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13 Weeks Old

Our prayer for E: (It’s the priestly blessing Aaron said for the Israelites found in Numbers 6:24-26.)

May the Lord bless you and keep you;
may the Lord make his face shine upon you and be gracious to you;
may the Lord turn his face toward you and give you peace.”

Here is E’s 13 Week Photo:


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Yesterday, September 25, was our wedding anniversary.  It’s hard to believe that three years ago Jeff and I got married.  Man, time flys fasts.  It’s interesting though to think that the days seem long yet the years go by quickly.  This year of course was a wee bit different from the last two anniversaries since we had E.  We didn’t really do anything yesterday, except I took Jeff some thai food for lunch and we had a nice steak dinner with homemade lemonade with lemons that I picked from a tree (for free too I might add)!

However, over the weekend we went to Kaikoura.  Mitchell, who works with Jeff, and his wife Amie tagged along as well.  We apparently decided to go to Kaikoura at the right weekend because there was a classic car show going on.  Really nice, old, classic cars were everywhere!  It seemed as if we had gone back in time to the 50s/60s/70s.

There was a lot of American muscle including this Chevy Impala.

On Saturday Jeff and Mitchell hiked/climbed to the top of Mount Fyffe.  Mount Fyffe is a mountain in the Kaikoura mountain range and dominates the Kaikoura skyline. It is approximately 1602m (5255 ft) tall and the hike is about 15 km (9.3miles) up a very steep logging road. The hike starts at about 200m (656 ft) of elevation so there’s about 1400m (4600 ft) of elevation change…that’s steep. There was plenty of snow by about 1100m (3600 ft) and the top was completely covered with about 2 m of snow on the leeward side. It took Jeff and Mitchell about 4 hours to get to the top. About 20m (vertically) from the top, a helicopter flew overhead and disappeared behind the peak. It had landed on the top!!! That’s just cheating. The trip down was worse on Jeff than the trip up because of his knees but he’s made a full recovery. Here are some photos from the hike:

Mount Fyffe.  What a climb.

The Mount Fyffe shelter for campers.  The nicest back country shelter Jeff has ever seen.

The views along the way were magnificent.

The helicopter bringing sightseers at $300 per person.

Jeff and Mitchell on the top of Mount Fyffe overlooking the Kaikoura peninsula.

While the men climbed the mountain, Amie and I decided to check out the Fyffe House where we learned about the whaling industry that boomed in Kaikoura during the late 1800s.  I thought it was interesting that the house was built on the bones of whales.  I guess the whalers didn’t want any part of the whale to go to waste.  E didn’t do as well as I hoped he would.  All he wanted to do was lay on the floor and talk to us.  So every time he was placed in his car seat or in the baby carrier he just cried and cried.  Did I mentioned that he cried?

The Fyffe House.

The chimney was where the local tax building used to stand.  Also, the stick on the rock to the left used to be a house where the women would get off the ships to take a bath.

That night there was a street market that we walked briefly around.  E met a real baby lamb as well.  We were walking by a house that had a baby lamb in the front yard.  Since the folks were outside  I made Jeff ask if we could take some photos with it.  Jeff is awesome and he reluctantly asked.  It was one of my favorite parts of the weekend.

E with a baby lamb.

Before heading out on Sunday we stopped to look at the adult seals and the view of the mountains.

E and I admiring the amazing view.

Family Shot

How is this comfortable?

A couple of seagulls arguing about the bad call at the Packers Vs Seahawks football game.

We are going to Diamond Harbor this weekend in more celebration.

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12 Weeks Old

Today E is 12 weeks old.  This week E has met a few milestones.

On Monday night during E’s naked time he rolled onto his side.  I just so happened to be video tapping him because he was talking up a storm and then just out of no where he gracefully rolled onto his side twice (back to side).  He rolled to the right, but his arm got in the way of completing the roll to his belly.  He hasn’t done it since though.

E has started to wiggle his feet this week.  I noticed him doing it while holding him.  He also can rub his eyes with his hands now.

