pm and sleeps until 7am (8am on the weekends when Jeff isn’t up getting ready for work).  Sometimes though, E will wake up for a 5:30/6:00am feed.  Naps during the day vary.  Sometimes he only wants one big nap and others he wants two shorter naps.  E also has developed a “fake cry” and a real cry.  There is a huge difference between the two.  He doesn’t really have any separation issues, but yesterday when I left E in the living room with Amanda Robinson, E made it very clear that he didn’t like me leaving.  We will see how that progresses.


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30 Weeks Old

30 Weeks Old (22)

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Water games on a warm summer day.


Happy boy wearing his new outfit from Nana and Grandpa.


E enjoying the river.


A lover of watermelon!  Thanks Ange for the suggestion.


His shirt says it all.


More photos, Mommy? Gezz, don’t you have enough already?

And here is the extra bonus………..Jeff and I bought plane tickets to visit North Carolina in late August/early September.  We are looking forward to seeing everyone again!! We can’t wait.

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This week E has slept amazingly!!!  Since Sunday, he has slept three nights without waking and two with only waking once!  Such a relief.  Now, if only I could get a full night sleep when he does!  Also, as of Wednesday, E no longer needs to have his arm (his right arm) swaddle while he sleeps, but he has to be in a sleep sack though.  Jeff was at a SCIRT function on Wednesday night, so I put E to bed by myself and tried the sleep sack since Jeff is the one who swaddles him.  Our sleep sack is fleece, so we will have to get one made of either cotton or wool because fleece doesn’t breath well.  E gets too hot in it even though the sleep sack is a summer time one.

Jeff and I have also discovered that E will put more food in his mouth immediately after being breastfed.  If it’s a little after his feed from the breast then he won’t put any food into his mouth.

29 Weeks Old (14)


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Here is a redo of E’s 28 Weeks Photo.  I didn’t like that it was yellowish.  He just woke up from a nap in the photo, so he looks a little bit out of it.

28 Weeks Old (56)

Redo 28 Weeks Old

On Saturday, Jeff, E, and I along with Mitchell and Amie went to Coutts Island along the Wiamak River to go swimming.  We set up camp on a small rocky area under the trees along the river.  We had a beach shelter and a picnic blanket so E could roll around if he wanted to.  The water was unexpectedly warm.  While Mitchell and Jeff were across the river, I spied a Maori guy floating on his back down the river (with no floatation device) with a beer in his hand and gum boots on his feet!  I got a good laugh out of it.


Jeff and E enjoying the water.

All day we were a bit worried about E because he was refusing to nurse.  Because of this, we were giving him water every 30 minutes to avoid dehydration.  He finally had his first feed at 4pm.  Then he refused to feed again for the rest of the day.  I knew something wasn’t right because E went from demanding a feed every two hours to only having one feed a day.  Warning signs were filling my thoughts.  That night I spotted a hard, white circle on his lower left gum in the back of his mouth (where a molar tooth is located).  We thought it was a tooth.

Then, on Sunday at church, I was talking to Melanie (Wendy’s daughter) about E’s first tooth.  She took a look at it and expressed concern because she didn’t think it was a tooth.  Following church, Jeff, E, and I met with Mitchell and Amie again at Corsiar Bay to swim some more.  The water was a bit too cold for me and E so we sat around talking with Amie while Jeff and Mitchell jumped off the pier.  E was doing the same thing nursing-wise all day on Sunday as well.  Last night, E slept through the entire night!!  I was extremely concerned due to the lack of feeds E was receiving.  He also woke up at 7:30am this morning (Monday) not hungry.  So I called the doctor’s office and got E an appointment.  Of course, once I did that, E goes straight to wanting to feed every two hours again.  We still went anyways.  What we thought was a tooth, isn’t.  It’s actually a cyst.  Apparently, the tooth is pushing upwards and sometimes when that happens it creates a cyst.  Other than the cyst, E is in great health!  We have been extremely blessed that E has had great health since he was born.

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Last night E didn’t go to sleep until 10pm and I was completely exhausted and didn’t feel up to writing a blog post.  So that is the reason for the delay.  While we are on the topic of sleeping, might as well tell you how it’s been over the last two months.  E’s ability to sleep through the night no longer exists.  His sleeping patterns are very inconsistent, especially at night.  Some nights he will wake once or twice.  But, the majority of nights, E wakes every two hours.  We have tried everything we can think of to not feed him in the middle of the night, but the only thing that works is a 20 minute feed.  In our opinion it’s just not worth spending over two hours in the middle of the night trying to get him to go back to sleep without a feed and then once asleep wake an hour later.  He clearly seems hungry.  Teething has also thrown a wrench into things as well.  No teeth yet though.  Currently, E normally takes two naps during the day, each about 1.5 to 2 hours long.  He makes no fuss when he goes down for daytime naps either.  But, this week, we have had a few sleepless days and E has a huge crying session when it’s bedtime at night.  I’m sure that will change next week if he keeps going at this rate.  E takes after me in the fact that he sleeps on his side or on his belly.

In other baby news.  E has started reaching across his body for toys.  While he lies on his back his loves lifting his belly off the ground.  He also scoots across the carpet by pressing his feet to the floor and making his bottom jump.  He is really good at it and can go a couple of feet before getting tired.

There have been a few developments during E’s tummy time.  He can now lift his entire belly off the floor.  He can also now rotate his entire body in a circle using his hands while he is on his belly.  He moves a wee bit backwards too (only while he is on his tummy), which crawling is next from what I have been told.

In other development news, E has learned the d and h sounds.  He mostly makes the d sound when scooting across the floor and during meal times.  No dada yet!

We are still giving Elijah solids.  He hasn’t enjoyed the introduction of foods as other babies do.  There is no doubt about it that E loves meat (beef, steak, and fish) and that is really the only thing he will eat.  However, on Wednesday we had Wendy and Peter over for tea.  Our meal was sausage, sauerkraut, bread, corn on the cob, and green beans.  We decided to give some sauerkraut to E only to expect rejection from him.  I was also hoping for a cute sour expression on E’s face and had the camera ready if needed.  But, surprise, surprise, E loves sauerkraut.  He couldn’t get enough of it.

Here is this week photo.  I don’t like it because it’s a bit yellow.  I will try again today and see if it turns out better.  If I get a better result, then I will post it for y’all.

28 Weeks Old (12)

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On day five of our trip (Tuesday, January 1st), we packed up all our belongings and drove to Hanmer Springs.  That night we ate Indian food.  Nothing exciting happened.

On Wednesday, January 2nd, our plan was to hike Mount Isobel, but it was extremely windy, so that hike was no longer an option.  Instead, the three of us went to the thermal water park.  It was E’s first time in a swimming pool.  We decided to only allow E to swim in the coolest of the pools, which was about 35 degrees Celsius.  The temperature was perfect!  It felt like taking a bath!  E enjoyed being in the water until he got tired and needed a nap.  After spending a couple of hours in the pool we decided to eat lunch and drive back to Christchurch.  We totally saw a Lamborghini on the way home (Jeff insisted that I mentioned this in the blog).


E’s first time in the swimming pool.

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