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Today Jeff, E, and I are heading to the top of the South Island for a couple of days.  Our destination is Motueka.  While there we will enjoy a lot of beach time, hike part of the Abel Tasman (a backpacking trail), hopefully eat some fresh seafood, shop at local markets, and so on.  The stuffed lamb will be coming along for the trip for both E’s weekly photo and his 6 month photo. We won’t have internet so we’ll post those photos and about our trip when we return.


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Our First Summer Christmas

Our Christmas morning started off at 5:30am with E waking.  We weren’t due to Wendy and Peter’s house till 8am for Christmas breakfast and opening of gifts.  Needless to say, we had plenty of time to get ready and travel to Wendy and Peter’s house. We got to Wendy and Peter’s house and there were croissant rolls ready to go into the oven and chocolates and mixed nuts ready to be eaten. We got a nice “well done” from Wendy for being on time, if not early. Melanie (Wendy and Peter’s oldest daughter) and her husband Anthony arrived shortly afterwards with their two children Joel and Kayleigh, followed by Anne, Amanda (also Wendy and Peter’s daughters) and Caitlin (a friend from church).

Once everyone arrived we opened our stockings. There was a stocking for everyone, even Jeff, E and I. We got all sorts of goodies. These included chocolates lollies (candy), toys and things for E…Wendy and Peter spoil us.


E, Kayleigh, and Joel waiting patiently to see what was in their stockings.


E holding his first Christmas present given to him.

After we opened our stockings, we ate breakfast.  We had croissant rolls with bacon, jam and syrup and other assorted treats. It was very good.


The entire gang enjoying the amazing breakfast Wendy prepared.


E enjoyed chewing on the cracker paper.

After breakfast we went back to the tree and opened our wrapped gifts. Wendy and Peter gave us Chinese Checkers, Melanie and Anthony gave us some mugs filled with candy and Anne and Amanda gave us a tripod. We used Amanda’s tripod on some of our previous trips so maybe she wanted hers back permanently. E was also given a sippy cup, diaper rash cream and other useful things. We have really been blessed to meet such great people!

After opening our presents, Wendy and Peter left to go to Archer Baptist Home where Wendy is Chaplin. She gave a service for Christmas day. While she was gone, E and Kayleigh (who’s 9 mo. old) took a nap giving the rest of us time to play Chinese Checkers. It was the first time we had played so we were a bit slow but we soon got it. When Wendy and Peter returned, Peter took over a spot and quickly showed that he is a master of the Chinese Checkers. After the game, we left for one of Wendy’s relatives house, I think it was her sister but we were a little confused. There they had a huge spread of food including ham, lamb, chicken, carrots, peas, pasta salad and all sorts of other stuff. There we ate and ate and ate and ate. We also talked, played with children and walked to the Avon River to feed the ducks. We left there about 6pm. We didn’t realize it was so late because the sun was still high in the sky and it was about 75 or 80 degrees.


Our first Christmas with E, in another country, during summer time, and in the Southern Hemisphere.  Wow, lots of firsts!

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E has been blowing raspberries all week!  It’s so adorable!  E’s sleeping patterns have greatly improved over this week.  He has slept twice through the entire night.  The other five nights he only woke up once in the night.  During the day, his nap pattern has changed as well.  He used to take a nap at 9am, noon, and 4pm each only 40 minutes long.  Now, he takes a two hour nap at 8:30/9am and around 2pm.  On Wednesday this week, E had a Plunket appointment.  He now weighs 7.58kg and is 69cm long.

While changing his diaper one day this week, I noticed that E has a freckle on the left side of his belly in the exact same spot that I have a freckle!

I’ve also started working on E’s scrapbook.  I’m not sure how long I will go with it, probably till he is one year old.  I only work on it while E is taking a nap.  Already got 5 pages done!  At this rate, I might catch up…..one can hope at least!

At noon today, Jeff started Christmas break.  His office will be closed until January 7, 2013!!  Gotta love New Zealand!!!  We plan to go to Motueka and Nelson for a couple of days over the break!  Can’t wait to soak up some sun!

25 Weeks Old (8)

Just like E’s shirt says, he is definitely too cute for the naughty list!

On Thursday our Antenatal group got together to celebrate Christmas.  We did a secret Santa gift for the babies.  E received a set of Sesame Street cubes.


All the wonderful Antenatal babies.

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New Flavors

This week we started giving E solid foods.  We’ve decided to go with the baby-led weaning approach because spoon feeding E became too much of a battle.  Since switching to the baby-led weaning approach he has started to taste different things.  He has tasted carrots, cucumbers, steak, teething rusks, and red peppers.  With each of the foods, he wasn’t very sure about them at first, but now loves them.  Both the carrots and the cucumbers help out greatly with teething.  We still need to get a highchair so he is sitting in a baby chair until he gets one.  Here are some of E’s reactions:


Look Mom, I can hold my carrot.


E LOVED chewing on the teething rusk.


“Mommy, I’m not so sure about this cucumber.”


After some chewing, E realized that the cucumber really wasn’t that bad! 

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A Christmas Shoot

Last week I took E to get some Christmas photos done.  VMC Images was doing a Christmas photo shoot special for a great price!  So I couldn’t resist.  It was cheaper than going to see Santa and since we decided we aren’t doing the whole Santa thing with our children this was prefect!  Here are just some of the photos from the shoot.  Enjoy!

vmc images

vmc images

vmc images

vmc images

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Sorry I dropped the ball on the blog this week.  Here is this week’s photo.  E kept grabing the lamb and every time I would go to take it from him and fix the lamb he giggled.

24 Weeks Old (5)

On another note, last night Jeff and I went to see “The Hobbit!”  It was our first time away from E since he was born.  The plan was to put him to sleep and then the babysitters (Josh and Beth) would have an easy night.  Well, E was bound to prove that plan wrong.  He refused to sleep.  Beth and Josh did great and finally got him to sleep later in the night.  The film “The Hobbit” was awesome!!!!!!!  Can’t wait to see the next two!!

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23 Weeks Old

E can sit for at least 15 seconds without any help.  I’m trying to teach him to use his arms to hold himself up.  We have also started signing to him ASL (American Sign Language).  We are currently signing the words for mommy, daddy, diaper, wet, poop, bath, good boy, sleep, play, milk, trees, and love you.  Here is this weeks photo:

23 Weeks Old (79)

Instead of  wearing a teeny-weeny yellow polka dot bikini, E is wearing a teeny-weeny kiwi outfit.

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