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Out of Order

There are a few things in this world that really get under my skin.  One of those things is people who sit in front of a computer all day (and night) creating computer viruses.  These people need to get a life and go outside!!  I say this because our computer has a virus which is rendering all of our computer useless.  I just wanted to give ya’ll a heads up from the library that there probably won’t be any posts this week.  But, you will get Elijah’s two month photo and his nine week photo…don’t worry.  Also, Father’s Day is this weekend so I’m sure we will do something awesome to talk about.  Hopefully we can get this problem fixed soon without losing anything!!


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Castle Hill

The weather was beautiful on Saturday.  Since we had to drive out to Fernside (near Rangiora) for our photo shoot (PS we won a free photo shoot!), we decided to go to the Alps for the afternoon.  In March when we drove to Arther’s Pass we discovered Castle Hill.  We only spent a little bit of time there with the mind set that we would return to explore more later.  So that’s what we did.  Castle Hill is a very large outcropping of natural limestone rocks.  Over the years the ground has eroded away leaving the limestone exposed.  It’s a cool place to explore.  You can walk in, around, and on top of all the rocks.  Some of the rocks are four stories tall.  Jeff and I thought it would be a great place to play hide-and-go-seek or capture the flag.  Here are some photos of our adventure:

Jeff and E (he is in the Baby Ergo) overlooking the view of Castle Hill.

Me with the snowy mountains in the background.

Family Shot

The view after climbing the rocks.  I would love to live in that house down below!

More of the awesome view!

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Even amongst destruction creativity can be born.  Many of the buildings in the CBD (Central Business District) have been leveled and the properties turned into parking lots.  One property owner on Manchester Street decided to do something a bit different.  He turned his plot of land into a Monopoly property decorated with two houses and a digger as a player’s token.


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The sun finally made an appearance this week.  So instead of spending a lot of time on the computer, we took advantage of being outside.  This past week feeding E has become a bit of a challenge.  He has started crying while eating.  It’s either wind or reflux from what we have been told.

E is now 8 weeks old.  Here is his photo:

Also, E has a new toy thanks to his adopted New Zealand grandparents, Granny and Papa Robinson (aka Wendy and Peter).  E absolutely LOVES it!!  He lies on the mat for hours hitting the objects dangling from the rings.  Today, during his tummy time, he actually lunged himself forward.  It apparently wore himself out and he immediately fell asleep.  Here is E with his new toy:

Part of our antenatal class got together again this week.  E has a girlfriend as you can see from the photo below.

The antenatal babies lined up youngest to oldest (from left to right).

E and Kate holding hands.

I still haven’t been able to capture a photo of E smiling, but I did get the tail end of one.

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Phew!  It’s been a busy week.  Here are the highlights:

On Monday, E went to see our GP, Dr. Robertson, for his six week check up.  He now weighs 5kg (11 pounds)!  Boy he keeps growing!  E also received his first round of shots.  He cried when the shoots were administered and then for a bit afterward.  I thought he did extremely well.  Best part of the visit was that it was FREE!  That night, E was staring at his monkey stuffed animal that was a gift from Uncle Joseph.  Jeff picked up the monkey to make it move while making monkey noises.  E loved it!  He started smiling and talking to the monkey.  It was the cutest thing ever!

On Tuesday, the antenatal class we attended had a reunion at the Burwood birthing unit.  E was the second oldest out of the group.  He was extremely attentive, looking around with curious eyes at the other babies.  E was trying to talk to the other babies too, but none of them were talking back.  Everyone also thought it was funny when E became frustrated with his hiccups.   It was a lot of fun getting to catch up with everyone and hear their birthing and baby stories. After the reunion, we visited Yun Yng at her house for the rest of the afternoon.  Jeff met E and I at Yun Yng’s.  Then she invited us to stay for dinner. She’s so awesome.

Then both Wednesday and Thursday were filled with Plunket activities.

Today E is 7 weeks old and here is this weeks photo:

E is all business this week.

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6 Weeks Old

Did you think we forgot??  Of course not!!  We just ran out of internet data.  On Friday E turned 6 weeks old.  Here is his photo as promised:

Jodi visited us for the last time this week.  She did a full check up on E.  He now is 59 cm long and weighs 4840 grams (10 pounds 10 ounces).  It’s sad to see Jodi go.  She did an amazing job and she will be missed greatly.  She will definitely get a call if another baby is on its way.

Also, this week, E and I started a Plunket Parenting Education class, mostly to befriend more moms who are living in our area.  Our group contains 5 total mums and bubs.

In development news, E is now moving his entire head to follow objects (aka mommy and daddy) instead of just with his eyes.  He also started the last 2 nights only waking up once during the night for a feed!!!!!  We definitely hope this trend will continue without any interruptions.  He does, however, still want to feed every two hours (which is a pain getting him to last that long between feeds) during the day.  E is becoming more alert everyday.

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Blurry yes, but still priceless.

After a hard day of work.

Love that hat!

E likes to do weird things with his hands while he sleeps.

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