We’ve been trying to vanquish E’s diaper rash, which he has had on and off for the last fortnight.

Yesterday, E went for his 11/12 week Plunket clinic appointment.  E was absolutely mesmorized with the Plunket room.  The walls were covered in colorful posters and a couple of mobiles were hanging from the ceiling.  E even decided to have a converstation with Gail, his Plunket nurse.  He now weighs 6.06kg and is 63 cm long.  There are 2.2 pounds per kilogram and 16 oz per pound.  There are 2.54 cm per inch.  Now ya’ll have some homework to do.

Here is this weeks photo:

Oh hello.  Who are you?

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Representing America in New Zealand.

Enjoying bath time with Daddy.

HELP!  I’m not so sure about this.

I’m cute.

Playtime with Daddy.

E watching himself on the computer.

I just rolled onto my side Mommy!!

Rocket Power!

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11 Weeks Old

Yesterday E turned 11 weeks old.  Sleeping is going well both during the day and at night!!  The last three nights he has slept the entire way through without waking.  E loves to talk.  He also loves to hold his hands together in the air in front of his face and upper chest area.  Yun Yng, who calls herself E”s “Asian grandma,” believes he will be left handed because he grabs objects better with his left hand and when he holds his hands together his left hand is always on top.  Apparently in the Chinese culture they hold their hands together, bow, and recite a phrase that means “Happy New Year.”  Yun Yng thinks E looks like he is saying Happy New Year when he holds his hands together in the air.

We attended our last Plunket Education class this week on Thursday.  Next week on Thursday mornings we are going to start attending “baby time” at the library.   Here is his photo:

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Jeff here. So a few weeks ago, Alastair, the head of the Land Development department at Aurecon (the company I work for) asked if I would like to work for the Stronger Christchurch Infrastructure Rebuild Team, also known as SCIRT.  SCIRT, which is pronounce like skirt, was created after the February 2011 earthquake. It is a government organization that is run by private companies. They have been given the task of rebuilding Christchurch, specifically the horizontal infrastructure.

SCIRT is comprised of  more than 300 engineers from four engineering companies. They all work together and are split up amongst four different teams, Red team, Yellow team, Blue team and Orange team. I will be working for the Yellow team. Although each person is employed by one of the four engineering companies, they all work for SCIRT and have to work together for a common purpose. Therefore, the different company agendas are thrown out for a common goal. It’s the scale of a government agency with the efficiency of a private company. It’s very innovative.

So, I am still an Aurecon employee but I will be working in a new building on the other side of town. SCIRT is systematically rebuilding the infrastructure starting with the ‘three waters’, waster water, stormwater, and potable water (tap water). Then once the underground utilities are fixed, they will rebuild the roads. This is expected to take about 5 years and around $2.2 billion NZD ($1.8 billion USD).

SCIRT is beginning the rebuild with waste water because it’s generally the deepest. They have split each section of town into separate ‘catchments.’ A catchment is made up of a series of small sewer lines that flow into one larger main sewer line. The catchment that the Yellow Team is working on right now serves about 2500 houses. In some of the hardest hit areas the lines have changed in elevation and are now flowing backward…which obviously isn’t good. So needless to say, the redesign isn’t going to be easy.

Anyway, I have been asked to make at least a 6 month commitment to SCIRT. I’ve also been given a raise as an incentive to accepting the offer. I’m really looking forward to the opportunity to expand my skills and actually work directly on the rebuild.

Here’s a link to a news article about the rebuild:


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10 Weeks Old

Can you believe it?!?!  We are in the double digits now!!!  Crazy.  E is 10 weeks old today.  Time is flying really fast.  This past week E has slept through the entire night on both Thursday and Friday!!!  I am really hoping it continues, but I have a feeling that his three month growth spurt will ruin it!!  If it does, oh well, I will enjoy it while it lasts.  He has also learned to drool this past week.  It’s not much, which is nice.

We are still using cloth diapers and are loving it greatly!!  E now fits into his BumGenius AIOs!

Here is E’s 10 week photo.

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